Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cutting Edge Photos From Gobekli-Tebe

Link to a .PDF file with smoking fresh photos of recently excavated artifacts

Incredible sculpture, giant statues, ornate pillars, elaborate architecture.

Previously we were told that our ancestors were barely down out of the trees going "eek-eek" like monkeys and throwing their own feces at one another while foraging for grub larvae in rotting trees during this period.

Rather than being an early settlement I would be the first to suggest this is prime evidence that Gobekli-Tebe was a mere outpost of a worldwide oceanic empire that had existed for a long, long time. All the different animals in the carvings, are any of these even native to this area? They seemed to know about all kinds of different flora and fauna far outside this region. There is also a clearly established rank and file with different head gear and clothing for different orders of the society. These guys were not mammoth hunting last year and then decided to switch careers mid-life and become stone mason monolithic builders the next year. No way. If you read the preface that's the exact absurd story these scienmagistic types are trying to front-load so their existing chronology is not disrupted. Sometimes you have to wonder where their priorities lie, in discovery or concealment of information. Science seeks to discover, hierarchies seek to conceal.

If you look at many Neolithic structures and ruins in Europe, those are obviously pretty crude efforts by people who did not specialize in masonry or stone work. Heaps of big rocks and stone huts, these guys could have been mammoth hunting one year, building some religious centres the next. Gobekli-Tebe is a whole world away and completely different from any of those settlements in Europe. This looks like a society with an extensive division of labor and countless centuries of people who made a nice living getting paid to carve stuff and build things.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pennsylvania Sued For Reality Based Mindcrime

Remember, I just link'em. I don't write'em.

I will feel a lot safer knowing you can be a police officer without necessarily being in good enough shape to even help yourself, much less anybody else.

I could cite a dozen instances where female officers have been left alone with 350 pound perps in the mistaken assumption that anyone can be a cop. The results continue to baffle and amaze Kwanstainians.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Whatever Doctors Tell You, Do The Opposite

They are a bunch of a**holes out to kill you. No, really.

When in doubt, remember doctors are the last people in the world who are going to give you good advice on any subject. They're idiots. Nowadays medical school weeds out anyone with an IQ above room temperature.

Monday, July 28, 2014

2014 = 1914

Yep. Looks exactly the same.

Manboons. Manboons never change.

World War I shocked people at the advances made in the art of killing other people.

World War III will be like that, multiplied by a factor of a million.

Three Teenagers - Or $1 Billion Dollars In Natural Gas?

Why Gaza is worth one hell of a lot of money to whoever holds it.

Three teens onboard the Lusitania firing at the U.S.S. Liberty

If God loves "Israel" (and not Abraham and his descendants, a majority of whom are Palestinians) then why has he put valuable resources everywhere but Israel? Maybe God is trying to tell them something.

Snuffed In Cold Blood For Selling Cigarettes

This is worse, much worse than than the brutality that triggered the L.A. Riots. Much worse.

Cops are going nuts in the Kwa. Killing people every day, seven days a week, four weeks a month, twelve months a year for the most minor offences (most of them not really justifying anything more than a ticket or citation) with what appears to be no accountability. If we did it, we'd be prosecuted for murder which is what it is.

Put the video controller on the floor and your hands in the air

BLAM. Blown away with CALL OF DUTY paused on single player campaign. Serves him right for wielding an unlicensed joystick.

Heads Up - Ebola Super Epidemic May Be Starting

Spreading a little further than usual, if you don't drown that cat it might get out of the bag

Keep your eyes open. Check your preps. Things could change really quickly.

Darn, I discarded three boxes of a hundred mouth & nose masks when we moved. There's no such thing as hoarding when supplies like this are needed.

Ask yourself who these people came in contact with before they were diagnosed.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Third Biggest Bubble In Modern History

One whopping stock bubble about to pop.

Same mistakes, same cyclic timing, same preconditions, same responses, same counter responses, same outcomes.

Manboons are not learning animals.

The Holocene Is Over

If there was a better way to make all of mankind look utterly clueless I am not aware of it.

The only people who saw this coming were Robert Felix, Whitley Streiber, a handful of cranks and fringe nuts including me ... and most of the real scientists around the globe. Knowing now how easy it is to fool almost all seven billion people on the planet I have trouble believing that anyone could trust government funded "scientists" ever again for any reason.

Reality nowadays is only of interest to a tiny eclectic spectrum of enthusiasts. The rest just don't have any natural curiosity about the real world. That is why it is always taking them by surprise when it intrudes upon their fantastic group delusions.