Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Signs of the Times

This is a really powerful presentation of Romans 1, possibly the most powerful scripture in the entire Bible.

It appears that this generation is the fulfillment of this scripture.

Global Nuclear War Planned For Near Future

This is what we have been saying for a long time.

To save face, the U.S. will start the third world war to draw attention away from it's economic collapse in the hopes of jumpstarting industry with a wartime economy.

It doesn't matter who is elected. If the President had any real power they would not permit people to vote for him.

Odd rumblings and portents all about, the thunderheads of a distant storm approaching

Trigger Points For Massive, Crippling Deflation

This is one of the most important concepts in economics that is tailored to accommodate markets based on fiat currency ... assumed values.

Since paper money is never anchored to anything substantive in the real world, a currency can be destroyed simply by market players deciding the effective value of their holdings (represented by paper currency) has no further value to them.

The entire ponzi scheme depends on a certain assured percentage continuing to believe in the fairy tale of fiat currency and paying mortgages on homes that will never be worth what the bank based the mortgage valuation on. By simply walking away from their property in large numbers, the entire population can effectively deflate the currency by an astronomical sum in very short order. See the blog below on the Zimbabwe dollar.

Fiat currencies work off faith. Currencies denominated in metal backing do not need faith for them to retain their value. If enough people stop believing the lie of paper money, the U.S. economy will turn from a freefall into a death plunge in a matter of weeks. If the bank says, "your home is worth X dollars to you, you must continue playing this game if you ever want to win," and the mortgage owner says "my house is worth zero to me, I reject your implied obligation, go ahead and take it away from me because it's nothing but a burden," then the entire system will implode into itself inside a very short time frame.

All remaining value in the country hinges entirely on a fleet of willing suckers who feel compelled to keep playing the game of musical chairs. There is no fallback position for banks which have their net worth stocked in this dream if their mortage slaves start to abandon their homes.

At the end of the day, the real tangible value of many of these homes is less than $25,000 worth of raw materials that have no resale value as scrap. Everything else is just implied or subjective worth in terms of subjective paper money.

Blessed Multiculturalism

They're all more or less the same, take it or leave it, ten of this, dozen of another, each to his own, basically equivalent, all of a flock, birds of a feather.

The fact that these ideas proliferate in the West proves that Western civilization is even crazier than these people.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Fun With Fiat Currency

Pictorial introduction to the the wild, whacky world of ZOGBux, coming soon to a Western nation near you. It's the first fifty billion that is the hardest to make. It bee all about deh edjumfacation.

Obama's government may be issuing bigger denominations for the 'Kwa by the end of 2009.

Hold Your Hands In the Air and Get Ready To Scream, 'Kwanzanies

Two days to go to the Obamination. I love it. I've been getting ready to watch the 'Kwa die for twenty years. It's like watching a sick cow get nailgunned.

If he wins, they're screwed. If he loses, they're screwed. If nobody wins or loses, they're screwed. Either way, Obama goes in the history books as the last Presidente of the 'Kwanstain.

My only regret is my family there. The rest of the sodomites can burn. They've been asking for it for a long, long time.

It is the Destiny of the Grasshoppers to Die When Winter Comes

During the interglacial Mother Nature permits great profligacy with fewer corresponding controls on genetic quality. All kinds of human proliferate, increasingly crazier and more wild-eyed, indulging in ever-more-manic consensuses of lunacy and madness, their number swelling until they are a glutted mass than swells like a wave of locusts.

It is in this peak that the religion of global warming was born.

That peak is over now. We're coming back into the time of the ants. The locust husk will rot in the fields in a blanket of snow when the long winter returns again.

You cannot be that crazy to survive at 60 degrees below. The laws of physics won't permit it. If you cannot focus on the real world you will die.

Even now, amongst a widening band of reform, even those still sane enough to concede we may be in fact entering a period of cooling continue to deal in the only paradigm they have ever known in the absence of an ability to reason independently. They want to know what the government is going to do about it. This is why they are absolutely doomed to extinction. The strain of genetic fibre that produces a mind that thinks that way will not be able to adjust accordingly to a world in which the bell tolls for them personally, not the group. The herd animal is not appropriately designed to survive an Ice Age. It can't by it's very nature.

This attrition will be anecdotal at first. You will hear about one city snowed in which lost several hundred people for lack of heating oil. Then the following year you might hear about another couple of thousand who perished because they were cut off from the food distribution system. After that you will start looking at millions at a time and their biggest atrophy will often be cannibalism in landlocked snowstorms that cover entire metropolitan areas. The marxist by his very nature can turn to no other coping mechanism other than eating his neighbors when cut off from the teat of the State. He has never known any other way of thinking about the world.

Vault-Co Is At Least 20 years Ahead of The Traditional Scientific Community

I first wrote about this phenomenon back in 1998, only a few months after the first Vault-Co site was up. I specifically wrote that I believed there was a connection in magnetic fields between the Sun and the Earth that was involved in an exchange of influence, with the Sun dictating most of the changes we see here on Earth using different forms of radiation we cannot see with the naked eye.

How did I figure this out? That's like asking me what makes me so sure that putting toilet water on plants will make them grow. It's called inductive reasoning and contrary to all the people screaming at you that it is forbidden to use or even think about, in fact it is the foundation of Western civilization.

If you are old to enough to know, you are probably saying, "Hey, wait a second, Tex, back in the fifties this was considered a tenet of solar science," then sure, you got me. I manage to seem like a whiz kid a lot by simply ignoring human society and their "science" after 1963 and assuming nothing they believe in is correct. By the 1970's most traditional climatology had been abandoned for a new psychotic environmentalism that makes no sense at all, perfectly suited for modern people who also make no sense at all.

Lunatics In Charge of the Asylum

Sociopaths won't give up global warming.

That was their biggest card in the deck and if they can't play it they will have to get ugly.

If global warmthinkery collapses (and it obviously is nearly there) the fruits who run this planet will have to come up with something like a fake alien invasion in order to bring the boot down.

They want global government so badly. Yet even at this early juncture you can see how utterly incompetent they are to govern anything. No wonder they want to go global with their crappy ideas, they've already failed everywhere else.