Monday, February 4, 2008

The Six Blind Men & The Elephant

This is a great article at SurvivalBlog.

The average human brain can't handle much reality. It often seems as though each person can only grasp a portion of what it is that is being talked about when TEOTWAWKI is mentioned.

I'm sure you've seen all the people described in this list. It's probably a result of growing up in such easy times. Everybody hyper focuses on a single element to the exclusion of all else. They have a failure of imagination.

You need faith, air, water, food, shelter, light, security and hope. It's best to work on them in that order.

Sometimes you hear people on the internet fantasizing about how because they have a gun, they will just take what they need in a crisis. Or their kung-fu skills will preserve them in the wasteland. These fellows will be lucky to survive ten minutes after TSHTF. Or the guy who insists his gold coins will buy him whatever he needs when the time comes. Or the woman who claims that discovering our inner chakras will protect us. Or the person who says whatever happens, they won't want to live anyway. All of these people have made a clean break with reality at some point. None of that is realistic.

Middle Eastern Meltdown Starting?

Vault-Co was wrong in 2006. Then we were wrong in 2007. In both years we predicted an attack on Iran before the end of the year and subsequent fallout (literally) worldwide.

That was before the depression took hold ...

Fiat currency economies have no mechanism by which to sustain their flawed regimes than to go to war when the currency begins to be appraised accurately. War and fiat currency are siblings, one is not found without the other.

Kindergarten Economics - Trying To Stimulate A Dead Dollar By Debauching It

Well, we are ready to be wrong again in 2008. Cuz we say itz coming. Election year and pending economic depression notwithstanding.

Israel Says Get Your Rocket Rooms Ready

Suicide bombers strike in Dimona

U.S. Authorizes Crossing Border Into Iran For Pursuits

Somebody deliberately cut 4 deep ocean data cables - proactive comms sappers?

Israel Defense Minister in hasty meeting with U.S. Special Envoy

The Long Awaited Oil Bourse For Iran - Just Like Iraq before it was attacked

Middle East Buying Up America - Perfect Excuse For Repatriation of Assets

U.S. Anti-Missile Ship Docks In Haifa

Iran calls for Muslims To Attack The West And Moderate Governments

If they wait much longer, there will nothing left in the Western world to organize an attack, because most of the Western world will be stripped bare, poor or Islamic sympathizers anyway.

Top Pentagon Aide Suspected Of Working As A Trojan Horse For Islam

Paying For Your Own Genocide - Extra Welfare For Polygamists In England Approved

A New Dark Ages For English Medicine and Science

U.N. Nuclear Watchdog in Pakistan is a Russian Spy

The guests are ripping the infrastructure out from beneath the West as fast as they can sell it off for scrap prices. This has happened in every single African nation as soon as Europeans have abdicated the power structures.

Canadian Town Loses 911 Call Center To Copper Thieves

Oh, my, how they love that copper wiring. Takes three guys to tear out twenty years worth of infrastructure in a single night to make a few hundred dollars and leave an entire region in the Medieval period. No problems.

Anarchy and entropy are natural conditions. Smiling 1950's utopian Biff Baxter Pleasantville Paradise - That was the anomaly. We just be gettin' natchural, that's all.

Oregon Mountains Looted of $3.2 million dollars of copper cabling

So fragile is a civilization. A house of cards that falls over and loses hundreds of years of advancement in a mere matter of weeks. It only takes a few nuts internally to wreck it from within. Once you've got a lot of nuts, it's a foregone conclusion.

Snow Pack : A Quiet Way To Die

The really scary thing about the coming Ice Age is that it is so effortless and silently efficient for nature to just bury our entire civilization under a layer of snow.

All the squawking, screeching and frenzied sorting of papers and plastics by monkeys in manpants seems ridiculous when suddenly you get 150 inches of snow in a day.

People laugh. This is serious. Someone call the authorities. See if you can book Oprah.

Then you get another 150 inches of snow the next day.

Whew. Hmm, think bonobos in boxer shorts. This really is serious. Cappuccino service could be interrupted.

Then you get another 150 inches of snow the day after that.

Roofs will creak and could fail. Car roofs collapse or are buried so deeply you cannot drive out. Snow plows running around the clock can't make a dent in it. Everything is smothered. The sun vanishes behind vast drifts of snow.

The next day, mostly there is just a cool silence and a white blanket that has made everything sleep under it.

Globowarmthenkery : Colossal Fraud

Global warming will make it warmer.

Or Global warming will make it colder.

Or Global warming will make it dryer.

Or Global warming will make it wetter.

Or Global warming will make the Arctic ice melt away.

Or Global warming will add to the Arctic ice pack.

Or Global warming will make everything different, except not different the way Jupiter, Mars, Venus, Mercury and Saturn are different. Other different.

The only model that ever predicted anything was the model (first postulated a hundred years ago) that predicted we are on the brink of another Ice Age. Other models are inferior because they are the product of inferior reasoning and shabby observation. Period.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

A New Nuclear Doctrine For Russia

Which reduced to it's fundamentals is ... destroy the United States and her allies with a first strike that is decisive and apocalyptic. Scary enough for you yet?

Russia is holding a Royal Flush. Amerikwa has two deuces and a Starbucks coffee card.

The Cold War never ended, says J.R. Nyquist. Russia just won it, that's all.

Truly Awesome series on the realities of nuclear war from 1982 is now up on Youtube :

Nuclear War: A Guide To Armageddon

Part 1

Note in Part 2 how expedient shelters and other measures are just so many pipe dreams, you have to either have a shelter of your own or else identified one in advance.

Part 2

It did get me thinking about various kinds of groundwater storage tanks watching Part 2. I may have had a pretty cool idea, in fact.


Of course this is sensationalist propaganda designed to discredit civil defense, but notice how they delicately concede that people in a specially built shelter like my own will survive just about anything without even losing the color in their cheeks. Any sealed underground structure with a barrel vault or arched ceiling will survive effects that will pulverize aboveground conventional structures into dust. A shelter like the Vulcan Fortress can breeze through radiation levels that will boil water topside.

I pity the fools in the trench shelter in part 3. There are so many, many things that can go wrong there. I think expedient shelter plans are more about demonstrating how stupid it is for a nation to go without a civil defense program than any other reason.

I despise anyone anywhere who dares tell me that life without certain conveniences isn't worth living. I sincerely hope people like that do not survive. They think their lives, which are a gift from God, are just another consumer good they can give thumbs up or thumbs down on. The world following WW3 won't be like the one we live in now. It will always be worth living, especially with the people you love.

Celente's Report on 2008 : "Babies, the Other White Meat"

Celente must have been reading too much Vault-Co. He sounds like a prophet of doom.

He's hardly the only one. Many of the wealthiest people in the world are being advised to do exactly what Vault-Co has been telling them to do for the past ten years.

That's because ... ITZ COMING.

Friday, February 1, 2008

"Doomsday" Seeds Arrive In Norway For Storage

Massive bee die-off worldwide. Check.

Crop failures and shortages worldwide due to climate. Check.

Soaring prices for all food throughout the world. Check.

Emergency seeds into Norway vault storage. Check.

Ten years ago in 1998, the original Vault-Co site was launched with a detailed article listing the factors pointing at a coming world super famine. All the original bullet points above were on that list with the exception of the construction of a vault in Norway to hold non-hybrid, GM-free seeds. All the reasons listed were science fiction in 1998. They are no longer science fiction in 2008.

For the next ten years, Vault-Co put the following tagline into any blog that was posted where it could be justified :

P A C K--Y O U R--R I C E.


Montel Williams Fired For Making Sense on TV

(Youtube link)

Check out the shock and incredulity on the faces of the hosts as suddenly and without warning, Montel starts talking like he isn't a crazy person. First he gets yanked off as they cut hastily to a commercial. A few days later, his network decides they are canning his show.

In some ways, our society is more oppressive than life under the Soviet Commissars.

Heath Ledger was a drug addict who managed to kill himself. Happens a thousand times every day in America. There is nothing about him that was any more special than any other dope addict offing himself. He was not important because he was in movies. It's tragic but the 24/7 coverage by the media is kind of ... well ... totally nuts in the same month that another 28 soldiers died in Iraq without so much as a peep in the media. Where are their faces? Where are the interviews with their mothers and fathers? Where are the hardhitting investigations into the futility and waste of their lives? What are these people, chopped liver?

This is very similar to wartime in the Bolshevist regime where simply mentioning casualties could get you sent to Siberia. The all-perfect State cannot fail. There are no casualties. The war is going smoothly and anyone who tells you different should be reported to your local block controller. It is redundant to call it Orwellian.

CA-Clipper For 32 bit protected mode DOS

Just as an update on the Vault OS planning stage ... now that I have the tablet PCs (which came without any bootable hard drives) up and running ... has anyone used CA-Clipper 5.3b 32 bit protected mode for DOS?

It's apparently got a graphic GUI, multitasking multiuser environment, an IDE for 4GL style design (similar to VBDOS) and a full scale SQL database with server and LAN support built in right out of the box. The database supports streaming of binary data like BLOBs for images and sounds.

All I know about it is from talking to a guy ten years ago who swore it was the greatest thing he'd ever seen running in the DOS environment.

After researching it a bit on the internet, I discovered it has some support for real-time and embedded style control in addition to a report designer, menuing ... the works. There's also an open source version called CLIP but I need to learn more about that as well.

This might be better than Damn Small Linux, smaller run-time, there is even a documented watchdog function to reboot the system if it falls over ... !! This might present the best possible environment to run the Vault OS on if you are staying in the DOS x86 system.

After running Damn Small Linux for a while I noticed it has to access the flash a lot. It's very quick but there have to be fifty megabytes of files there to support the base functionality of DSL for most stuff. That seems like it might be overcomplicating the system when my original goal with VBDOS was to keep it idiot simple and all running in one big integrated foolproof system.

Any feedback appreciated.