Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Globowarmthink Raging Psychosis

These dudes and their mystery religion are creepy, creepy people. Creepy as hell. Dig further down and sure, you discover they are just useful idiots for the elites, but it is difficult to believe any human being could be turned into such an absolute tool.

They make the druids look like stable, levelheaded citizens in comparison.

Monday, September 29, 2008


Evacuate this planet

Stupid Bailout Bill So Dumb Even 'Kwanzans Know Better

Stock Market Crushed 1929 Style ... Drop Hasn't Even Started Yet

Dow Plummets, Klowns Dance & Juggle To No Avail


The 'Kwa Is Under Martial Law!! (CONFIRMED)

Watch the YouTube video and see with your own eyes. The poor sheeple are the last to be informed. Keep doing searches for Paris Hilton until the black ops troops break down your door, people, happy thoughts will serve you well at the internment camp.

This guy is scared bad

Real terror is mounting now, over what many believe is a coup going on behind the scenes

This is a good time to do a roundup of Vault-Co greatest hits going back to 2007 and see if we in fact, nailed it twelve months in advance.

This is a very important blog post on Vault-Co from earlier this year

Covered again here by many other news agencies

All starting to make sense now?

This one was eerily accurate

Gosh, I was spot on with this one

A good time to release my cooking product, "Baby Salt." Low sodium and all vegan!

North Korea Doesn't Disarm - My Career In Gay Porno is a complete Bust

I promised readers about two years ago that the same day North Korea began to dismantle their nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities as agreed, my debut tape in gay porno would become available at their local video store.

North Korea (whoodathunkit?) has mysteriously resumed their nuclear program and as many of you have probably noticed, the only new releases at the video store are crappy re-releases of HOUSE OF THE DEAD and the remastered version of WILLARD. So incredibly, the Bush Administration will not look back fondly on a single accomplishment of their entire 8 years unless you count completely destroying the United States military, crashing the economy to third world pauperism and almost choking to death on a pretzel.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Don't Pay More Than $15.00 for a Thin Client!

Very cool rant stating the obvious. These things are pouring onto the world market and they are dirt-cheap. I got two of them when I saved them from a corporate dumpster in the city.
In five minutes, given a working Thin Client OS utilizing DHCP and ICA protocol, you can have this terminal running in your greenhouse/permaculture lab, storage bay/silo, main shelter or various support facilities. From there it can act as an industrial automation controller/sensor hub, run client-server, realtime speech and security camera monitor, intercom VOIP system, visualization tools, archive retrieval, information delivery mechanism ... if you can think of it and it runs in Windows it will probably run on a thin client at a good clip, too. No maintenance, zero support, just plug'n'play. At these prices you can buy a lot of spares.
If you can figure out how to rewrite the base software package in flash ram, you can add a standalone windowed system like Breadbox Ensemble or 98Lite if the network goes down or you ever want to work offline on something.

As the guy says in the article, the whole point of the exercise is to never have to worry about it again after you've plugged it in.

Start Putting That Core Refuge Together

"This is the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union that the Russian military is actually preparing for an all-out nuclear war with America."

Hopefully, if you've been visiting Vault-Co for the past ten years, you've got something better than this by now.

Weird, Scary ... True? (Update : HOAX!!)

I am not sure what all of this means. I had also heard a rumor about a mass suicide of U.S. soldiers on an Iraqi air base. We all know that Sorcha Faal is about as reliable for information as a broken Ouiji board, so take it with a grain of salt.

Pretty spooky stuff. Kind of reminds me of the soldiers in Stephen King's The Mist who go to the back of the supermarket and hang themselves because they know what is happening.

What on earth could cause more than 20 American soldiers to attempt to kill themselves en masse?

I've heard other things, too. I am not saying I believe all of this or this interpretation of what is happening. I include the links for you to read and think about for yourself. Seems like something is going on worldwide before the U.S. elections are held. Could be a gigantic disinfo campaign. Or it might be something else.

I have always held that the Apocrypha may be important, if for no other reason that they are otherwise mentioned in the Biblical canon itself.

Full weirdness and Fortean brain stretching here. This link doesn't have to be taken seriously. It won't hurt you to think about this stuff. Kinds of broadens your mind to even debunk it as you read it.

What calibre would you recommend as a good "man" stopper for Nephilim, anyhow? :)

UPDATE : See comments, this is a hoax. I had never heard of Press TV before, apparently the person who originally contacted me about this story also got his information from that same release. A keen eyed reader noticed it was otherwise unsupported and the unit apparently doesn't exist. Seriously, what would you expect from Sorcha Faal, she's like a crazy homeless lady with 200 cats riding around with her in a shopping cart.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

A War of all Against All

The United States has lost all moral authority.

At present, there is no exemplar in the world to determine the standard that is the difference between civilized and barbaric warfare. No one has stepped forward, the Geneva convention is a joke not worth the paper it is printed on.

Anybody who still thinks that MAD doctrine will prevent World War III should convert to Scientology while they are at it, because that is also a bizarre anti rational and infantile mystery religion. The State is all everywhere you look, men have abandoned even their pretensions to be anything but genetic automatons under Darwinian influence and the secular world (which I believed in for sixteen years) stands revealed for the doorway it really is - into madness and absolute abdication of anything but the bloody red law of tooth and claw.

What A Chinese World Empire Will Look Like

I would like nothing so much if Susan Sontag was still alive, to put a shovel into her hands and put her to work at the bottom of one of those copper shafts ... then tell her to appeal to the conscience of her Chinese masters for merciful humane treatment and see if they respond the way that she knew white Europeans were always guaranteed to.

No more "inhumanities" (flush toilets, clean running water, ample food, cradle-to-grave welfare, name brand running shoes) at the hands of evil whitey. We're turning you over to the real experts in this regard. The white man is throwing in the towel. We surrender. It's all yours, we give up.

Now see what happens when we tend our own private gardens.
We support Ukraine and condemn war. Push Russian government to act against war. Be brave, vocal and show your support to Ukraine. Follow the latest news HERE