Sunday, November 4, 2012

One Million Years B.C.

I was just watching the start of this schlockfest (best thing in it is Raquel Welch) and I was thinking about how lacking modern humans are in the most basic reasoning skills.

The film opens showing a group of people constantly at each other's throats, brother against brother, barely able to even organize the simple killing of a boar. They do not bother to pick up a fallen man and leave him to die of a broken leg. Back at the cave they fight like dogs over pieces of meat without bothering to hoard any or put any of the catch away, simply eating it on the spot. The women are continuously taken by force and raped whenever any of the men desires them in between stone age catfights.  The cave people are depicted as being incapable of speech and only able to use angry gestures. It was almost like watching the BET Awards on cable. As if there had ever been any Caucasians in the history of the planet who could organize no more social strategy than this under pressure of tough living conditions.

It was hilarious stuff because Homo Sapiens really thinks this is what Neanderthals were like. It was almost like watching the "TYME MASHEEN" at the end of IDIOCRACY to see what crude notions that Sapiens had formed of the past.

It doesn't occur to people that in this tough climate with tribal sizes so small, people with these general behavioral strategies, character makeup and personalities would likely be dead in a matter of days at best. At best. In fact, anybody with the general character of Homo Sapiens would be unlikely to survive a single winter in a climate much colder than the one he has taken for granted during the Holocene. They just don't have the right stuff for anything else.

This is about the phenomenon of projection. The truth is, the only way a**holes this pathetic could survive anywhere under any conditions is right now under the peculiar and unnatural conditions created by "civilization" in the Holocene. At no other time could such barbarism endure for long in the cold.

The evidence shows that Neanderthals and all K-types (conservative biological strategy) are the diametric opposite of these qualities in every possible way. They exhibit great care not only for their injured and wounded but even more respect when burying their dead. They demonstrate a deference to females in all matters of mate selection, never forcing themselves onto women for any reason at the risk of death or expulsion. They tend to decentralized leadership in which cooperation has a very high survival benefit for everyone who learns to avoid conflict and work together without dispute. Far from being promiscuous, the climate encourages lifelong monogamy, emphasis on child rearing and parental investment over and beyond anything Homo Sapiens has ever seen in his society of loose, ever changing sexual unions based on status and reputation. The natural selection for long term provisioning and anticipation of outcomes is very strong in these environments, with constant reinforcement. Far from being monomaniacal idiots driven by impulse gratification, there is evolutionary pressure at all times for stoicism, indifference to immediate needs and the ability to put away selfish motives for altruistic group benefits.

In short, I thought this film was about Homo Sapiens, not Neanderthals. Also, these guys were puny specimens in this movie. I've got more muscle mass on the inside of my big toe than these guys had on their backs and quadriceps. They were sunken chested girly men saps playing at Neanderthals and not very convincingly I might add. Neanderthals could have killed ten of these guys in ten seconds while playing an intense ping pong game with his free hand against the entire Chinese International team.

That Raquel Welch was one beautiful woman. In a Neanderthal tribe she would have picked a mate for many traits other than the ability to grunt and eat a drum leg, not least of which she would have looked for sincerity. Sincerity would reveal all the other traits above if they existed in the man. This is how the Neanderthal got the way he is, by women truly choosing men for their really good qualities for a million years. This is why brains got bigger and character got better in these men generation after generation. Once she had chosen her mate, the other men would have gotten over their disappointment quickly and they would have quickly shifted to treating her like a sister, championing her without assurance of sexual gratification because it would demonstrate to other women around her their good integrity as males, that they were ready to defend children and women as a general rule at all times against any kind of threat. By showing good sportsmanship at all times considering everything, Raquel's good looking sisters and relatives would begin to look fondly on that male as a good catch for themselves.

Neanderthals are easy to understand. They were the good ones. They were that way for a reason. They were the opposite of Homo Sapiens in every way you can imagine. The only thing the two species had in common was two legs, two arms and ten fingers and toes. Outside of this, nothing remotely alike.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lies, Damned Lies, Scienmajistics

Still scrambling to cover their traces. You can see the bead of sweat on their brow despite their nonchalance. Got'em running scared now.

There's a sort of panic right beneath the surface all the time now.

They claimed these horses were fanciful imaginative creatures the Neanderthals painted, then in the next breath they claimed the Neanderthals hunted these animals. Which was it? Eat a horse, paint a fantasy spotted horse, eat a horse. Paint a family of horses smiling, hunt-kill-eat a horse. Your story doesn't make any sense, my brother Jacob. Your stories make no sense.

Where are the hunting vignettes at Lascaux? Even one. Show me.

Scienmajists so desperate they called the hilarious "herder not paying attention to his prize heifer painting" to "the dying man" (gored by a bull he has turned his back to?). That's no spear in his hand. It's a staff. Why do you lie so, my brother Cain? Wait, will you reply, "Am I my brother's keeper?"

Where is your brother Abel, Cain? Have you seen him? Abel, the herder. Your brother.

This kind of reminds me of Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke. The Devil sends Mickey looking for somebody who owes him something. Mickey tells him, "This guy you are looking for was a real bastard. I mean, he was a real asshole." You don't say, The Devil remarks. You don't say.

"Mr. Cyphre, my initial investigations indicate that this guy you are looking for was not just a thief, rapist and a conman, he was also a cannibal. I think I have found a clear trail of evidence that points to this guy having overrun the Neanderthals after invading their territory with sheer numbers, then eating most of the men, followed by a huge gangrape of all of these women. Afterwards, they stole about 300,000 years of animal domestication which they then proceeded to claim was their own doing and pressed the children of their gangrapes into chattel slavery. Most of his so-called civilization was built primarily by these slave classes he treated not much better than dogs for at least 10,000 years afterwards. Oh and he calls the dog his 'best friend' when it is clear the dog was Neanderthal's best friend, they just stole this animal along with all the other stuff they took out of his camps, including his horses and cattle."

"This is fascinating stuff, Harry. You must keep up your investigation, I have full confidence in your abilities. I am sure you will have your man in no time at the rate you are making progress. I can see you understand already what kind of a low, wretched creature it is I am employing you to find for me. Truly the scum of the earth."

You keep trying to unravel this puzzle, Homo Sapiens. You are a lot closer to the truth than you realize. Just think of me as Robert DeNiro peeling eggs and waiting for you to reach the right conclusions. You are going to get to the bottom of this story sooner than you think. I'm a firm believer at this point in my life that the only possible hope that mankind can have is to learn the truth about who and what they are. It will create permanent humility in them. The arrogance will vanish forever and they will start to understand what they are looking at in the mirror. It is not pleasant.

The Neanderthal was not perfect. He also was not the better man because he was the victim. He was the better man. All these men are filthy rags before God and the better man is the worst if he believes he does not require the same solution to his fallen state that all others do. A great crime was committed against him and as long as it goes unrecognized, men will glory in achievements that are not theirs and wonders they did not create.

It was the Neanderthal who ran the Dire Wolf off his continent riding bareback on his domesticated horses, with his dogs at his side. The reason these animals crossed the Bering Strait at this time to escape Europe is that the Neanderthal was doing what he did best - which was kicking ass.

The Bible is the greatest book of anthropology ever written.

Romney's Got Five More Wars On The Way

On top of the half dozen or so undeclared ones that Obamination has started.

One sock puppet is as good as the next. Mitt is goy-flavored koolaid for the sheeple to sip on while they wait for the first contrail to appear on the horizon. It gives them a reassuring feeling if the person dismantling the country is a radical Mormon instead of a radical Muslim. Either way, the Kwa loses. Mitt is going to expedite many a crippling campaign shortly after he assumes the office.

When you can't make anything better, you specialize in making everything worse. It is a way of distinguishing oneself for the singularly undistinguished. Many of these men figure it is better to rule over a hell they created than to admit they will never be admitted into heaven. A certain class of man wants to see the world burn, another class of man actively works to make it happen. Most politicians nowadays are in the latter group.

The World Is A Museum Of Marxist Failures

An unelected bunch of bureaucrats run the entire continent of Europe into the ground with their bizarre whacky socialist engineering schemes.

These people can't even manage their own lives but they are going to fix up the lives of millions of other people with centralized decision making about how they should handle every aspect of their existence according to directives and edicts they enact. They don't call them Homo Saps without reason. Same old game with a different name, Saps falls for it every time. They paint a glowing picture of a utopian paradise and once again they all get back on the merry-go-round of commie lose. You could set your watch.

Man is not a learning animal. They don't even learn that they are not a learning animal. They fail to learn that they don't learn. If they learned they don't learn at least they'd have learned something.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Manboons Flee In Terror Before God Sneeze

Lacking any Knowledge of the Natural Sciences or Climate History, Manboons Think This Sort of Weather is Unusual Outside of the Holocene

Better get used to it.

It isn't. Outside of the solar fairy fantasy world called the Holocene (lasts approximately 12,000 years) this is tee-shirt weather for Neanderthals during the past million years. Neanderthals used to peer outside the cave on days like this and call out "Finally, we get a break with clear skies and good weather!"

New York City shut down and plunged into darkness in a single day

Robust sapiens electrical system cannot weather the climatological equivalent of a girl scout cake drive.

Connetticutt communists behave like New Orleans Drowning Victims

There is nothing more heartwarming than seeing people of all faiths and creeds drowning together from their lack of simple good sense.

Predicted that manboons will be reduced to babymeat and machete contests in a fortnight

Expected to be keepin' it real. Sapiens knows he does not cope well under pressure.

Enrichers Coordinate Diversification & Improvementation via Cracker Communication Devices

That's why William Shockley invented solid state electronics, so that manboons could map out their cannibalism and looting bongo parties without having to speak to each other in person.

See that civil defense symbol, now abandoned, to the right of this web site? This is why this stuff was important to our ancestors. Figured it out yet? If you don't prepare for this sort of thing and stay in a defensive position in life, really bad things can happen. One too many days like this and the paper-thin structure of civilization can crumble apart in hours. Don't believe me, though - just keep thinking you know it all because Oprah never mentioned any of this and you will deal with it when it gets here. Chances are, it will be dealing with you.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Queen Charlotte, Canada 7.7 Quake

Sent a tsunami towards Hawaii. Biggest seismic event in 63 years for this region.

What will follow on the heels of this quake elsewhere?

Kwanstainia Stripped Down To An Empty Barrel

Last Official Act of Government Before A Nation Comes To An End Is To Loot The Treasury

These people have literally taken every single thing of value from the United States right under the noses of the citizens. They must be planning to ditch the country soon or why would they be so brazen? The Kwanstain is a hollow shell that has only a bunch of gullible citizens inside it with no industry, assets or future.

Televitz Now Explicitly Telling Sheeple How To Vote

Finally they did away with all the trappings and just go straight to direct commands to televitz watchers.

Their pretense at objectivity has been getting thinner and thinner over the years. Here they just tell people what to do. They are on a box in your living room and they are giving you instructions as to what is and is not acceptable behaviour to them. You must obey.

They have been telling you when you need to die for a long time, why should they leave you the freedom to vote which way you wish?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's Ocean Warming, Stupid

Lies, Damned Lies and Gore Lies.

Robert Felix was right. About everything.

Every day, every single piece of information I see coming in confirms that Felix was way, way ahead of his time. There are so many hypotheses made by Felix in his books that were validated just a short time afterwards I would need a bigger character limit to list them all.