Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Passengers Grab Carry-On Luggage Before Children In Escaping Plane Crash

We don't make this stuff up, people. We just link through to it. I could not have invented this story had I put my mind to it.

I had a really good conversation with a coffee barista today. I normally don't impose on anyone anymore but this guy kept digging and we ended up talking for a half hour, after which he fronted me a coffee in gratitude.

Summary is, we both agreed that nearly everybody on the freakin' planet had gone stark ravin' mad. Absolutely blithering dribbling nuts. He said it was so good to hear somebody else say it, he was worried he was the only one.

He asked me about all the political policies being pushed in Australia and when I told him that these same policies had already wrecked the United States, he told me that he thought there was no way that could be an accident. It was being engineered, he concluded, but only because ordinary people were such slack-jawed idiots that they made such a thing possible ... to pursue ideologies which had clearly already destroyed other nations.

I didn't know what to tell him so I told him not to worry about what he couldn't control. I told him I thought that humans had software glitches deliberately introduced into their makeup and he was silent for quite a while considering it. Then he said that although that had never occurred to him before, the evidence for it was overwhelming. I told him that somebody purposely built safety locks into human makeup so they could never get far. I tried to suggest that perhaps previous human species had not had these flaws in their makeup and that is why they may have been exterminated. He told me the coffee was on the house and said I had given him enough to think about to keep him busy for a couple of decades.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

How Is It Done Behind The Scenes?

Must-read by Devvy Kidd

Confirms many suspicions put forward by the "conspiracy nut" crowd over the past forty years. William Cooper suggested this very thing on his radio show a dozen times. He said all our public officials were controlled through extensive blackmail to expose their ugly private lives by an internal spy network funded by U.S. dollars.

The real power lies with the people doing the wiretapping. Those outfits are practically Mossad-run franchises that use taxpayer money to fund their huge intel operations.

They then acquire the knowledge of the most intimate details of these perverts when they are not in front of television cameras. Once they know they have information on them that allows them to control them in public, they then promote these straw men to high offices.

The guy who listens to the phone taps is the person with the real power because he knows the secrets of everybody else, including the people who are capable of doing the most damage once they are groomed for office.

They knew Barry Soetoro was a Kenyan-born down-low brother who would be easily manipulated once installed in the throne, the way you pull on the strings of a puppet. That is why they spent so much money funding his campaign and pushing him in their media outlets.

If you control information, you control the entire planet. It doesn't matter what sodomite you hire this week to pretend to hold the offices. They are just fronts for those who really run the society.

The John Birch society was right.

Robert Welch was the most prophetic and visionary political activist in the history of the United States. This dark dystopian nightmare the American people find themselves in was foreseen by him many decades ago.

Turns out, the "crazy" people were the only ones who actually understood what was happening.

Did The Rover Spot Petrified Wood On Mars?

Is there anything modern scientists have gotten right on any subject?

I would love to think of people a hundred years from now openly laughing at the comical simpletons of the 21st century occupying the institutions practicing their special brand of "scienmajistics."

It might someday be simply accepted as common knowledge that Mars had an entire ecosystem earlier in it's history that changes to temperature and moisture eventually made impossible. Would that really be such a terrible thing to concede? Yes, it would. It would make the universe a bit broader and more weird and wonderful than the secularists like to paint it. It might take the matter from their hands, so to speak. The tyranny of insisting life only existed here and nowhere else is a big part of their theology and their small minded doctrines orbiting neodarwinism.

At this juncture what is really holding back the advancement of knowledge is secular thinkers, not Christianity. They are revoltingly closeminded people. They are right when they say that their conception of "god" does not exist. God is not like they imagine him to be at all or insist we think of him as. He is something wonderful and wild and fantastic the likes of which we will never comprehend. What he has chosen to do on Mars might be part of another plan that reaches further and is more complex than our brains are even capable of handling.

Edjamafacashun Pays Off For Kwanzania

Now everybody will get those sweet jobs in the New Economy, using nanolasers to carve corporate brand logos into molecular surfaces.

Only 15 minutes a day of work and then off to the unicorn pony rides with the complementary rainbow stew. I knew it would come true just like the brain trusts of the enrichment squads promised.

Another Serving of GM Corn, Thanks

It's tumorlicious!

I hate that old corn I grew up eating before they improvamented and diversifuxated it. Now that it's more better everybody can enjoy the embitterment worldwide.

This is what is happening to the bees, by the way. Their stomach linings are getting improvamented by the pollen from this poison and the many other flowering plants it has contaminated.

Secular Thinker

Organized religion is responsible for the violence in Homo Sapiens. That's actually what these people believe. Stop bothering God with your grievances, Atheist. Your pagan belief in the better angels of man is a thousand times more ridiculous than Christianity ever aspired to be. The wisdom of God is foolishness to men ... but your foolishness is just foolishness, period.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Dark Side Pushing The Planet Towards Final War

One evil empire down, one to go

These problems have a way of working themselves out eventually. Evil almost always ends up consuming itself. I'm just worried it will consume the planet before it does.

The Republic Is Gone.

I see no compelling reason to write about America any longer.

The country of my birth no longer exists. It is gone forever.

The Bow Shield Of the Heliosheath

Nobody wants you to know that even our solar system is specially shielded against the entire universe

There's love out there for you that you never even knew existed, puny human.

Somebody has gone to enormous lengths to make this planet a decent place to live. It is a miracle we can exist here at all. What a wonderful home we have. Pity about Sapiens. It always makes it worse when he blames his misfortunes on God. Saps brings these things on himself, not God. Stop your whining, manboon. You have been given everything you need to live in a paradise. The problem is what is inside of you, not what is outside.