Thursday, May 3, 2012

London Regresses to 14th Century

Disease and pestilence return as though they had never left, except these diseases are superbugs that could never be conquered with a little fresh air and improved nutrition. Misuse of the drugs that used to work against these conditions has left the planet with nothing in their arsenal to deter them from killing indiscriminately.

Now, more than ever survivors in the West need to concentrate on building their immune systems through natural methods. To have great health and sturdiness is better than all the injections you could ever get.

Aggravating Conditions That Led To WW3

As predicted here on Vault-Co over ten years ago.

They are trying to encircle Russia.

The stupidity of this strategy boggles the mind. It is a sluiced rail to the third World War. Does the Kwanstain really believe they can win that war? Or is it that they are so crazy they just don't care anymore and think that if the government and administration survives in their bunkers that is all that will matter? The other 300 million are extraneous now anyway. I expected that development ten years ago as well - the dismissal of the sheeple. Your services will no longer be required and it is not cost efficient to spend one penny keeping you alive a single day after your usefulness has expired. That $1.00 per capita that was formerly spent on civil defense for you is earmarked for far more important concerns.

It is for this reason that every minor, nameless peasant ... like myself ... requires a vault. Everything else is a luxury item in comparison.

UPDATE : Whatta shock, whooda thunkit

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Are You Seeing Yet?

I honestly don't understand how it is possible at this point in time for somebody to miss it.

Okay, sure maybe ten or twenty years ago it was only your fringe weirdos and very strange outsiders who knew something fishy was happening. As always, it is the people the farthest from the center who have the perspective.

But now? I just can't imagine it. A person still insisting this is just wild speculation? Nobody is that slow. You'd think such a person would regularly forget to breathe.

Who Needs Engineering & Science?

They're just evil patriarchial aspects of imperialist Western oppressors.

You couldn't make this stuff up and it would be funny if it were happening on another planet.

Learn to see the decline, people. It is impossible to keep flush toilets, air conditioning, reliable electrical power, escalators and a plentiful distribution system of affordable food on the same continent as this rubbish. It's all junk culture by people whose homelands were miserable failures for thousands of years when they evacuated them. You've simply imported bad ideas and flawed misunderstandings into a successful nation. These crappy ideas didn't work back home and they won't work when they are moved onto different real estate, either.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Garlic Wins Again, Quacks and Cranks Lose

Garlic doesn't build antibiotic resistance because it is not really an antibiotic at all in the pharmaceutical sense.

The best way to get it is through the bulbs, second best is through capsules.

#1 Counterfeiter In The World : Kwanstainia

Nobody prints and distributes more fakes and forgeries of currency and bonds than the United States does of their own documents.

If you don't know what sort of picture of desperation is painted by this revelation, you are never going to understand what is going on around you.

The CIA found a long time ago the best way to get funding by the shortest route is simply print your own fake ZOGBux and pay people with them.

Even the gold bullion they pretend to pay the most adamant creditors with are worthless tungsten bars.

Zinc dimes and quarters, bonds with no payout date, faked dollars coming from the U.S. Mint no less.

If you think these are the symptoms of a problem that is just going to fix itself in the future, you have no reason to visit this blog ever again.

'Stain Sheeple Stripped Of All Constitutional Rights

There's a reason they made it the Second Amendment. It's the resort when the First Amendment is banned.

The Founding Fathers knew perfectly well what goes on in the human heart and they also knew perfectly well what kind of degraded scum flock to politics. That's the reason they made it the Second Amendment. It guarantees the first by proximity.

What sort of person wants to ban speech? Criminals, thugs and villains, that's who.

Nobody has banned Freedom of Speech. President Obama has committed an impeachable crime, that's all. He has placed himself higher than the Constitution. A man can always go a little higher with the help of some rope and a stout tree. Now that's a moonwalk that I would like to watch.

This guy's administration is somewhere between Stalin and Caligula.

All The 'Stain Needs Now Is 300 million Jobs

Game, Set, Match.

Where the Kwanstain is going, it won't be coming back from.

Left Wing Reporters Waste Time Calling 911

Hopes that the poh-leesh will protect them from the diversity wonderland, gets severely beaten. Notice how thousands of people can be beaten in "retribution" attacks nationwide and the only one that makes the paper is when the media themselves is beaten. Even then, only as an opinion piece! The only call that is effective in these conditions is a local collect call to Smith & Wesson. Embrace your destroyers and you will be destroyed. The universal multicultural definition of insanity is to keep trying the same failed approach and hoping the results will be different next time. The Kwanstain is not going to give up on the multikult simply because it doesn't work. That would make sense.