Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Rise and Fall of Just About Everything

A "Superpower" That Cannot Repair Rails.

In the old days, the men at the local depo would jump on a hand pumped railcar with some tools, ride out to the problem site and fix it themselves in between scheduled trains. Somebody would get fired if the problem was not addressed within a day of being identified. Two men with sufficient skill can repair a hell of a lot of things by themselves. This is all it took on most days.

Nowadays an appropriations committee takes 20 years to allocate funds that are immediately siphoned off by corruption into untraceable accounts. The train tracks sit crumbling and rusting away until that line has to be closed down because trains can no longer traverse them without derailing.

A nation cannot survive the disaster of the commons. Without patriotism, pride in your work, engagement and willing sacrifice, all nations become staging areas for civil war between factions that do care enough to fight over that territory. There is no country so doomed as the one where its inhabitants call themselves "citizens of the world." It is pre-apocalyptic sentiment.

In declining societies the people lose the ability to understand how little neglects can add up to result in very big consequences indeed. At the start of a civilisation, a leader tells his men how for want of a nail, a battle and even a war can be lost. The horse throws his shoe without the nail, the horse throws his rider, the battle that is lost means an entire war campaign can fail and then a nation is lost. In declining societies everything is atomised in men's minds and they do not see the relationships between anything they do and their results. A sort of learned helplessness like that which accompanies death and extinction grips their character and they can't shake it off.

Only The Police and Criminals Should Be Permitted Guns

The Australians believe they are geniuses.

They think their ancestors got it wrong for the past 1200 years going back to the Scottish Declaration of Rights but the current generation consisting of people with an average IQ of 97 who have never been punched in the face as adults got it right.

The tenth generation is always the most confident and the least competent in all things. They are not qualified to do anything, especially not alter ancient rights established to protect all people from men who shed rivers of innocent blood.

The Second Amendment was codified into law because of the legacy of Oliver Cromwell. The Founding Fathers knew they needed to make it as explicit as possible because humans are stupid and never learn from the mistakes of the past. They were right.

Reporter Flips Out Of His Mind On Television

This guy had enough. Some truth managed to slip through the Matrix for just a moment.

These kinds of things happen intermittently to a nation that is being looted. Some people are bound to scream an alarm no matter how tightly you control information.

People With Damaged Amygdalas are Natural Tyrants

They can't help themselves. Incapable of managing their own lives, they will deliriously seize upon any chance to control the lives of others.

Despite being able to walk around, hold a conversation, laugh at something and appreciate sunlight and fresh air, the truth is that people with damaged or stunted amygdalas are insane. I've seen overwhelming evidence to that effect in every single physiological study of the leftist I have ever seen. The leftist like most mentally ill people is outward focused because impulse control over themselves is impossible.

Pentagon Releases Blueprint For World War III

Vault-Co was right 15 years ago when we started this blog.

We were much earlier than ordinary people in seeing the long term implications of changes taking place in the world in the early 90's. We also knew it would be aggression from the "free world" that would lead to WW3, not the other way around.

There is only room for one tiger on the mountain. No world hegemony in human history has ever decamped peacefully when another one appeared.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Helium-3 Leaking From Fault in California!

This is a big warning sign of an impending quake!

Helium-3 is a very rare gas that is commonly bound up in silt on the moon but only found deep under the Earth's mantle. If you've detected that gas coming from a fault it means your fissure is tapping the molten layer down there! The only thing keeping it from coming up is prayers and God's grace at that stage. The pressure is lower the higher you get so that's an optimum location for a really big release or subduction to occur. We mean biblical level quake, West Coast into the ocean, that sort of tremor.

… but there is bound to be some bad news in this discovery as well.

Thermohaline Pump Shutting Down

… but not for the reasons listed by these media idiots.

Warming sea temperatures are everywhere on the planet now and they are caused by deep ocean volcanism, not "melting sea ice!" (Fantasy unsupported by any evidence)

This change in thermal profiles on the bottom of the ocean destroys the capacity of the salt water pump to move any water around because it is powered entirely by differentials. Hot water rises, is pulled by the tides and sinks as it hits areas farther north when it cools. This is how temperate air is pulled from the southern tropics towards Europe.

When the water is warming up everywhere from underwater thermal vents, there is no thermohaline pump working anywhere.

Vault-Co says this is not a Maunder Minimum. It is a big blast at the start of a Grand Minimum. Europe will be Siberian in a few short years. If it is following the interval demonstrated by examination of the Little Ice Age previously in the Middle Ages then it won't alleviate until at least 120 years later and even then only for a very brief window of 30 years or so. After that, over the precipice into the Ice Age itself. It is unlikely that 10% of the current European population will survive to see it.

Look to the left column and you will see the "Secret Pentagon Report 2004" we posted a link to over 16 years ago on Vault-Co. Back then, Globowarmthinkists tried to spin this secret prediction into some confirmation of their science voodoo, because it clearly revealed that governments were preparing for climate change that was the exact opposite of what they were telling people in public. Globowarmists worship the State and believe it incapable of error so when this report leaked out they tried to spin it into some kind of support for their crazy religion. It demonstrates that government reserves its greatest contempt for the useful idiots championing their propaganda.

They Always Cut Cables Before A Coup

More evidence Jade Helm is about something big?

Undersea cables cut at the same time. Expensive submarine robots like those used all the time off the coast of Israel to cut communications before attacks on civilian areas?

Total war on Freedom of Expression, Freedom of Association and Freedom of Religion.

Your children's bodies are now State property, to experiment on as they see fit.

These people make the Nazis look like misguided boy scouts who enjoyed fancy dress regalia and parade marching.

Just another marxist dump people don't want to live in anymore. The world is a museum of marxist failures and now Kwanstainia is their newest exhibit. Proof that Marxism can and will ruin anything it touches.

Destruction of the previous nation and replacement with the second Bolshevist Revolution. Guarantee you if you traced the funding you'd find it leads right back to the current "government." Guarantee it.

Planning to go full retard on July 4th! Culpable deniability. Wouldn't be surprised it is another evil "redneck" "lone wolf" like Dylan Roof they will pin it on. Perfect step towards declaring martial law against all the internal "terrorists." (People who keep saying Michelle was born a man)

Australia is trying hard to keep up.

Primed for a long time. People embrace everything except the truth.

The Founding Fathers would tell you point blank, the nation has come to the classic end of the historical cycle. It's classic. The mindless submission is classic. This is all classic tenth generation. They are following scripted behaviours. Like genetic automatons. Biological wind-up toys. This is a classic play and they are a new cast reading old lines. Everybody knows how it ends.

The Power of Edjamafacashun

Leechbooks of the 10th century have better medicine in them.

More proof of the scope of improvamentation, progressishness and total winnarz.

Billions in research down the drain. 10th century book on folk cures is better. Cost = zero. But vaccines are mandatory despite tons of junk in them not even listed on the label.