Thursday, April 3, 2008

Dinosaur Bones and Rotting Ferns On Titan's Moon!


You can bring it up, but honestly, how many people are left on the planet who can draw the conclusion out of it?

Brawndo! It's got what plants crave! It's got electrolytes.

There's no such thing as Peak Oil. All we have is Peak Demand and I am starting to wonder if even that is simply engineered.

Krisschans At Work

(Link to YouTube Video)

Man, this is tempting God. In this segment, they've mixed up vile pagan spiritualism with some of the ideas of Gnostics. Scripture says there are no such things as ghosts, nor any traffic between our world and heaven. It also says that demons are not allowed to interfere in this way with the devout, only through the minds of the unrepentant.

I dare you not to laugh when they cut to the reaction shot by the Chihuahua. I dare you. You can't do it.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How Was Globawarmthenkery Created?

(Link to Youtube Video)

It took a long time. Many years of preparation. In grade school, then high school, finally finishing the work on the mind in college and university. The human mind had first to be completely emptied out of anything resembling sanity before the new creeds could be inserted.

It started with Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" and over the years became a ceaseless barrage around the clock on all media formats, over and over again chanted like a mantra. It became a sea of schizophrenia in which all young intellects were drowned. No reading, no writing, no arithmetic. Just that sibilant hiss in your ear all hours, 7 days a week, morning and night.

All memory of the past was gradually eradicated and people became the perfect receptacle for a new future that would be written on the blank slate that was their brain.

Can an Amerikwan even achieve salvation? Do they have souls to save? Are they predestined for hell when they are born? Is the capacity for repentance even existant in them any more? In order to be saved, it is necessary first for one to be human. Can you have two masters, television and God? What if when in doubt, you always refer to television first? Is it possible for such a person to receive eternal life? Think about it seriously.

Maybe the growth of casual atheism is really related to the growth of a new race of men who are the enemies of God by their very nature. How can God grant them salvation through Christ when they have no souls remaining to transmit beyond the wall of death? How can they persist after the end of their lives without it?

The Perfect Storm For Famine

Like Vault-Co said ten years ago. It isn't this or that. It isn't any one particular thing in all it's televitzed atomic isolation.

It's all these things together, at the same time, that makes it the Apocalypse Trifecta.

By the way, although more and more journalists are putting up articles almost identical to the ones we posted in 1998, they are still about ten years (or more) behind us in understanding the consequences of all these things happening in the same era.

They left out the bee die-off. Which might just be related to the butterfly die-off. Who knows, that could be related to the bat die-off. These might be related to Monsanto Star Corn, which only revealed itself to be toxic in the gut ten years after it escaped (with it's vigorously migrating pollen) from the research settings it was supposed to be quarantined inside of. Of course, demand by China and India as they move to Western lifestyles increases the total required quantity to keep mankind from eating babies to about a hundred times what it was thirty years ago. Which is largely related to the collapse of the manufacturing industry in the West which was farmed off to the third world, thus increasing the spending capital of all it's citizens, which as it turns out due to their colossal populations measured in the billions completely swamps the productive capacity of the agricultural system that remains behind. Then you add a brilliant piece of government intervention at just the right juncture to mandate crops destined for bioethanol based on bad science, which sounds like a 30% reduction but because of the way the distribution network functions is more like an 80% reduction in the crops left to direct to the food supply. Then the lax practices for backlogging grain supplies, slipping since the 1970's because of the ideological turn away from civil defense policies, leaves the Western world with almost no inventory of surplus to fall back on, precisely at the worst time for their larders to empty out. Now imagine at the same time, the currency used by the Western nations is plunging in value along with their economy so not only is food more expensive but they are increasingly too poor to afford it, particularly to compete for supplies with the cashed-up inhabitants of the rest of the world. Then you've got the irony of the fact that even if they had the money, U.S. geopolitical policies and military invasions have made the remainder of the planet reluctant to sell them any food even if they did have the money to pay for it. See how that works?

Now mind you, this is just a topical consideration of some of the minor forces working on creating the worst famine the world has ever known. I don't want to tell you about the other stuff because it's too scary.

Amerikwa Thinks Russians Are Stupid

You'd have to be pretty stupid, to be stupid enough to keep mentioning Iran as a justification for an ABM system on the Russian border. Really stupid. If that is the best spin you could think of, that would be symptomatic of just plain dopiness in the White House, it's diplomatic staff and defense cabinet. Really stupid. I don't think there would be anybody with an IQ over 110 in the entire White House, honestly. That's just dumb.

I don't think Russians are stupid. I think they are nearly geniuses compared to the Amerikwan government and pretty bright by any standard you would want to apply to them. If I was a Russian I would consider it very disrespectful and provocative if somebody had such little regard for me that they just pointed to some third world towelhead country of goatherders as an excuse while they were constructing an ABM network right at the edge of my territorial borders.

If I was Russian, I would think "I am definitely going to have to wax these a**holes in the near future. My own survival depends on it. They're idiots and they can't take 'no' for an answer."

The funny thing is that the Russians backed down in Cuba because they weren't stupid. They knew it wasn't worth fighting WW3 over and their withdrawal made a lot of sense.

I don't expect that Amerikwans will show equivalent judgement. Not at all. They just keep pushing. Somebody is going to turn a key and drop a thumb on these retards very soon if they keep it up. Governments like that don't endure for long. It's only a matter of time before they cross the wrong guy - and I am starting to wonder if Putin is that guy. It takes a smart person to know what sort of person Vladimir Putin is. I don't know if Amerikwans have that kind of sense left.

Once when I was younger, I saw some hippie bum taunt a bear in a forest reserve with a stick to see what would happen. The bear unzipped him from crotch to chin with one stroke. Darwin must've rolled over in his grave because the pathetic klown survived the attack. I don't think Amerikwa will survive.

The Mythology of the "Average Human"

(Link to Breitbart video)

There's this hilarious disconnect in the sheeple brain, where they have been progressively brainwashed over a forty year period into believing that once they have genocided themselves, an identical civilization will be left behind except with a different demographic makeup. They will yank the white tablecloth out from under the dinnerware and the society will remain standing, only melanin-enriched but otherwise the same.

It's like white people all over the planet were each taking turns shooting themselves in the head with the same gun, convinced when they have all killed themselves they will leave the perfect society behind.

I've got bad news for you. What you think of as civilization is joined at the hip with the Indo-European gene pool. It's not even like oil and water because it's all an unbroken continuum.

"Culture" is gene expression. If enough Mexicans inhabit any area on the planet, that area will look exactly like Mexico in short order. There's no piece of land on Earth that has a special gas exuded by the local soil that makes flush toilets, clean running water, air conditioning and the rule of law. There's no geographic location that has these properties inherently. Irregardless of whether they are bright enough to see it and understand why, whites tend to terraform their surroundings to reflect what is inside them. Everything they take for granted as the human standard, is in fact a projection of their own qualities out onto a world that by and large is completely indifferent to them.

America has already slipped past the demographic failsafe point. There ain't no going back. Just like the nation formerly known as Rhodesia, you will hear all sorts of yammering and analysis and whining but nothing can stop Rhodesia from becoming Zimbabwe once all the Rhodesians leave. It's a done deal. If it wasn't, why does the media carefully omit pictures of the offenders in all the stories linked to above? I bet if they were white kids they'd be plastered all over that page. (I already found out through other channels what their demographic was) They bury a hundred whites a day in the 'kwa and flush their photos down the memory hole.

There's no legislation. There's no emergency action committee. There's no orchestrated government reform program. There's no mission statement. There's no declaration of goals or judicial decision. Once you change the genetic composition of a country, that country will come to reflect it's demographics, not the other way around.

I went to high school in Chicago. Trust me, thirty years ago it didn't look like the background of that news report. That was back when Chicago schools were the best in the country and had some of the highest scholastic scores in the nation. Back then, next to nobody dropped out, ever.

You can't keep the street lights working with only half a nation of high school graduates. You can't find the manpower to keep the ATM machines running, to keep the power plant maintained at the dam, to keep the nuclear reactor running. You can't have good medical care with no good doctors. You can't have bridges that don't collapse with no engineers.

America is just like Rhodesia during desegregation. All those Rhodesians who talked about the coming era of rainbow folk dancing and singing hand-in-hand with their African friends playing little ukeleles, where are they now? The wind howls. Tumbleweeds blow past. Two rabid wild dogs fight over a human ribcage in the streets where the electricity went off a decade ago and has never come back on. Where are all those Rhodesians looking forward to an era of peace and harmony now? Where are they? Answer me. Raped and left for dead. They're all wormfood now. Their farms burned to the ground, their children strangled, their wives gangraped and forced to run naked screaming with burning tire necklaces.

Fools. Dust in the wind. Shot in the back of the head and left for the buzzards in some ditch on the veldt long ago.

It doesn't matter if I'm the only human being out of six billion on the planet who knows this. Irregardless of the forcible consensus, this is the way it will come to pass. I will be demonstrated right and they will turn out to have been catastrophically wrong. Wishing otherwise never makes anything so.

In another ten years, Amerikwa will be utterly unrecognizable. I predict that the first thing that will hit you no matter where you get off a plane in that country will be the smell. Watch and see.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Al Gore, Sociopath & Seditionist

Gore is starting to freak the same way that religious psychotics do when their delusions begin to unravel. As the truth has emerged this year, Gore has grown increasingly shrill and manic, even accusing his opponents of witchcraft and communing with demons.

He already told his wife he had figured out a way to pay for the renovations and landscaping at his house. If this globawarmthenk scam falls through he's going to be sleeping in the garage and apparently the strain has caused his mind to begin unraveling.

He's trying to recruit an army of uni students to march on the Capitol now and execute a coup in the name of environmentalism.

Only six of those mentioned the words "climate change" or "global warming". That is not much greater than the level of media interest in the candidates' positions on UFOs. They were asked three questions on UFOs in the same study.

But as Gore told CBS on Sunday night: "I'm not finished

(Oh, but you are, commie-boy, you're all washed up like your father the convicted communist spy. You tried to take revenge on the free world for your father's sake but everybody realizes now you are an even bigger ass-klown than he was.)

PCM 5892/5894 Manuals & Drivers

Should you decide to acquire one of these excellent x86 SBCs flooding the market in Australia at around $10.00 a board, you can get the manual and drivers at the link above. I've already installed these drivers and gotten the machines running - too fine for words, needless to say. Everything you could possibly desire in a Vault-OS terminal. All you will need is a display, keyboard and mouse and some kind of housing, in addition to a 12 volt power supply. I've already successfully installed 256 MB of RAM on these boards instead of the 32 MB they come with.

The boards generate very little heat and if they do, they have a cooling fan on top. You may need to have provision for some airflow for this reason. Lately I use a muslin screen over intakes to keep dust out of the casing. I have successfully installed Ethernet on two of them and had them talking to each other in ten minutes with file share in DOS.

From the manual ...

The PCM-5894/5892 is a highly integrated, all-in-one single board
computer. All onboard peripherals (including PCI flat panel/VGA
interface, PCI Ethernet, and PCI IDE) adopt PCI technology and
operate through an internal PCI bus. Integrating a Pentium board
with a PCI architecture has unleashed a revolutionary level of
performance. The PCM-5894/5892 is one of the smallest and
most powerful all-in-one Pentium boards available. (1998)

HDPE : The Only Safe Plastic For Drinking Water

It took me about six years of research to discover that there is only one safe tank made of plastic you can stick drinking water in and it is high density polyethylene. This is the same stuff your milk carton is made of.

The only gotcha is that it should be properly "offgassed" when brand new by thoroughly washing it out with a mild disinfectant and allowed to dry out internally in the sun for no more than 48 hours. This cooks off the fresh plastic smell and outgases it has when it is first minted at the factory.

The only water tank superior to this one will have to be made out of stainless steel, which is really expensive. I purchased a secondhand condominium sized boiler before precious metals shot up. Otherwise HDPE is one of the most neutral containers you can store water in long term. If you leave it in long enough it may acquire a mild taste but there is no clinical evidence it will harm you in any way.

Contrast HDPE with almost all other plastics, you will discover that the evidence indicates nobody should be legally permitted to store water in a tank made of say, PVC or even polyvinyl. Less than a year stored in these kinds of containers will leave very nasty by-products. Among other problems, most other kinds of plastics never successfully "offgas." They will have stuff leaching from the interior into the water for twenty years.

I found this fact out (it's safe for water) about HDPE last year when I was reading extensively on the subject and I bought two of these containers on EBay this week. I particularly like how easy they are to modify for the addition of sensors and internal pumps. I've already added a filtration pump (all stainless steel) to one of them through a hole I drilled in the top.

Considering the price difference, I highly recommend these cube containers, as well. Just make absolutely sure of what this container had inside it before it went on sale. If it has had any industrial products (oils, fuels, solvents, etc.) , it is unlikely it will ever be clean enough to use for drinking water. The best ones to buy had food-safe contents or food products in them originally. Even then, you will have to rinse them out thoroughly before you use them. I once saw one of these that contained pickles in vinegar inside and although technically it may have been safe for water I saw no way of ever getting that smell out of the interior.

Of course, stacking this up inside a shelter is not advisable. You would not want 1100 litres of water falling over on you after some kind of ground shock. They do make effective shielding against neutron radiation, if you can figure out a safe way to put them in front of your entrance. I was thinking in some situations it might be possible to roll this in front of the door followed by some smaller containers of water possibly netted on top to keep them in place.