Wednesday, August 31, 2016

"Higher Education" : Speak Only When Necessary

Last person out of Western civilisation remember to turn off the lights and gas.

Try to do it without speaking to anybody.

Extinction cycles in any system are a healthy, cleansing process that eventuates in a better system afterwards - one way or another.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Subterranean Microgardening and Hydroponics

Trial locations underground in London

I know it is doable it is only a question of energy input versus output in harvests. A very good candidate for a maximum of automation in both monitoring and control by a 24/7 web enabled application like CD-OS. I rated this the number one priority implementation on top of the basic framework of CD-OS and that is why I am doing the prototype for this first.

The Apocalypse Trifecta - Maunder Minimum, Worldwide Famine, WW3

More fun than a barrel of monkeys.

You can track the decline in sunspots back for nearly 8000 years and it is yoked at the hip to war, famine, disease, global effects of cooling and civilization collapse. Crop failures recorded in Sanskrit seven millennia ago detail the resulting clashes internally and against external enemies who were starving or fleeing plagues.

This has been our basic premise at Vault-Co since this blog started 16 years ago. Mice and men and the best laid plans but ultimately destiny lies with the climate changes caused by solar cycles. In order to avoid these tedious cycles, we'd need a completely different civilization that had moved entirely to atomic power a half century ago as was planned by our very bright ancestors. Thwarted as always by the lunatics and halfwits. A nuclear civilization would have enough free energy to heat the roads to keep them open, no joke. We could run coils through them coast to coast. We could have used atomic tunneling machines to turn our nations into larger varieties of Switzerland that would stay open day or night and never fear much of anything. Atomic power would burn right through any Ice Age and we'd come out the other side better than when we went into it. None of this happened because every successful society begins to sow the seeds of its own destruction. Too much surplus emboldens the idiots and gives them credibility for their bad arguments in sheer birth rates of the ranks of the hopelessly confused.

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Postponing The Inevitable

Sometimes the modern world seems to be rigged for a spectacular finish.

It's part of the natural order of the world. The only thing unnatural is the civilization that teeters on top of the Holocene with such poor planning for exigencies.

Zika : Colossal Hoax

It has nothing to do with Zika at all.

Just another false narrative with fake details and bogus accounts.

EU Weaklings Try To Twist Putin, Get Twisted

The days when people needed to deal with the plutocrats that rule Western civilization are over.

Throw your weight around and try to block the machine but it will just route around your economy and turn you into a ghost town.

Smart Veterans Avoid The Government After Serving

I knew what I was doing. I never took any offers of help with anything from the government after getting out. I felt back then it was just another scam.

Their respect goes down for you the instant you enlist and hits rock bottom when you leave. Don't let the government get near you if you want to stay healthy. They consider you a resource they can do all kinds of testing on with various compounds.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Must Watch


In scripture we learn that neither Lucifer nor his followers can predict the future. They can however try to engineer it and then seem all-powerful in retrospect. I suspect that is what is going on here. Lacking the gift for prophecy, they try to create the future and then seem prescient about it. This is a way of intimidating opposition.

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Phase One of CD-OS Aquaculture Closet Lab!

I spent tonight out in an extremely cold lab lining my mini-hydroponics tent with mylar space blankets.

You've probably seen these before. They are sold worldwide in most home and garden supply shops. I thought I would use this as the basis of my first proof-of-concept CD-OS project because it is so common. A complete fully automated aquaponics lab the size of a broom closet designed to provide vegetables, fruits, salad and fish to complement a food storage program.

My planned design had four requirements :

  1. Should fit into a broom closet.
  2. Completely automated and monitored by CD-OS around the clock using ubiquitous modbus components and controls, preferably over a cheap Modbus TCP-IP router.  
  3. Should run on extremely low current and voltage, preferably a solar panel or two.
  4. Must be temperature controlled so as to maintain a hothouse environment even in arctic conditions. (Ice Age II, Nuclear winter or supervolcano eruption)

I ordered a couple space blankets off EBay at about .99 cents each and they arrived tonight. You can often find these mylar foil sheets sold as "emergency blankets" or "survival blankets."
After lining the inside with these blankets I stood inside it for a couple minutes. Despite it being extremely cold in my lab, I noticed the instant I covered all four walls in the interior that a very strange thing began to happen. It began to grow quite warm just from my body heat very rapidly. After about four minutes I almost felt I was starting to sweat. When I stepped from the interior through the curtain it was still incredibly cold on the outside! This stuff works amazingly well and at .99 cents for two square meters you can't complain about the expense. Highest recommendation.

The number one use of the mylar foil was to reflect as much light as possible inside the hydroponics tent so none was wasted. I knew that the mylar had some insulating capacity but was expecting it would need supplementation with a low current heat source which I also ordered last week and have already tested.

The one drawback of LED lighting strips is that they don't generate much heat but if they even generate a little that might be enough to heat the interior considerably with the mylar foil insulation. I have a low current device to heat the fish water to keep it from freezing and a low current air heater that is intended to only come on when it is needed to "top off" the internal temperature. All of these components will be part of an integrated design that is intended to be plug-n-play with a matching CD-OS module that is ultimately implemented as nothing more than a couple Lua scripts for the server.

So far I have spent about a hundred bucks including all modbus parts for this closet but I expect there are even cheaper ways to construct it. The big challenge is building a modbus component for measuring water PH without spending $500.00 on that sensor. I think I have it figured out. I bought a $9.00 PH sensor that is supposed to plug into a dedicated unit that I am going to interface with a DAC to modbus circuit with perhaps $10.00 worth of electronic parts. I have not built that yet but I figure it will take a bit of testing to get that right. I am going to connect the cheap PH sensor across an existing modbus voltage meter sold on Ebay for around $10.00 and hope it can be calibrated to yield the right values. If that works it will be the only tough component to provide inexpensively.
I got the idea about the super cheap mylar when I was inspired by these expensive units they sell to dope growers. I was trying to mimic this environment for only a couple dollars instead of a grand. I think my idea is going to work! Man, if these dope fiends spent as much energy on the rest of their life they'd have enough money to move out of their parent's garage and get a place of their own.