Saturday, April 30, 2011

Tony Abbott States the Obvious

Crisis creation. That's all that Julia Gilliard seems to be capable of. She used it to oust Kevin Rudd and she has simply swung from one outlandish argument to the next, apparently unable to tolerate any good news or stability for more than a few minutes at a time. Her entire time in office is nothing but a series of wild controversies, conflicts and clashes ... and they all seem to orbit around her.

I'm sure you've known women who travel about in these storm clouds wherever they go. It appears to follow them with a focus and they are no end of hand-wringing about how the universe must be conspiring against them that they are afflicted with all these ills. Then the poor bitch gets hit by a truck, is unconscious for a few days in hospital and mysteriously all these "crises" vanish from their home/workplace/business/social circle. It's uncanny. It's as if these turmoils were somehow related to them being awake and conversant. Dare I suggest that women tend no more to peace and tranquillity than do most men? We all know they automatically have the high moral ground without a penis and yet observation points to another conclusion. Men who do not respond to the crisis that is in turn generated by the females will not find themselves successful with women. You're either in the play or on the sidelines. Military actions themselves are like a mirror that females look into so that they can watch men in uniforms for potential mates. The killing is sort of like a conversation starter to help women choose. Part of the female psyche is pretending they find war abhorrent even as they feel strongly compelled towards men who wage them, for any cause.

You're probably thinking, "That doesn't make any sense." You're right. You now understand the difference between Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals.

A wit like Voltaire might point out that when absent of a conflict, many women might be simply absent of a purpose. They need crisis to give them any direction at all.

Scientists Baffled As Coronal "Hole" Continues To Lash Earth With Magnetic Winds.

Great. Now we've not only got holes in the magnetic shield mysteriously forming, they have counterparts on the Sun.

This will all end well, I'm sure. (Sound of vault hatch sliding shut)

Kwanzan Body Count Now Tops Out at 334+

Har-har! "Duck'n'Cover!" HAr-Har! As if we'd ever need such a thing! Har-HaR!

The American civil defense program had many others purposes than surviving nuclear war ... back when they had a civil defense program.

The human primate has one option on this planet when things get dicey. Go underground. There is no option B.

The Sheeple Begin To Suspect Their Herder May Have Ulterior Motives

Deception is used throughout the animal kingdom. Believing it ends at human beings rather than starts in earnest is so childish it hardly warrants rebuttal. "Intelligence" amongst human beings means capacity for social engineering through trickery. It has nothing to do with what is regarded as "intelligence" in the Neanderthal. The only reason that Homo Sapiens brain is larger than that of most big primates is for the purposes of making him a better liar. The only creatures on Earth who have evolved to cope with their environments without lying and practicing deception all the time are single celled organisms and Neanderthals. Except even single celled organisms practice various forms of deception to trick their pursuers and lure their prey.

Somebody with RH+ blood who claims they are interested in telling the truth is lying about that, as well. Rhesus monkeys would do whatever proves necessary to survive, including lying to themselves for starters.

The current economy is a colossal lie designed to separate low-ranking primates from their bananas and send them up the hierarchy chain to higher-ranking primates. Period. Any side effects of the economy are simply there to keep the lower-ranking chimps fed and housed whilst this transfer goes on.

Rad-Away Is Here! Woohoo, Where Do We Order?

I tried to order online here but they don't have Paypal set up yet.

On the other hand, this is the way most zombie epidemics get started.

Can A Man Collect A Debt On Money He Never Had To Loan?

The U.S. Constitution says he can't.

Six months after Judge Mahoney did nothing but confirm the rule of law, he was murdered mysteriously. Maybe someone was worried other judges might uphold the rule of law.

Friday, April 29, 2011

American Gulag : Edgar Steele is the First Inductee

There are third world countries with more accountability in their governments. There are third world hellholes in nations with no running water or sewerage systems whose police do not get away with crimes like these.

They are planning to keep Steele in illegal confinement until he dies. The guy was already trying to recover from a poisoning attempt on his life in which his heart valve popped off while he was seated at his desk. The government was so furious when their meticulous assassination failed to kill him that they quickly whipped together a murder charge against his own wife on the thinnest evidence you could imagine, using badly faked tapes that were not released to his defense for months after he was incarcerated.

Insane. Hear that sound, Kwa? That's the sound of hoofbeats. God is riding hellbent for leather to destroy your crummy little globalist toilet and he's bringing a couple battalions of angels who specialize in dropping the smack with him.

The Nothingness

I always have a funny feeling when I listen to the wolf servant speaking in THE NEVERENDING STORY. Some parallel there that I can't quite put my finger on.

"I am the servant of the force behind the nothingness." It's like Ben Bernanke in a big fur coat.

Obama's Race : "AFRICAN"

Except AFRICAN isn't a race. It's a nationality. It could represent any of four different races in the nation of Africa at the time, which would mean at best this birth certificate was filled out by a time traveler from the year 2010 with the spectre of political correctness hanging over his head.

The forgers who made up this document could not bring themselves to enter the politically incorrect term here which back in 1961 would have been without question listed as NEGRO.

I agree with Henry Makow. Somebody wanted this forgery to be discovered as such. It's part of some other agenda that they have. Nobody, not even the Obamanators, are this stupid.