Saturday, May 31, 2008

June 1st, 2008 A.D. : Record Lows Across The Globe

Enjoying summer yet? I love summer. The hot blistering sun, the green blooms following spring ... oh, that's right, it's June 1st and we never actually saw spring, just a winter that doesn't seem to end.

Al Gore lies, a lot. Satellites and deep sea temperature monitors don't lie.

Rapid Climate Cooling = Resource Conflicts Over Fuel = World War III.

It only took ten years for the world's best scientists to figure out what Vault-Co knew back in 2001 from reading old books on weather published in the 1860's ... THE SUN IS THE SOURCE OF ALL WEATHER AND CLIMATE CHANGES HERE ON EARTH.

It's the Maunder Minimum, people. You don't need to get hit on the head with an anvil like the Coyote in those Road Runner cartoons to figure it out. There is going to be one gigantic apocalyptic Solar Maximum in 2012 and then the Sun is going to enter an expansion and cooling period that will last at least 12,000 years. It will grow larger in the sky and paradoxically, emanate less heat. Sun spots will nearly cease to exist, a phenomena we take for granted when in fact it only occurs regularly during the interglacial period. All other times, the Sun is a much cooler and bigger ball hanging in the sky.

Let me tell you about what effect the cold has on civilizations. Mind you, I am speaking of far stabler societies over the past 5000 years with a much larger and more reliable agricultural supply chain that was based inside the nation, not the "globalist" house of cards we live on top of today.

1. The cold makes people get hungry. And cold. This makes them very irritable and easily driven to desperation. What would seem outrageous and unthinkable becomes the new normal for people who are cold and increasingly hungrier. Less food means less metabolic heat and less metabolic heat makes people more impulsively aggressive. 1.5 billion hungry and pissed off Chinese people is a big, big problem. It's all fun and games when the Sun is out, Walmart is open and selling your exports and you've got food on the table. Whole different ballgame at the start of a new Ice Age.

2. When it's colder, nations go to war.

3. The simple little things taken for granted during warmer eras now become major crises on a daily basis.

4. Cold makes protein scarce. You probably take protein for granted. Try going 24 hours without some, eating only carbohydrates. It tend to make folks get a little rabid real quick-like. If they don't get some soon, they start to lose the needed biological energy and drive to acquire it. The most expedient but previously inconceivable alternatives then emerge as the shortest plausible distance between two points.

5. Resource conflicts cause ethnic tribal ingroup instincts to come to the fore and outgroup tolerance to decrease. In fact, altruism is often the name we give to those most willing to kill outsiders in the name of the common good. The stage is ripe for a resurgence in the racial nationalism that characterized World War II (particularly amongst the Asians) except a million times worse on this cycle. World War III will be a naked struggle of various competing ethnic groups to survive one another at the expense of outgroups. The amity-enmity ratio is only possible to neutralize with enough burgers and milkshakes to leave human beings in a kind of warm, confused fog. There is no such animal as "multiculturalism" when the temperature drops.

Ice Age II = Global Thermonuclear War.

P A C K__Y O U R__R I C E.
(Itz coming.)

See The Elephant #2

This is a pretty good example of what I was talking about below.

In the past ten years, very quietly with little or no publicity, the oceans of Earth have changed into an anoxic, bacteria rich soup flushed with sulphur dioxide and other compounds normally found in byproducts of undersea volcanism. Massive waves of extinction in the ocean have been marching through one species after another as they have heated up rapidly and dramatically from the bottom. In large parts of the ocean, jellyfish are the only thing left thriving outside of the microscopic level. Birds fly for weeks over the sea until they die of exhaustion and plunge into the water, unable to locate fish to eat. This has happened so rapidly it seems to be incomprehensible to most of mankind - you can tell people about it and they nod but it is obvious they don't really understand the implications of what they are hearing. It doesn't register with them. They don't actually know what that means.

All mass extinction events start in the oceans this exact same way, going back two billion years of fossil and strata records. It is indubitably related to underwater volcanism, followed by surface volcanism.

This guy's conclusion in the article above is that all of this is due to overfishing. He's like the blind man who grabs the trunk. "An elephant is a lot like a snake," he says, "in fact, it's exactly like my brother Al Gore's pet snake."

It's not a snake. It's an elephant. Mandating dolphin-safe labels on tuna cans will not save you.

Friday, May 30, 2008

See The Elephant

The book that started me thinking about all of it was Robert Kaplan's The Coming Anarchy. A lot of people have thought that Kaplan was shilling for Zionists seeking American intervention in the Middle East, but I regard him as something of an entirely different order and largely inaccessible to most people because of his objectivity. Kaplan in his narrow obsession is one of the first modern writers I discovered who could see the elephant. I think that Robert's fear is that we are all one giant ship of fools headed in the same direction, as the story by Ted Kaczynski goes. I believe that Robert is not an advocate as a result of his perception of what the real problems are.

"Kaplan offers no vision, no strategy, nothing beyond accurate descriptions of the current state of warfare inside the Gap. He is the global war on terror's best sideline reporter, but he's the wrong source to cite on how to run the entire franchise." -- Thomas P. M. Barnett

There is a parable about six blind men and an elephant. Partisanship caused each blind man to claim he understood what an elephant was, based randomly on the part he had grasped at random. None of these men understood what as elephant was because they were hyperfocused on their own experience of the thing. None saw that the elephant was the union of all these things at once, making it more than the sum of it's parts.

Some people think that the biggest problems for Western civilization are economic. There is some truth to what they are saying. It's definitely an end to the empire.

Others say the biggest threat to us is Peak Oil or the coming Clash of Civilizations between the West and underdeveloped nations. There is some truth to all these allegations. Worldwide there is an omnipresent threat of emerging super plagues which tend to flourish during periods of warfare and mass migrations.

Some say our society is being destroyed from within. There is certainly truth to that. There are a few who see that nuclear proliferation is becoming uncontrollable. That's very accurate.

Others closer to the truth note the preparations of China for what they consider to be inevitable. Getting warmer. Some say the Cold War never ended. They're starting to smoke.

Those with an even bigger perspective point out all this is taking place during an era of pronounced climate change and a long term shift to colder weather. Now that is a broad insight ... but it still lacks something.

The fact is, all these things are taking place at the same time. That's the elephant.

At Vault-Co we call it the Apocalypse Trifecta. That's how we lost interest in politics and started a hobby digging instead.

Die, Imperialist Running Dogs

Amerikwa has lost the ability to suspect others of less than pure motives. This is the same thing as preparing to expire from a terminal illness. Diplomacy is all about reading between the lines all the time and trying to guess where your opponent will be going next. The loss of the sort of mental acuity that makes for good diplomats means a nation has lost the ability to cope with the conflicting aims and aggressions of other countries.

Another Example of What is Wrong With Britain

If you read the articles in newspapers a hundred years ago and compare them with articles written today, you will see that articles written nowadays are more frivolous, ludicrous and age far more rapidly. They tend to paint a picture of an entire population that has gone completely off the rails mentally and lost all touch with reality.

The next time somebody brings up the fact there appear to be almost no Britons over 40 who can read, send them this link. This is the kind of clown they have in charge of the educational system over there. I'd consider this prima facie evidence this dude needed to be sacked, given a pink slip and sent home. He gives the impression he's a bureaucrat who has gone quietly mad in the isolation of his office.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eurotrash Closet Marxists Outlaw Their Opposition

So tell me again why it's wrong when the Nazis do it, but right nowadays. What with peeple so edjumificated and whatnot.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Vault OS Update #21 : Must Read

This article is incredible. It led me to another site where someone has Monowall running off a 32 mb flashcard. The author of this site has already figured out how to build the entire required infrastructure using FreeBSD architecture.

I have to do some experiments to see if I can get this running on one of my embedded boards before I can know more. I've got the environment running in VMWare as a virtual machine now.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Western People : Slow As Molasses

I just felt like posting a few things tonight. Not because I think it will do any good, but just because I want to show you how incredibly dumb modern people are. They are really, really feebleminded bordering on senile or even vegetative. There's no way genes could account for all of this. There have got to be poisons in the food and water accelerating this somehow.

Lee Hamilton brushing over Mineta's testimony, a revelation that would have brought down the government fifty years ago.

Here as in so many newsrooms across the globe, it was reported that WTC7 had collapsed several minutes before it happened ... when it did happen, it was almost comical in it's speed. Nobody has ever seen a building fall that quickly from a structural fire in human history. Skyscrapers in Mexico have burned several months without ever collapsing, much less at freefall speed :

Here's another report that obviously went out too early

Really Monty Pythonesque, mankind

There was no reason of any kind to expect that building to collapse that way. None at all.

Foreign countries get to talk more about American news than Americans do

Silverstein blurted it out but that's not enough to trigger brain activity in Ameriwans. It's so obvious even a child could figure it out. Amerikwans are drawing a blank. How much more blatant could they make it?

This is grand guignol. It's melodramatic theatre. Badly conducted and orchestrated, I might add, with cardboard villains and caricatures. Everybody benefited. The only people that got hurt are the little people, the people nobody cares about. The nothing people that don't make a stain when they die. Silverstein pocketed the riches of a small country by playing along. The attack on Iraq and Afghanistan was planned the year prior.

You can appreciate why I identify with Luke Wilson in IDIOCRACY so strongly. This is the world I live in. I feel like that guy all the time. Sometimes I can't believe what kind of crap comes out of ordinary people. There are days I feel like the only person on the planet who can walk and chew gum at the same time. I've felt this way most of my adult life. Most people, there just isn't enough "there" to consider anybody "there." Global warming, gun control ... how on Earth could you pull this crap on real human beings? You couldn't. That's why nobody did. It's my generation that was ripe for this garbage. They buy it, hook, line and sinker. They've got minds like infants.

So you're wondering why I used the phrase "Western people" above?

Transparent fraud perpetrated on the British people, just as slow as their Yank counterparts

I could post a thousand more links, but honestly, why bother?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Greatest Liberator Of Women The World Has Ever Known

I expect in coming years, it will be so simple that even women will be able to figure it out.
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