Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dealing With Whistleblowers

The sheeple always think that it is impossible to keep anything a secret.

It isn't. You act swiftly on whistleblowers and things stay secret for centuries. The public is just now beginning to realize the Lusitania was set up for World War One. That is a very long time to keep that floating bomb under wraps.

110 Million STDs in Kwanstainia

Similar to the Dark Ages when one in three people had syphilis or gonorrhoea.

Keep up that "progress," progressives! The Embetterment Embetters us all!

Street Executions Begin In Kwanstainia

I remember back in the mid-80's when guys like Kurt Saxon were telling people that the government would just throw people against the wall arbitrarily and execute them in the streets with impunity. 

Everybody thought that was so paranoid and crazy. Saxon said the New World Order would be the cruelest and most merciless regime in the history of mankind when it began its march to world sovereignty.

This Ebola thing is a big part of it. Arbitrary confinement to homes, arbitrary imprisonment, arbitrary no-knock warrantless night raids. Saxon and others described all of this stuff in detail, claiming "terrorism" would serve as an effective excuse to introduce all these measures with little or no opposition.

Whatever Saxon was, he wasn't crazy.

Notice with hundreds of millions of dollars spent on tasers and non-lethal control measures, the cops shoot this dude with a pen knife 46 times for a taking a step towards the dog. Clearly just a mentally ill man wandering in the streets.

In the old days, I knew cops that used to pride themselves on distracting the guy so another cop would tackle him and take him down without hurting him. Lots of them used to be good enough at self-defence they could have pinned that knife arm and easily taken him to the ground. These effeminate circus tents just shoot him because they are so obese that their trigger finger is the only thing left they can move. Reminded me of the scene in IDIOCRACY where they open fire with automatic weapons on the empty taxi cab.

Scientific Proof That The Leftist Brain Cannot Correctly Evaluate Threats, Hazards and Consequences

They can't. Amygdala is busted.

When you see something disgusting, be it a leech or a dead animal, the normal reaction of the brain is to tell you to STAY AWAY FROM THAT and match it with a gut reaction in the deepest part of the autonomic system.

If your brain doesn't do that then YOUR BRAIN IS NOT FUNCTIONING CORRECTLY AS-DESIGNED ACCORDING TO IT'S OWN TOPOLOGY. You need to take it back to the factory and exchange it for one that works properly.

China's Nuclear Submarines Operational Before Jan 2015

That's when it gets real.

No warning, no central command, fire-and-forget 30 minutes to target hypersonic cruise missiles traveling at 20 times the speed of sound. It will be over before you can shave and brush your teeth and lay down in your bed. These weapons are so precise they do not go off until 4 meters before they hit ground zero with a one meter margin of error or exactly 500 meters for airbursts dead center over target.

There is only one thing that civilians can do for their own safety and that is lock the hatch behind them inside a vault. Everything else is just navel gazing gibberish.

Third World Sewers & The Death of Private Property

They have brought similar laws into Australia at the same time perfectly synchronised with the United States even down to similar wording and whole sentences.

Highway bandits legitimizing their gross theft and pilfering.

Stealing is stealing is stealing is stealing. A thief is a thief is a thief.

Anybody who thought you could have an average IQ of 98 and retain property rights was living in a dream world. Those things don't travel together in history.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


I don't know if you have had a chance to view the apocalyptic apocryphal film called PROPHECIES OF NOSTRADAMUS or CATASTROPHE 1999. I saw it when I was younger before it was literally taken out of circulation and all copies were destroyed or locked away in vaults. The version I saw back in the military was heavily edited and I recently got the opportunity to see and hear the original uncut film.

There was hardly any graphic violence in this film and it was pretty tame visuals but it was the most disturbing movie I have ever seen. It captured ITZ more than any other film of that era. Deadly four inch slugs, cannibal mutants and reflective skies. The film was supposed to be about the prophecies of Nostradamus but it was tapping into something primal in the human psyche. A few years back I blogged about the visionary sketches by Basil Wolverton depicting the apocalypse. It was almost as if somebody captured those horrific images in film. The story was disjointed and barely had anything resembling a plot but something deeper appeared to catch hold of you while you watched it. There are so many bizarre things in this film I could not begin to list them all here. Lunatic suicide cults, hippie pinko dopesmoking anarchists and good old fashioned cannibals. Children appear to begin developing all kinds of strange powers as the apocalypse approaches, almost as if long-dormant genes in the human race were being activated to help (some of) them survive.

The movie ends with two mutant ape children fighting over snake meat in a blasted wasteland barren of all life on a dead planet embalmed in radiation. Not a Disney classic for certain. In the edited versions, they use the "this was all a dream" escape clause at the end to lessen the impact of the finale.

I'm not the only one who found it very powerful and unsettling. Toho eventually banned the film in Japan, withdrew all prints from theatres and essentially denied the movie had ever existed. It seemed to upset people who had never found cause to complain about similar fare like THE LAST WAR. Some Japanese cinema goers claimed they vomited after leaving the theater and others said they had nightmares for years after viewing it. People complained it was just a bit too over-the-top and Toho Studios was pressured to repent and cast the movie into oblivion.

The most amazing part of the movie was the dreamlike memorable score by Tomita. I grew up listening to Tomita when I was younger, he was a big part of my lonely adolescence and teenage years. I used to listen to his pop update of HOLST's THE PLANETS over and over again. It was beautiful. Tomita managed to combine about four different styles including a groovy cosmic retro sixties beat that might have come from "Barbarella" for the score to LAST DAYS. It was truly inspired music - even heroic and optimistic - for something with such a morbid and nihilistic focus. It is as if Tomita was channeling Vault-Co three decades ago when he composed it.

About a week ago I added a link to the main theme from the movie after deciding it was going to be the official theme song for Vault-Co. You can find it here.

Why Russia Will Vaporize Kwanstainia in WW3

Their rockets don't blow up.

If a nuclear war is fought with rockets and your rockets are designed by transgendered midget womyn who were hired for their demographic and not their engineering qualifications, your rockets will never reach their target.

Comparisons of numbers is meaningless if most of your missiles blow up coming off the launch pad. The aging ICBMs of the Kwa stopped being reliable back in the 80's. I doubt if one in seven would even reach Russian airspace.

You don't even want to know how fast, portable and reliable the Russian missiles are. They are widely regarded as the most amazing nuclear weapons ever developed by anybody anywhere. America would not have survived even back when their arsenal was functional.

Got Ebola Terror Yet? Can't Wait For Phoney Vaccine?

Doctors advise you to get a flu shot. That doesn't do anything useful, either, but it may make you feel better.

I will be the dude working the mass grave detail with a shovel and rag tied over his face.

"Got another varmint over here all up on his vaccinations. Let's start standing them up so we can pack them tighter. Look at that smile on his face, he died happy knowing he was protected by the vaccine. Tragically, I was unable to afford any of those vaccines and I got Vitamin D and plenty of sleep instead."

One of the last men alive in Constantinople when the Plague of Justinian wiped out the city was the poor servant who cleaned out the drains with his hands beneath the morgue. Procopius tells us that he was laughing as he walked out the gates of the city. The poorest man in the city who could afford no doctors or medicine was one of the very few left alive. All the wealthiest had died with their expensive physicians buried alongside them after they had been fleeced for their entire fortune with useless quackery in search of the cure.