Sunday, September 30, 2007

More Billion Dollar Junk Science For Freeloaders

Missile defense is gay. It's for men who lack proper bass in their voice.

Civil Defense is for lantern-jawed strapping pulp fiction style he-men. It's sci-fi solid for two-fisted survivor types who intend seriously to outlast World War III.

Cowering under a gay missile shield will get your poor ass properly fricasseed by a couple thousand rads.

Civil Defense is for serious people. Missile defense is the preferred strategy for metrosexuals and guys who bend gender boundaries.

Missile defense is for those Tom Clancy readers who feel they understand what's going on in the world because they've read Tom Clancy novels. Actually, they're gay and they understand nothing at all. The real world is not a Tom Clancy novel. It's also not something to be held at an effete distance while you analyze it. At least not for much longer.

Civil Defense is a kind of scriptural humility in the face of what is a very crazy world filled with morons. It's the ultimate acceptance of your own mortality and recognition of the fragile nature of human existence. It's for men who can control a little bit around them instead of the kind of men who pretend "we're" all in "control" of everything.

Metrosexuals cling to the group believing it will save them and ridicule God. You want to ask if these Christopher Hitchens types have ever taken a good look at the group they worship in place of a God. Have they ever noticed it consists largely of morons and halfwits like themselves? Honestly think these metrosexual goofballs will ever get that missile defense working properly? They don't seem to be capable of doing anything right. I expect that whole Tom Clancy crowd of wannabes have a really rude surprise waiting for them in the near future.

P.S. Also, the Krapture, martial arts and spectator sports are all primarily gay. The only missile defense experiments I would be willing to fund would involve Tom Clancy, Steven Seagal and O.J. Simpson strapped to a rocket and fired into the Sun.

Sunspots Say The Forecast Is For Cooling

You know the generic, vague and elusive fashion that all globo-warmthers speak in?

Well, it's just an extension of the way people in general speak nowadays. It's postmodernism marching through another institution. In order to prepare people for this kind of "science," it was first necessary to redefine the practice and methodology of science itself. Globo-warmspeak is "science" for people who will never have the brains to understand real science. The essential distinguishing quality of this kind of "science" is it's underlying vanity.

It took two generations to properly lay the groundwork for this gibberish in order to rely on it's warm reception by the know-nothings who know everything. Oprah Winfrey has played a big part in this constant flattery of the common mind, which is and always will be junk for understanding anything beyond the local level. Mother nature makes a lot of crap for brains and it took much social engineering to convince the half-wit unwashed and unclean majority that they was now scienmajific and whatnot. Once dey bee edjumificated dey believes anything at all dey bee told by udder edjumificated types and what have you.

Friendly Local Freemasons Offer Tooth-tracking System For Kids

Yes, there's no better way to say "I love you" than to imprint a microchip tracking device in the teeth of your loved ones and get their dental bite for identifying their corpse after it is returned to you from the correctional camps.
"The Freemasons of Rhode Island offer free tooth printing as part of their Child Identification Program, or CHIP. The Masons offer the child identification service, which includes fingerprinting and making a two-minute video interview of the child, at many local fairs and functions throughout the year."

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Empire Strikes Back

New Babylon won't be giving up this easily.

It's a fight to the death and it will glow at night when it is over.

Iran Attack Said To Be Imminent

This is more on the order of a leak considering the source. A lot of buzz in the Cabal and some of it trickles down to the second-stringers in the media.

You know, like in a Latin American country

Will we have to wait much longer for the local landlocked mystery gas to assimilate them? I keep waiting for them to change into Ma and Pa Kettle only it doesn't seem forthcoming. Rather, they appear to alter the character of any place they take up residence, until it looks exactly like the place they just left.


Lucifer's Child Flickers His Forked Tongue

Rudy Giuliani is truly the sickest, weirdest and nuttiest sodomite currently running for President. America looks more and more like Rome with it's astounding lineup of nuts, whackos, psychopaths and degenerates marching through the institutions.

Notice how the sociopathic personality can change into any shape or form depending on the person they are speaking to. They have no center. They have no principles. Their principles are to say and do whatever is needed to achieve power.

In Asperger's autism, the part of the brain that is the driving force in sociopaths withers away. It barely even develops at all. The sociopath is best described as a person who experiences hypertrophy in this structure ... it is in the mammalian layer of the brain we find the deficit. A sociopath is a lizard inside a human skin pretending to be warmblooded. In Asperger's autism, the subject will try to mimic the duplicity, ambiguity and general indirection that characterizes human interactions - although it's always imitation. In the sociopath, they are masters of deception who mimic human feelings and compassion - - although it's always imitation. People with Asperger's are honest to the point of it being almost ridiculous, whereas with the Rudy Giulianis of the world, they are biologically opportunist to the point of it being ridiculous. One is too straightforward for his own good ... the other can never tell the truth, even when they want to tell the truth.

They're the complete opposites at different ends of the human spectrum and I suspect that sociopaths will always feel the Asperger's personality to be their natural biological enemy in that they are kind of the "ultimate sniffer dog" for finding them out. They might fool most of the people all of the time but there will always be one kind of person they'll never fool. I think they know this instinctively in their horrid, inhuman way.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Just Belgium?

The European Union is a brutal marxist regime that administers a spiked jackboot to the throats of all the inhabitants of Europe. It is a tyranny of such a magnitude that Hitler and Stalin could have only dreamed of such exclusive unassailable control. It has no elected officials or democratic representatives. It is the opposite of a republic democracy in every way. It makes the Nazis look like girl scouts in comparison. It is the worst totalitarianism in Europe since the reign of Oliver Cromwell.

Gary Hart Warns Iranians That A False Flag Is In the Works

Itz coming.

Even Gary admits it now.

Gary is one of those children of the Devil who hopes if the tide should ever turn he'll get leniency because he pretended to be all disturbed and shaken up by the excesses when it was underway. This kind of man plays both sides of the fence, he wants to be the sensitive caring voice of conscience unless the iron hand of totalitarianism is lowered successfully, at which time he'll concede he never really meant any of that crap.