Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Guardian : Popular Science Is Junk Science

The Guardian timidly tries to conjure the outlines of more than 150 years of overt deception in anthropology.

The reason this "science" was revealed to be childish junk is the internet. Once the internet was widely available and the facts got distributed to a much larger audience than the official priesthood of academia, better minds than the sorts of people who cluster in universities to escape the real world were exposed as too slow-witted to be handling these fossils and dribbling out the evidence at a glacial pace.

When people were able to see, read and experience the facts directly instead of through press releases rewritten by journalists who were listening on a phone to academics it was obvious this "science" was no such thing.

Once you understand just how long they have been getting away with concealing these ideas, you start to lose your faith in the "march of knowledge." Sometimes it doesn't just stand still - it moves backwards.

The internet is possibly one of the best and the worst things that has ever happened to mankind in terms of throwing open the gate of truth to everyone.

They are starting to come around but they can't stop using those ridiculous pictures to portray them, which are nothing what Neanderthals looked like.

This is a Neanderthal prisoner being transferred from the Axis to the Allied side. His arm is broken because Adolf Hitler told his staff that if it looked like there were any possibility of any of their Neanderthals being captured by the opposing Sapiens army they were to be killed. The Nazi was only successful at breaking his arm before he escaped. Von Braun was "free" for almost a day or two before he was transferred to his new masters at Nasa, who needed him to work on ICBMs to kill Russians instead of V2s for Englishmen. For the next ten years, Von Braun could not go to the bathroom without a handler and even appeared in public with a military escort. Does this sound like a man who was ever "free" no matter who he was serving at any given moment? This is not the destiny his mother had planned for him but it is the one he was born into. For thirty thousand years these people have been chained to posts making weapons for Homo Sapiens. The axes have gotten bigger over the years and are now rocket propelled but the basic roles remain the same. When you need good quality weapons to kill people with you get the Neanderthal caste to make them for you. Everyone knows Sapiens loves to fight but was never much good at it.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Djoser Was A Practice Pyramid For Newcomers

It is called the oldest pyramid by the orthodoxy.

Except it isn't. The inner walls of the Great Pyramid of Giza have caps and columns that look like they were cut more than 8,000 years ago from a quarry to the south and then installed into an existing pyramid.

Djoser is a crude little affair that plays well into their conceits about the "evolution" in design that led to Giza. In fact, Djoser looks like some newcomers arrived a few thousand years ago in Egypt, a dynasty completely unassociated with the original pyramid and they practiced building a few crude tombs before they tackled the restoration of Giza. This consisted of a new outer mantle and a gold capstone for the crown.

Giza may have been a very ancient structure like the Sphinx that the new caucasian rulers (recently arrived melonheads) tried to restore to its former glory just as people are trying now to restore these structures. The evidence says both the Sphinx and Giza were originally built a long, long time ago.

For example, the new pharoahs repainted and finished the walls when they had the finances to do so (all that crap about slave labor is bunkum) and certainly made many cosmetic improvements as far as their aesthetic sense was concerned. Where this refinish has collapsed or fallen away inside of Giza, you can see they had painted over rock that looked like it had been subjected to terrible heat previously, either in a big fire that broke out inside the pyramid or else some of the far fringe elements suggest a tactical low-yield nuke was detonated in the center by rivals to attempt to destroy it.

The evidence points to Giza being very old when the little Djoser practice mound was built by inferior workman using different techniques. The orthodoxy says they got better because it is the only possible explanation. I say it is because the last pharoahs had not been in Egypt for thousands of years when they arrived there and tried to summon up the former glory of the ancient city which had sat there in ruins for millennia. I am in the school that thinks that the pyramids were originally built when the entire area was a lush tropical paradise.

Check out these guys, trying to date good masonry to 600 A.D. in Mexico. Damn, that is around the time the first colonists arrived in America, I don't know how they missed these incredibly advanced cultures when all the Mexicans they met were living in crude adobe huts. The hard and fast rule is that anything found in South America has to have happened after the birth of Christ because that is when these civilizations were supposed to have flourished. The only difference between religion and the kind of "science" these lads practice is they don't wear costumes as funny as those the Vatican comes up with.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Snapshots Before The Third World War

A shallow, superficial, degenerate and decaying civilisation of born losers and the easily forgotten.

These people are like ghost vacuums left behind when the soul is sucked out of a real person.

Scienmajists Explain Why Bears Don't Use The Facilities In The Woods.

Don't trust your own five senses and your intuition and instincts. Instead, trust us.

Best laid plans of mice and men. End of the Holocene. No group vote is going to change that, Sapiens. Bundle up and get ready for a million years of refreshing Neanderthal weather. Shame about being born you. I really feel sorry for you. No sarcasm. Just sucks to be you, period.

Neanderthals are the old people of the Earth. I wish I had a nickel every time over the past half century somebody has called me an "alien." The irony of me being a native. It's so dense you could use it as a dessert topping. I was born and bred in that briar patch, Saps. This warm spell has been nice but after a while the humidity makes you feel sluggish. I can't wait to jump in that snow again. It's a blast and it makes you feel alive. A shame that our kind have had to survive our own genocide, cannibalism, gang rape and caste slavery but the truth is, thirty-eight thousand years to a Neanderthal is like a long boring weekend. At the end of the day it was always Homo Sapiens who was going to be the flash in the pan. It's a cold planet, what do you expect? The native is the man adapted to the planet, not the other way around.

FOIA Documents Released - Fringe Right About Everything

Since Kennedy got shot, nobody in Washington has told the truth about anything and they have broken every single one of the existing laws while they were doing it.

None dare call it treason when treason succeeds.

Robert Welch was right. The John Birch society was right. These people tried to warn others but were ridiculed and held up to public contempt. They should have listened to what Robert Welch was saying.

Kwanstainia Is A Third World Country

It fits the economic criteria and has sufficient people living below $2 a day to easily be declared a third world failed regime that has been unable to provide opportunity for it's own population.

This before the coming crash of their dollar. Before the crash.

Anybody old enough and wise enough to know what is going on is bumping themselves off in Kwanstainia. All her veterans and a lot of people who know that things are not going to get better there and expect the worst.

Some say Robin Williams was just a high profile white man who suicided and got more media attention than the tsunami of whites checking out in the Kwa. Since whites are the cancer of the world and responsible for all the bad things in it I can only imagine what kind of paradise it is going to be in the Kwa soon once they are all gone or reduced to powerlessness. I bet the new Kwa is going to be wall-to-wall singing smurfs, rainbow ponies and dancing peanuts in tuxedos, oh how we'll laugh. That sunshine stew will be free for all and it will pour down like manna from heaven leaving no child's behind. I can almost smell that utopia now - it is a whiff of cordite and burning baby meat.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

NukAlert Battery Replacement Program at KI4U

If you purchased one of these about ten years ago on a Vault-Co recommendation, you should know you can get it fully refurbished here. They'll recalibrate it and add a new watertight case with an instructions imprint that doesn't wear off easily like the old one.

A good alternative to buying a replacement or the new version.

For those of you who missed it in the original post a few years back, here is the most kick-ass self-calibrating nuclear war radiation detection device ever made military grade the IM174A at Oatley Electronics here in Australia. It also comes with a digital interface nowadays especially built for the case! I think I have at least three of them put away now. Best of all, it could have jumped right off the screen of FALLOUT 3 it is so hardcore looking. In a pinch you could hurl it at a mutant attacking your shelter and break his neck - it is built of very solid components. You can put a strap on it and carry it around your neck facing up as a "portable" meter if need be.

Embetterment And Enrichmentation In Real-Time

Good visual chart of the creeping rot from 1990-2014.

Notice all the gun-toting, bible-thumping Christian heartland states are the only ones that appear to still be free of substantial enrichmentation and all the benefits of central socialism and government regulation.

These are the fly-over zones that elites on both east and west coast are always accusing of clinging to "traditional values," but maybe they are really just the last areas with a modicum of sanity on display.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Terminal Madness of the Endtimes Weekly Roundup Edition

Kwanstainia is a third world country. A third world country is a nation without a middle class. Kwanstainians are the most hopelessly enslaved because they think themselves free when they are in fact hopelessly enslaved. Every single thing their ancestors left them has been stolen right out from under their noses in broad daylight.

This is like that thing Vault-Co was talking about. For the past ten years. Vault-Co was right. Others were emphatic and yet wrong. My ideas were predictive. Their ideas never predicted anything. Which of these two sets of ideas do you think was closer to the reality?

Third world countries persecute their own citizens as an internal enemy on behalf of their constituents, the wealthy. The Constitution forbids standing armies but the Constitution got shredded and burned a long, long time ago. Governments are uniquely positioned to kill and murder their own citizens, being capable of passing laws to make them as defenceless as possible.

I can remember growing up at how I was seemingly the only person who cared about the original law of the United States. Others shrugged. They were too advanced for all that. They thought so, anyhow. They will see the error of their ways, unfortunately it will be too late to matter.

Governments, since they control the judges, the courts and the lawyers, can arrange for special protection for criminals that otherwise they would not have. Like the mob brags, they never lose a case because they have a personal relationship with all the people standing behind the law.

Governments can manufacture enemies to keep their own populations terrorised with and to provide a cover story for the atrocities they inflict on their own citizens.

The flesh of the children of their citizens is their meat and potatoes, whether as sexual slaves or soldiers to fight their wars. Governments need the life force of children to sustain their evil. There is always a demand for more sex slaves and soldiers.

When freedom of speech outlives its usefulness, it is simply taken away. You are free to speak what you are told you can speak about. Which is nothing. There is already a culture like this. It is called Islam. They have published about 4 books in 1000 years, all of which are about Islam. They have no innovations to speak of in over 1000 years. They have no more access to clean drinking water than they had 1000 years ago, even with Western assistance.

With no freedom of speech, evil men are free to weave fantastic tales of madness and absurdity without being contradicted by anyone else.

As any farmer knows, when you have a surplus of domesticated beasts you can no longer put to a plow or who offer no additional value no matter how they are squeezed, you must cull the herd. It is nothing to rid oneself of spare beasts that have no further use.

Barack Obama, President of Kwanstainia
(Note NWO Superstar Satanist T-Shirt)