Thursday, June 29, 2017

Watch The MIRV Payload Counts Explode

The worse possible development would be an intercept system that actually works some of the time.

I honestly believe the United States has nobody left in the think tanks to tell them about the consequences of getting these working again. The U.S. was pursuing ABMs initially in the 60's and into the 70's with serious early warning line defense. I don't think they know about the dominos that start to tumble when you plot your strategy according to this technology.

Herman Kahn in ON THERMONUCLEAR WAR described how such systems would immediately compel the enemy to begin loading up more and more warheads for multiple deployment in every device. So you can hit one of them? Great, now can you hit thirty? Can you hit the ICBM before it reaches the altitude over the target and deploys those multiple payloads? You only have to miss one to lose a city.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Every Day Is 72 Hours Away From An Ice Age

If Yellowstone or any of countless other newly active volcanos were to blow, they could blot out the Sun and plunge the Earth into darkness for ten years with the greatest of ease.

It's happened before, it will happen again, it happens at regular intervals. The planet is well overdue now. The Holocene is coming to an end.

Raven Rock Is Real!!

"Conspiracy nuts" for last fifty years confirmed :

Government plans to protect the 1% and retreat underground while the world burns

They spare no expense on their own shelters, meanwhile they laugh publicly at the notion of a civil defense program for the sheeple - as if their survival was a thing to be desired.

That Enclave has some really good armor and weapons, come to think of it. They are also easy to surprise and ambush. You can always find spare nukes littered around their underground storage areas for your Fatboy. Better mark it on my map.

(Thanks to Vault-Co reader Ibn Nafis for link)

Kwanstainia Makes Nazi Germany Look Like Vienna Boys Choir in Snappy Dress

Kwanstainia has killed more than 20 million people (mostly noncombatants in the form of women and children) and crippled/mained/permanently disabled more than 200 million people since World War Two. Total effect on planet politically? Zip, zero, nada, nothing.

It's just an excuse to drop munitions offshore before they expire. You look behind any mock war of the last fifteen years you will find the real deciding point was a huge warehouse of ammo that was approaching rotation dates.The fact is, there was no actual procedure for disposing of expired depleted uranium munitions until recently. They have to be fired in another country in an act of war or else it would just be classic illegal dumping.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why CD-OS Focuses On Local Networked, Closed Circuit IP Cameras

... because this.

IP Cameras are the easiest and most convenient sort of security camera to set up. Soon they will be incredibly cheap along with remote control for tilt and pan. (Already down to about $20 for basic unit)

The instant you connect an IP camera to the internet, all that ease of use and security vanishes. Anybody can tap these with a bit of hacking once they are on the same wire as you.

This is also why CD-OS has stuck to the IP4 local network paradigm with static addresses, no DNS and UDP discovery. If the user wants they can set all discovered networks to approval only, preventing anybody from communicating with the station who is not on the approved list of static IP addresses including all cameras.

In the far out scenario some raiders aboveground were able to tap your IP line outside the shelter, they still can't talk to anything for which they do not have approved acceptance from.

I have a provision for talking to other CD-OS users over the internet but it requires one station acting as a proxy so any damage will be localized. Ideally it will be one station talking to the internet which then provides proxy through optical. You could use the internet all you wanted from inside the shelter if necessary (checking news reports, email, etc.) right up to the moment of the blast without even having to worry about EMP.

All this and many other wonderful topics will be covered later this year in the first glorious episodes of Vault-Co on Youtube.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Perfect Permaculture

My dream is to put something like this underground using red & blue LED lighting.

Also, the use of natural bamboo instead of PVC pipes.

Oz Testing Nuclear Weapons Again In Remote Region?

I sure hope so. If there is one thing Australia could use it is some nukes of their own for defensive purposes.

The related EMP is a pretty strong hint this was not a conventional weapon.

Technically, the government could test anything out there it wanted to.

Defensive weapons of your own means you don't have to listen to smack talk like this ...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shapeshifter Caught Shifting While Acting Shifty

Another Rachel Dolezal

Shaun King, chief organizer of black lives matter has been exposed.

Shaun King's father and mother were observant jewish. It is extremely likely that Shaun King has a CIA handler who has organized all the funding and organizational logic to start BLM as a "grass roots" movement.

This is identical to the exposure of nearly all the radical black groups being discovered to have been set up and funded by the CIA as well as being encouraged to commit violent crimes including murder. The black panthers was entirely funded by the CIA, who invented the fake history of the transatlantic slave trade and another fake history of Africa, creating a fake African culture that never existed of fake holidays, fake dress and fake customs. The Africans are always baffled when they see this stuff and any African will tell you that American blacks are not African. According to DNA as revealed recently on 60 Minutes in the U.S. all American blacks descended from slaves are drawn from South American black indians and surrounding island peoples from Polynesia and Dominican regions. None of them are African. There is no hard evidence to support any point of departure for the Dutch slave ships that docked at New York to sell their slaves but dozens of registers show these same ships as having docked in South America and Middle Americas.

The NAACP was run by white guys until the 1980s when they hired a few black men to sit up in front of the organization. Their initial funding and staffing was all from communists inside the United States who originally sat on their board and led the organization. Strangely enough, in 70 years the mass media never reported on any of this.

King is keeping it up, continuing to threaten violent action "on behalf of his race" and ordering BLM supporters to riot to "bring the struggle to the man."

King was able to obtain unbelievable advantages claiming to be black, including scholarships and financial assistance that is not available to poor whites anywhere.

King was originally claiming both parents to be black but as suspicions rose he switched to biracial and finally "beautifully complex" family history. Whatever that means.

Even black people finally wised up on this guy. Whatever he is.

Euthanasia For France

Line up on the slaughterhouse ramp.

Children who survive will be rendered sterile anyway meaning there will be no second generation from them.

Working on those Georgia Guidestone targets.