Friday, August 3, 2007

American is falling apart #3

When you read about the sheer magnitude of decay in America coupled with the knowledge of how much the wars against nothing are costing per month, is it childish to assume that this work ain't never gonna get done?

Jared Diamond is of course, completely full of crap. Yet, amongst the catalogue of stolen ideas and ruthless plagiarism that characterizes his work, he has pointed out a critical feature in the history of collapsing empires ... when it rains, it pours. One day it's just swell, the next there are so many problems in a cascading wave of miscarriages that one would have to be mad to believe that anything could possibly be done to reverse the rising tide of appalling failure at every point that counts within and without the civilization in question.

Vault-Co does not believe the infrastructure of America will undergo any substantial restoration or repair before the third world war levels that nation down to bedrock. Put this prediction up on the big board and we'll see if this one comes true in time.

All Your Base Are Belong To Us (Setup for fake alien false flag?!?)

Funny how they linger on the terrible effects of that dying star and it's poor planet. It almost reads like a fictional account by H.G. Wells. I thought this was supposed to be a science report.

Wait, let me guess! The poor aliens have no choice but to find another Earth-like planet nearby! Gasp! Like the original story by Wells almost a 100 years ago! Whooda thunkit.

Don't laugh. Remember, the most respected authority in America on families, children and relationships is Oprah Winfrey, a 40+ year old lesbian who has never had children, a husband or stable relationship in her life. If they could believe half the crap that comes out of her mouth ... or that a steel frame building will fall straight down twenty minutes after a kerosene fire ... then they'll believe we're under alien attack.

I know it's ridiculous. Do you know why I mention it? Because I got a hunch. Just watch and see.

Maybe if we blog enough about it the way we do a false flag terrorist attack, they'll just give up on that as well and try to think of some of crisis they can manufacture.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The Great American Quack Salesman

Al Gore follows in his shyster father's footsteps as the traveling salesman who has a winning smile and a charming delivery with an epistemology that conveniently skims over all the nasty thinking parts, just the way Amerikwans like it.

Farting cows and baby nappies plus that smoke you see coming out your SUV tailpipe are destroying the planet, the Goremen say. It's a twist on the "money curse" scam run by the gypsies. Your money is cursed and is cursing you, until you give it to me your bad luck won't change.

Our only friend in the Middle East

I always laugh at the part where the mystery caller identified them as "Palestinians" because they were "dressed in sheikh things." Yes, that's how you spot those nasty Arabi types, they go everywhere dressed up as sheikhs mixing up junk. All Palestinian types dress in outlandish desert turbans and robes so nobody will mix them up with other terrorists, like say, PETA operatives or something.

Notice the anonymous call was actually intended to set something up that never happened. Police dogs detected real explosives inside the van. First the call would be planted, then they intended to blow that truck up somewhere, possibly in one of the tunnels that enters New York city. Quick thinking by rube suckers doing their jobs put a stop to that.

In any other nation, this all would have led to an outrageous scandal and a fast resolution of what would turn out to be one of the biggest false flag operations in world history. Fortunately, the mainstream media was running defense for them and kept the rubes in check.

Whenever you hear some idiot blathering about "how nobody could keep something like that a secret without being found out," well, what more would you want, dumbass? Could the entire operation have been stuffed up much worse? You still didn't get the facts either way and the media just told you the story you were supposed to hear no matter how ridiculous it was at that stage.

Don't buy newspapers or magazines and don't watch television news. Check out "Adam Pearlman!" This Jewish boy is moving up quickly through the organization due to his efforts! It's the American dream come true! He's now in the "top leadership" echelon at Al Qaida! Yes, if I'm looking for new hotblooded firebrands to head up my Islamic terrorist organization, I know the way to retain the best is to seek out Jewish kids whose parents are directors of the ADL. Oy vey, Al Qaida! We've got opportunity for everyone, we are the only terrorist organization in all of Wahabist Islam with a full diversity policy, including dental coverage and health plan! Please apply to your local Mosque today with a letter of reference from your Rabbi!

Ron Paul Will Never Set Foot In The White House

Rube, you are truly kidding yourself if you think you can put Ron Paul in the Presidency. It will never happen.

America has not had a say in government since John F. Kennedy got three bullets in the head for trying to introduce silver certificates and get access to inspect the Israeli nuclear program.

All you are going to accomplish by continuing to encourage this sap is getting a good man killed. Poor Ron Paul is too honest, too decent, too virtuous and far too good a man to even be standing up there with all the risk it entails. He should be tending his own private garden. The American people deserve the leaders they have, they are not a nation that deserves to have a man like Ron Paul. The fate of the pornography sodomite empire is sealed and Ron Paul is deluded to believe any one man can interfere. Ron reminds me of Lot wandering around inside of Sodom and Gomorrah, just trying to find ten good men in the city he can present to God as proof he should withhold his vengeance. He's wasting his time and risking his very worthy head as well.

America used to be made up of men like Ron Paul. None left now.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

America is falling apart #2

This stuff would be superb Monty Pythonesque humor if it wasn't actually real.

Declining societies are reflected in the inability to correctly manage finances to keep infrastructure intact. It was true in Rome. It was true in Sumeria. It's true in America.

Seriously, doesn't the photo at this article instantly remind you of that scene in IDIOCRACY where Luke Wilson looks out the window and sees an automobile just driving off the end of a broken freeway ramp? What's next, buildings tied together with string to hold them up another day?

Russia Claims The North Pole Via Titanium Seabed Marker

Ha ha, the press says. Isn't this amusing. Sort of like an old 1950's sci-fi pulp novel about the tensions leading up to WW3. Nuclear submarines staking out the resources of the North Pole and all that. Ha ha. Ha ha. Amusing stuff, one has a chuckle over one's cappuccino. Ha ha.

According to a UN arbiter, everything Russia is doing is legitimate under the world's system for recognizing resource claims. They first demonstrate a geological connection with the resources in question, then they drop a marker, then the UN officially declares these resources to be Russian territory.

The only country asleep at the wheel here is America. While they're fighting otherwise harmless towelheads riding goats in the Middle East and carpet bombing civilians, Russia and China are quietly and coolly clinching the world's resources so as to have an exclusive monopoly on most of the planet's remaining oil.

When America wakes up from this dope dream they're in with blacks-on-blondes porno and reality television shows, they're going to panic and overreact in a nightmarish fashion. That's a Vault-Co prediction, you heard it here. When it hits them this ain't no dream, they're going to start pushing buttons and opening silos in a mad frenzy of wild fear. What happens after that will be history.

There is no such thing as "Al Qaida"

That's why they are "unlimited." Because they are an imaginary foe.

Osama Bin Laden died of kidney failure in a U.S. Naval Hospital in the summer of 2001, months before the attack on the World Trade Center. The videos that have been released since are generic rants by Bin Laden recorded years ago with crappy propaganda translations to make them seem current. They're about as genuine as Adam Pearlman, the American arm of "Al Qaida," and various other Mossad ops.

You probably won't believe this, but sometimes I really think everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds.

If the average American is really stupid enough to fall for all this crap, maybe they deserve the leaders they have. Maybe they deserve everything that has happened and will happen to them. It's hard to feel sorry for somebody who supports bombing civilians without even knowing where their country is located on the map of the world. They have no virtues as a people with which to commend them. That's the most damning thing I can think of to say about them.

I honestly believe that God has abandoned America to hell and unleashed all the entropic forces of the universe on that poor nation in order to destroy it forever. I also believe that America abandoned God first, before he abandoned them.

As Mel Gibson pointed out in "Signs," the movie by M. Night Shymalayan, there are two types of people in the world. America embraced secular atheism. They believe nobody is coming to help them, the world is the product of randomness, there is no God. Now they shall discover what it means to live in just such a universe. It's a very, very bad place.

America is falling apart, literally

Not just it's rule of law, culture, economics, politics, society and nation.

It's falling apart physically as well.