Friday, July 9, 2010

Alex Jones On The Darkness

The reason the elite regard the sheeple as beneath contempt is because they are beneath contempt. They're lower than barnyard beasts. They are animals made in the shape of men. They can no more reason than any of the old world primates. The common man is considered of no possible threat because he has completely disarmed himself at the mental, physical and spiritual level. He put on his chains before he was even asked to.

If Jones is a shill, what does it say about the 'Kwa that it's so obvious even a paid shill brings it up?

Nothing can stop the darkness.

I don't care if it makes me the craziest man on Earth to say it out loud - here it is. When the natural rhythms of life precede a large population cull, the higher mammals are sedated internally by mother nature herself. I am convinced that when humans sense an upcoming population crash in their bones, their brains pump them full of dopamine to keep them euphoric and indifferent when they die. Someday, perhaps a hundred years hence, I will be vindicated by the biological sciences. Watch and see.

Nations Make War To Avert Economic Reckonings

The 'Kwa is deliberately provoking World War III by parking Tomahawks inside range of Shanghai.

Things are very ugly behind the scenes. Very ugly, very raw and very tense. The media generally carry stories about Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton but the real news is smothered in the back pages.

Note that the shift to the Pacific theatre was predicted over ten years ago on Vault-Co. The truth is, that's where all the action is. It's also where you want your subs circulating when thermonuclear war begins. Get used to it, it's the new normal. It's like the Cold War except now the Chinese will be included in the games of cat'n'mouse. You keep your forces massed around their perimeters, making occasional forays past the territorial boundaries and seeing how they respond. Anybody expecting a nuclear war who doesn't adopt this strategy is an idiot because you want to maintain your capacity to strike first at a moment's notice. You can't do that if your subs are mostly parked in docks in San Francisco gathering rust. It's also the reason that the role that Australia plays in this region will escalate as the dying Kwanzanians make more and more demands on our government to serve their needs as a floating refueling carrier in the Pacific.

Taiwan will be the flashpoint, as we have said for over a decade

Thursday, July 8, 2010

EU Ready To Blow To Smithereens

... just like we said.

If you look at the total liabilities engineered into their screwy communist system, including subsidizing the south with northern profits, there is no way that nutty structure is going to stay afloat.

Rather "dissolve into bickering nation-states" once again, as mentioned in the prologue to the computer game FALLOUT.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Economic Trainwreck Of Biblical Proportions

Prechter says ITZ COMING.

"Even the Cows Can Operate The VCR By Now." (Joke from the movie CITY SLICKERS)

I'm always curious to know where people think a "recovery" would come from? The population of the United States is a largely illiterate, unskilled mass of buffoons who have sent their entire economy overseas. It's not exactly like anybody is breaking doors down to employ them. Where would a "recovery" originate? What do they have left that anybody needs?

In the future, the biggest target commodity for thieves in the 'Kwa will be food.

The Out-Of-Africa Theory Is Rubbish

"Out-Of-Africa" was a result of political correctness, not professional scientific work. During the culture wars of the 1960's this was a backdoor approach to giving ethnic minorities credibility by asserting they were our ancestors and we are simply paler versions of them.

The evidence says this is simply impossible. Always was, always will be. Outside of popular consensus there was never much evidence to support the idea.

If you read this article you will see that what is demonstrated here is that European ancestors were engaged in sophisticated toolmaking, long distance migrations and even boat making back when Africans had barely begun to walk on their hind legs according to the fossil record.

There has always been a wealth of evidence to support "diffusion." It's a theory that was never discredited. It just became politically impossible to propose, which isn't the same as being proven scientifically inaccurate.

The evidence is that human beings spread out from an original location that is still unknown into Europe, Asia and Africa over a million years ago. They then pursued very different evolutionary courses until the genetic bottleneck 80,000 years ago at which time they were further triaged to very small genesis groups. At 40,000 or so years ago there were a series of catastrophic events that wiped out all the different flavors of man, including Neanderthals who were the oldest race of them all, leaving only Homo Sapiens behind. (Unless you count Neanderthal gene expression as Neanderthal survival)

This is what the evidence tells us. Whether or not it is socially acceptable is another story.

Monday, July 5, 2010

How Long Can You Tread Water?

Good article over at Survival Blog.

Again, being inconspicuous is easier than advertising your presence.

My original neighbors are all being forced to sell their homes here in Australia. There are real estate FOR SALE signs up and down my block. We may be a ghost town on a mountain here eventually the way things are headed. All the people who saw my shelter components brought here during construction will be far away soon, down in the valley, in another state where their employment opportunities are better or even in another country.

That's good timing, because it was this year I had scheduled the start of my massive camouflage operation to hide my entire shelter so cleverly you couldn't see it if you were standing on top of it. I've been saving up polycarbonate Christmas trees since 2002 planning to knit their branches into wire meshes to make sheets of "overgrowth" which from the air will make my entrances appear to be simply dense brushland in an overgrown field. In combination with natural ivy, I have been planning to make my little backyard project vanish forever, all three acres of it. Firehold Bravo is simply going to fade away as if it was never there and anybody who specifically could have remembered it will be long gone.

We have a creeping flowering ivy back there that I have had to fight every single week to keep under control. Left to it's own means it would rapidly conceal everything in my backyard as easily as the jungle does a Mayan temple in South America. It's only because of my ceaseless effort I have been able to prevent it from doing just that up to this point.

The best strategy is to appear to have ceased to exist. The superior strategy is for your enemy to not even realize you are there.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ready To Take Another Red Pill?

You know that any given week is incomplete unless we toss something at you that may challenge every assumption you have been trained blindly to receive since the day you were born.

Here's an interesting one, which has many implications for everything else you may believe about the weather.


Where is the real evidence that hurricanes are caused by temperature disparities?

Sure, they tend to form where there are temperature disparities.

The problem is ... they often form where there are few temperature disparities.

Are temperature disparities themselves something often found in tandem with hurricanes but are not the influence that causes the hurricane to form?

I know the answer. It is good to think about. A lot of implications involved.

Final Hours Of Kwanstainia

Itz not coming. Itz here.

This year the Kwanstain will cease to be a nation.

We hardly knew ye, Kwanstainia. Only 240 years, right around the outer limit of the historical average. A good run but it's a country that has come to a bad ending.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

VAULT-CO.COM : Redirection Straightened Out

You should be able to use WWW.VAULT-CO.COM to get to this blog again before the end of the day. I have corrected the redirection so it is pointing directly here instead of my old site. It should kick in within the next couple of hours.

I have four new web sites all due to come on line very soon, including VAULT-OS.COM sometime this week. Still getting content up and running correctly at present.