Thursday, December 31, 2015

Ian Murdock, The Champion of Open Source & Standards

This guy was an enormous force for good in the world, like Aaron Swartz.

People who think one person doesn't matter turn out to be wrong when these sorts of men vanish. It usually becomes obvious that they were one in a million and were having a profound effect on the general zeitgeist just by hanging around. I am convinced this is why they "suicided" Swartz.

This guy was constantly pushing the idea of open source behind the scenes until it became something standard in most good developer's minds. The MIT license is really the only one that matters and that is why Vault-OS will be released under it.

UPDATE: As more comes out, this looks like the police ruined this man's life in a single night for knocking on his neighbor's door to ask him to keep the noise down. This links to an archive that has been mysteriously deleted on the live page. It's all very, very suspicious stuff like the death of Swartz. The "police" in the "United States" sound more and more like the "police" in Mexico every single day.

The Power of Edjamafacashun

It is all about staying in school and getting yourself edjamafacated.

That's it.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, ignoring the feedback when you fail and expecting to get different results the next time.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Euthanasia for Children On Verge of Being Approved In Belgium

The Nazis did as much but they were monsters. When modern people do it they are just watching medical costs. They're going to watch them very carefully.

These people believe the law will be perfected when the only exemptions are the ruling class and their offspring. Everybody else gets the needle.

California will be returned to the desert. It will become the roost of crows and slithering things. With mandatory vaccinations this former paradise can be regarded as a breakaway province which has torn up the Constitution and is now just passing random legislation based on hardcore Bolshevist principles. The real brains will not stay. I was just an early adopter of the U-Haul policy.

They just make it all up now. Everything you see on televitz is green-screened or CGI. These reporters are to be commended for using real props for a change instead of generic backgrounds. The colony is in trouble for spying on it's ruling empire.

Too late to say they are sorry. That water has done it's job but it's job was never to prevent tooth decay. It was zombification juice and it worked extremely well. A diseased satanic wasteland designed to revert to mud huts and meat eaten raw. The melonheads win. They had that beef ever since Atlantis but they are getting it all back now. Everything in it's place, Homo Sapiens back into his animal stall, they ascend as "them who wish not to be named." Enkidu appears to have accomplished nothing by slaying Humbaba, merely delayed the inevitable. The beast will go back in his pen where he was manufactured and a handful of Neanderthals are not going to stop it.

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Telautograph Patented In 1888

Incredible piece of machinery. Amazing grasp of analog electrical transmission. 

I was thinking about this device the other day and about the raw brilliance it would take in an engineer to get this working.

It was deployed on a daily working basis in hospitals, banks and big business worldwide to secure a legal signature remotely from thousands of miles away. Relay systems copied the signals and sent them from New York to the tip of South America to authorise large scale money transfers.

Our ancestors as recently as two generations ago were some really bright people. Moderns are so primitive that increasingly guys like me start to look like magical wizards in comparison and I barely know how to do anything but hit keys until something useful emerges.

I honestly believe the peak of general application technology was in 1910, right about the time they formed the Federal Reserve to capture all the wealth and prosperity generated by this brilliance. It has been mostly downhill ever since. The real grease sluiceway to the bottom started up shortly after they shot Kennedy and increasingly "reading" is seen as extraneous to "doing a job." I could not make this stuff up. I am just trying to survive it.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Melonheads Ruled The Planet With A Worldwide Seafaring Empire

The indians told settlers from Europe they had just missed them a few generations earlier.

Again and again, red-haired blankets were discovered to be coveted by Indian tribes as proof of their victory over the former race, which every generation knew had been shorn from the heads of their dead enemies. These blankets were sent to the Smithsonian Museum and have never been seen since, despite being documented in newspaper articles and even photographs from the 1800's. Anything melonhead related you can rely on it vanishing as soon as it comes to their notice.

'Indian policy' has now been brought down upon the American people, and the American people are the new Indians of the 21st Century.
Russell Means

Are We Still Conspiracy Nuts

Russia says no. We're not.

There never was an "Al Quaeda." (Arabic slang for "The Toilet.")

There never was an "ISIS." (Would Islamic radicals name their organization after a pagan "goddess" in Mesopotamia? Never.)

There are only U.S. and Israeli funded agent provocateurs. The handful of real radicals in the Middle East are on the payroll and always have been. That's why they feature U.S. weapons, U.S. strategic allegiances for the region and pursue U.S. aims and goals.

Nothing makes any rational sense anymore despite what the televitz is telling you.

These guys are mainly inspired by "Cobra Command" on the old G.I. Joe Saturday morning show and "Hydra" in Marvel comic books. They bear no resemblance to real terrorists outside of Golan and Globus fantasy fiction.

Road bandits interfered with the progress of civilization for centuries in Europe. Nobody could invest in an economy or expect a fair return on their own labor when bandits in the forests could seize whatever attempted to pass through it and often kill those transporting goods. One of the primary obstacles to establishing sanity during the Dark Ages was the plethora of people who camped out on roads and footpaths waiting for people to try to cross safely. The cops are rapidly becoming the greatest criminals of them all and the biggest threat to public safety and liberty. This is what barbarism looks like and you ain't seen nothing yet. Bolshevism is a nation wrecker and never fails to reduce countries to ashes.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Real Target List for Nuclear War

Australians are always scoffing at me and telling me that population centres and civilian infrastructure aren't worth wasting a nuke on because military targets are the imperative.

Wrong, Aussies. The civilians and cities are the main targets in a nuclear war, not secondaries. Herman Kahn was the first to explain why concentrating on military targets would be a loser's strategy in a nuclear conflict. Nuclear wars aren't like conventional wars and never will be. It is an entire order of magnitude removed from a conventional war.

Work the logic out for yourself. Nuclear war strategists did a half a century ago.

Military targets are no longer targets without people to man them. The population is the primary objective, not "another" target. Nuclear War is Klausewitzian. It is winner-take-all. This isn't two armies plinking at one another with mortars. It is total war. The loser gets extinction. Your enemy loses if he has no civil defense program and therefore no civilians left to man any of his infrastructure. What good is a missile silo with nobody to push the button inside of it?

Choosing to live without civil defense is choosing oblivion for a nation. That's just the reality of the situation. I didn't make it that way ... but I am bright enough to work that conclusion out for myself. So are the people who choose primary targets in thermonuclear warfare. The days when the United states could claim military superiority in waging a nuclear war are long, long gone as a deterrent force. The only thing the United States has left is the Megiddo option ... Cobalt-60 tipped warheads originally meant to never be used, now left as the only viable response. Make sure that shelter is deep, Vault-Dwellers. The cobalt death shroud is not science fiction. It is the climax of the next World War.

War happens because economic misery makes the continuation of life under debt burdens untenable. It's the oldest reason for war and the biggest indicator that war is pending. This time it really will be the mother of all wars. All previous wars will seem trivial in comparison.

Monday, December 21, 2015

Prologue To A Low Budget Zombie Movie

Found right here.

I'm always stunned by the blithe acceptance of the pursuit of these sciences.

It's like inviting a passenger to come to the deck of the Titanic and give the wheel a spin.

"Wheee! I'm steering the whole thing with one little finger! Look at me!"

The assumption is ... this should be pretty risk-free. I think we're okay. We'll leave her at the helm and let's go below decks and get a cup of coffee. Remember, if you see anything, be sure to give us a holler.

HTTP 451 Code Is Now a Standard!!

That's right. It is notifying the request that the server blocked this information because of 
CENSORSHIP of the information mandated by the legal system!

This is really a good thing. Here in Australia they block all kinds of stuff arbitrarily with no explanation and you simply get a timeout. No explanation, no rationale. The 451 code in the response will help people to realise that the morons who work in government jobs are just flipping coins up there to decide what gets through their bandwidth pipes.

I kept getting blocked last year trying to read up some more on the Irish Potato famines and for the life of me had no idea why certain governments would block two century old history. It just didn't make any sense.