Monday, December 31, 2012

Oliver Stone Tells Some Partial Truths

The 'Stain is an Orwellian society.

The most authentic thing in this interview is near the end where they describe the current inhabitants of that once great nation as people too mentally weak to concentrate on anything much longer than five minutes. That's a four-and-a-half minute exaggeration but it's still pertinent.

Russia today has more free men than the West and is a saner place

No nation that gets like the Kwa has any hope of reform. To reform itself it would still need people bright enough to walk and chew gum at the same time. The Kwa doesn't have the good basic root stock to restore their vineyard. The grapes that remain are there to be trampled by the wrath of God.

Something important I understand now about declining civilizations is that as a general rule the people who remain at the end are too out of it to even understand what is happening to them. The last men are too dopey to appreciate the depth of what they have lost. They are numb from emptiness. In a way this is almost a mercy. They are not capable of the really sharp emotional pain that would come from the awareness of the tragedy of their circumstances and what they have done to themselves and their inheritance.

Ten years ago I expressed it as a hunch that there was a kind of Bell Curve of biology and at the declining end the mammals born into abundancy became less perceptive, less cognitive and less likely to respond to negative stimuli with sharp emotional aversion than each previous generation. It is a twist on the ancient metaphor for the gods driving mad first those they intended to destroy. A decade ago my thoughts on this subject were very primitive stuff albeit pretty advanced relative to everyone else's but my understanding of the nature of these problems has matured remarkably since those days. Those of you who think I am a quitter, lack spirit in me or tend to avoid any chance to assert myself should know that I just don't believe I have a dog in this fight anymore. The truth is that I know even if I fought the decay that I see all around me, I don't believe there would be anything in it for me over the longer term. Our society is not a meritocracy and it rewards the valiant with scorn and alienation. I have seen it happen to so many others I know how futile this would be for me.

Recently somebody I knew about twenty years ago challenged me to return to the U.S. and try to struggle to restore my country. Amongst other things, it's not my country anymore. I'm an Australian citizen and would have surrendered my American citizenship by now if they had not made it so hard to defect. On top of that, I don't see anything left of the country I was born in. It's just gone. All those people there now are strangers to me, most of them born on foreign soil who I will never have anything in common with.

I don't think the bulk of people who live there realize how dire their predicament is.

For example, there is the comic instance of describing a society as "Orwellian" to people who have never read Orwell. It is futile to even try to explain to them their situation.

Celebrities = Turds In Human Form With Shoes Sticking Out The Bottom

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Gandhi Banned As Enemy of the State

Facebook is now censoring historical quotes by the father of non-violent resistance.

All those paranoid people warning that Obama's second term would be purely about seizing arms and taking away the right to self-defense? The paranoids were absolutely right, this was the agenda as soon as the election was over. Amazing timing with that Sandy Hook (?) occurring within weeks. It's as if Adam Lanza was working for the administration. A coincidence to be sure.

For those of you trained to believe Gandhi was a skipping flower waving leftist pansy you should know you have been the victim of another colossal historical revisionism. Gandhi was a hardcore racist, sexist, womanizing conservative who just happened to have the guts to fight the real pansy-ass fems in the British Empire for his nation's freedom. Gandhi's real accomplishment was being willing to fight to exist. If the British colonizers had their way they would have slowly squeezed India until it was dry.

I am of the opinion that land space doesn't really mean a lot to Europeans. Iceland took a chunk of rock in the middle of the frigid ocean of the North Atlantic and turned it into one of the world's high tech industries. Iceland doesn't have much of anything but hot and cold so they tapped into geothermal heat for their power generation. The rest of the planet needs whole continents just to grow subsistence diets. Europeans can grow more food in a single hydroponics lab in a week staffed by one man than an entire African village can raise in ten years on a hundred acres. Europeans don't need land masses a quarter the size of the globe just to eke out a survival. However, if they can do that with square foot gardening imagine what they can do given a sizable chunk of land like the United States. This is why there is no reason and never has been a reason that American (or Australia) needed to source any food from the outside.

Europeans simply don't need anybody else. All they need is to be left alone to thrive and they do very well in a short time. The other breeds of man do not have it so good. They do not have the Midas touch where everything they put their hand on turns to gold. This is the reason they feel compelled to migrate. If you see another nation where everything has been changed into gold and you're a simpleton, your first thought is ... "How do I get into that other land where all is gold? Those lucky bastards who were born there don't have a right to all that wealth!" The problem of course is that not long after you have arrived, everything seems to start transmuting back into lead. Sucks to be them.

When you can't create, you can seize the reigns of power and simply destroy. In order to prove all mankind are a bunch of failures, you can force Europeans to fail with central control over their resources and economy. Preventing progress and destroying prosperity is what they are all about. Those who can't create will always seek to destroy. They are sterile men who will never rest until they drag all mankind down to their level.

Europeans have this magic touch because they have the highest concentration of residual Neanderthal genes. Europeans without a substantial Neanderthal contribution are nothing special, they are merely Africans with smaller penises and no rhythm. They can't transmute lead into gold with their touch.

Must be confusing to be looking into all of this from the outside when you don't have Neanderthal genes. Must seem like God cursed you from the day you were born. All I can say is, those people need to take their anger out on God for making them thus. The European only acquired those genes through the cannibalism and rape of the Neanderthal people so it is not like he has anything to be proud of, either. The only man who can take pride in these things is someone who himself identifies as a Neanderthal. The rest are just what is left behind in the absence of the good.

Our biggest hurdle right now is the traitors inside our gates actively thwarting us from improving our own lives. We have all the technology we need to live in great abundance inside our own borders forever with God's help but first we need to pull the parasite leeches out of the head of our society. These people are standing between us and real happiness and will continue to do so until they are expelled from our institutions permanently.

Dead Sun For A Dying World

Like Vault-Co said 12 years ago. This will be the last Solar Max and it will signal the end of the Holocene.

This site was right. About many, many things. I'm not a prophet. It's just that in comparison to everybody else, I end up looking like one.

Now all the grasshoppers get to see the conditions that the ant genome was forged in. A little tougher than what you may be used to, Sapiens. Your lackluster, haphazard train wreck genetic code simply won't do in these kinds of environments. You have to possess a certain internal biological purity or you will never stand a chance. There's no room for all that crazy listless bipolar confusion that you call a brain. A nervous system like that will get you killed during a new Ice Age. Sorry, sucks to be you.

Every Neanderthal upon awakening in the morning should thank the Lord for not making him a Homo Sapiens. They're like a clock that is broken in shipping and damaged goods upon receipt. Other than fighting, rapine, pillage and rioting they are not much good for anything outside of killing Neanderthals.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Great Depression II Leading To World War III

There are more government dependents than people with jobs in 11 U.S. States

All of them are states that have emphasized diversity, multikult and improvamentation policies for the past thirty years. The wages of sin is death. The penalty for being stupid is extinction. Self-hatred leads to self-immolation. Self-Destruction results in extermination.

If you tolerate people who tell you that you are inherently evil for being born and everything you do is evil and everything your ancestors did was evil when these same people are living on your land mass, eating your food and feasting off your largesse while doing so, you will be destroyed. No animal who is unwilling to fight for territory can ever hope to survive. You will be displaced by hook or by crook and simply committed to the dust. If you are dumb enough to fall in love with your destroyers you will be destroyed.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Good Roundup of the Sandy Hook Hoax

UPDATE : Excellent summary of why Sandy Hook is the strangest, most Orwellian story we have ever covered on Vault-Co in the past 12 years.

Sandy Hook is the weirdest and most contradictory of all the massacre stories that have come out of the Federal Government. Is it possible that this administration is simply not competent to carry out false flags? Have they slipped really, really badly on this one?

Attack of the Amygdala-Damaged

Funny to watch these fruits picking fights with gun advocates. Better hope your opponent isn't carrying. Damage to the amygdala prevents people from seeing hazards and consequences of their own actions.

As H.G. Wells Said ... In Plain Sight

Agenda 21 being implemented in all the Western nations without a vote or representation permitted or any alternative offered.

No votes except by local bureaucrats, many of them not elected but rather unopposed at elections because ordinary people are too busy working at jobs to spend much time concerned with local politics.

These constitute international treaties made without approval of Congress and as such they are high treason. No treaty can be signed except with the express approval of elected representatives in Congress in writing.

The reason they do these things in plain sight is that they know that modern people are slack-jawed, dribbling halfwits who do not even possess the means intellectually to pose any opposition. They are right. The mass media tells everybody they are all geniuses and we're all brilliant because it keeps the barnyard animals placid while the ramps for the slaughterhouse are assembled.

This guy is not the most literate in the world but his writing is powerful because it is the truth.

Monday, December 24, 2012