Monday, June 6, 2011

Zany GloboWarmThinkists Emit Hot Gases At Both Ends

Web searches destroying the planet. A truish factoid that is self-supporting through self-referential integrity.

Oxygen stealing hack wants tattoos for non-druids and other unholy sorts

Mitt Romney seals his doom

Boring Gramsci disciples are boring. Everyone is laughing at you, warmthinkers. I know how important the "consensus" is to mental defectives like yourselves, well the consensus is that you have lost your minds.

World Bank says it needs a lot more revenue to bail out members who force maids to give them blowjobs

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Abyss : The Kwa Will Not Return

The UK is right behind them along with all of Europe.

Ten years ago when I quoted Robert Welch on this site, lots of people had no idea what I was talking about or my apparent fascination with the Birch Society.

It's simple. The Birch Society was right. Everybody else turned out to be wrong.

What is the plan? It's simple. The plan for you is that you should die and have a cheap funeral, along with everybody else you love. That's their plan.

They don't need you any more. You are being phased out. Average IQ WASPish types no longer have any place in the overall scheme. A far simpler animal will do just fine as a servant. You are not even required as slaves. You are simply an obsolete breed of farm animal that is being held in a temporary holding stockyard until the truck arrives you to take you to the slaughterhouse. You will be walking up the ramp to the nailgun and still wondering what in the heck seems to be going on. It is not necessary for you to understand what is happening, merely that you stay in line and follow the beast in front of you.

This is what the global elites watch in shuttered silence behind closed doors while sipping $300.00 a bottle champagne.

Vaccinating Against God

Nothing should come between the common man and his abject worship of the State. Nothing. It's all about removing the best parts and replacing them with a desire to shop and watch more porn.

Panic Beginning In Kwa, President Camacho Attempts To Maintain Calm

You notice the President keeps pointing to me sitting in the grandstands during his address. This tells you we are all in big trouble.

After ten years, now all Kwanzanians are suddenly talking like Tex since 1999.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Oatley Electronics Does It Again

Very nice solid state geiger counter. I am going to get one to fob that analog output into a digital counter that I can hook up to with RS-232. I figure a PIC or a Basic II Stamp would work well for this.

They've retrofitted the military RADAC case we advertised previously up here with the kit inside it, powered by a more conventional 5 volt supply.

The False Flag That Is Coming

Since World War III is a done deal, there is the question of some provocation that must needs be ginned up in order to get the manboons hyperventilating and sufficiently manic that they will fall into formation with an M-16 and a candybar when told to do so. This will lead directly to a bit of this-and-that.

A Struggle With Evil At The Microscopic Level

Atheists think it's all so simple. It's actually so complex, it defies human imagination. It is only their tiny brains that are simple.

In the injunction against fornication, the Almighty is trying to protect you against things you cannot possibly even comprehend, forces working against you which have a peculiar brilliance of their own which is difficult to even describe.

Our ancestors called them demons because that was all they could grasp.

There is a rich microcosm and macrocosm around you that regards you with such indifference it cannot even be described as despising you, rather it is capable of annihilating you by means of your own actions without you even knowing what you are doing to yourself.

Basically, if you adhere to the ten commandments and fear God, things will tend to go well for you if it is accompanied by your repentance to Christ. Maybe you just aren't smart to understand how and never will be. Nonetheless, if you let God be true and every man a liar, things will be well with you in some way that is very hard to articulate. On the other hand, if you do not fear God and proceed on your own wisdom, things will not go well for you. I can assure you of this. I was an atheist for sixteen years and there's a reason nothing was ever quite right for me. When you walk away from the protection of God, you are entering a very dark universe with some very nasty entities working on many different levels of reality all at the same time ... the one thing they have in common is that they will all expedite your destruction. You can always tell when atheist ideas are infiltrating a population. It's when they begin to die.