Saturday, July 2, 2011

Kwanstainia Slips Into Total Anarchy

Don't go out after dark in the Kwanstain.

Soon it will be too dangerous to go out at noon, as well.

This sh*tstain of a nation is taking too long to collapse. Yesterday would be better in my estimation. Needs more flaming tax collectors and exploding buildings to hit the sweet spot.

Mind you, it's still a land of opportunity.

Everything not tied down must go.

The only way this Monty Pythonesque satire is going to come to an end is due to a complete reset and a restart with 99% of the enrichment battalions stone cold dead from natural causes like hunger, cold and disease. Otherwise no place ever got better with them representin' - only worse. To think otherwise is to pine for what never was and never will be. They're going to take a lot of euphoric dullards with them when they go.

Mind you, the Kwa could be a better place again. This is how:

Sapiens. Sapiens never changes.

Only recently down out of the trees and soon to go back up.

Without the abduction and rape of the Neanderthal females 38,000 years ago, this race would still be living in caves and eating their meat raw. Any semblance of humanity they have they got from a mild diluted injection of Neanderthal genes.

At 38,000 years ago, the resulting hybrid stock was topping out at 1600cc brain mass, but due to the preferences of Sapiens females, that quickly atrophied away, leaving them with a walnut sized 1350cc today and shrinking by the hour. Such creatures will never be exploring outer space in their pajamas like Captain Kirk. They will soon be worrying about where their next meal is coming from.

Wherever Christianity has tried to reach them, it has fallen on the ground of their hard hearts and withered without growing in that ugly soil. Today nearly all Christian practice is a barbaric sort of Zionist gibberish that would baffle Jesus Christ, unworthy of the name.

Friday, July 1, 2011

I Know What I'm Building My Next Shelter From

The definition of a declining society is the loss of the ability to uptake new ideas. It has been the watermark for decline in every recorded civilization that we know of.

A new idea emerged that could have solved all the problems of that society ... and they failed to make any use of it. This is such a simple indicator with such profound implications. It implies amongst other things that the inhabitants of a declining civilization are theatrical and contrived. They seem to move around, be alive and have responses ... but this is an illusion. The lights may be on but nobody is home. All sorts of incredible innovations whizz around them and they act as though they are reading prescripted dialogue and acting out automated behaviours like the animatronics at Disneyworld that play the Founding Fathers. They don't take any notice of anything happening around them. The eyes are dead and the souls have vacated the premises. All that remains is the closing act to bring down the show. Change or adaptation has become an impossibility. This is the way all human civilizations come to an end.

Governor Perry Appears To Not Suffer From Severe Mental Retardation Like Other Kwanzanian "Leaders"

It's so simple, even Governor Perry figured it out.

Pity about the other 300 million people.

Kwanzanians Know ITZ COMING

It's so simple, even a Kwanzan could figure it out.

Notice it's the growth industry in an economy that has otherwise flatlined.

Robert Kiyosaki says ITZ COMING

Like the joke in CITY SLICKERS ... "Even the cows can operate the VCR by now."

Vault-Co Meme From 1998 Confirmed 2011

Resource wars. The coming Ice Age will lead to WWIII over fuel for heat. I guess when the orthodoxy says it, that means it has permission to be true now.

Notice this journalist is slowly struggling with the realization this won't be a 30 year war fought in poor people's countries. This will be a Klausewitzian battle for national survival waged with atomic weapons.

Australia's Coldest Winter Ever Recorded

The northern end in Darwin is the canary in the coal mine.

Australia has a tropical climate. A brisk breeze at night is usually as cold as it gets in the winter, at least for most of last century. In recent years you could feel the bitter sting of cold so acrid it was like the surface of the planet was being exposed to the absolute zero of outer space. If Australia is getting this kind of cold I can only imagine what is in store for the Northern Hemisphere. Buried alive overnight one winter soon?

Other side of the planet, same airstream

Good Cop, Bad Cop, Goy Squeeze

Poor pea-sized brains of improperly snipped Sapiens can only goggle at the sheer tornado of conflicting bullsh*t rained down on them seemingly from every angle ... when in fact ... it's just one interest group doing it all.

With a brain the size of a squirrel (same group tells them insistently that size doesn't matter) there is no way these poor creatures could possibly protect themselves in a battle of wits. They are completely unarmed mentally. The only defense they could hope for is to adhere to the strict mental hygiene regime of Christianity. If they veer to the left or the right even in that, they'd be snapped up by doctrines of devils, Zionism and all kinds of perversions.

When you're that stupid, Christianity is your only defense. Trying to proceed on your own wisdom is ridiculous - you are dealing with people who can run mental circles around imbeciles as simple and confused as the average Kwanzanian.