Wednesday, October 31, 2007

World War III Looms Large

To those unfamiliar with the Vault-Co premise, all this escalation would come as a complete surprise. As recently as last year, Russia was still that former Soviet nation "over there" too broke to assert itself anywhere.

Of course, that sheeple mass meme was wrong then. It was wrong ten years ago, as well. In fact, one generalization you could make about the sheeple is that they are always wrong about everything and when it becomes obvious they are still wrong in that they are not bright enough to concede the point they turned out to be wrong about.

Wrong, wrong, wrong. Everything the sheeple tell each other is wrong and everything they repeat back from the televitz is wrong, too. The divergence between reality and the world of the sheeple is now far in excess of what is usually sufficient to get an individual involuntarily committed to an institution.

"Conventional Wisdom" Is The Opposite of Reality, The Best MindF**k Money Can Buy

To paraphrase J.R. Nyquist, nature punishes the confused with death. History bears witness to this fact. Most of Western civilization is completely off with the fairies right now and will likely trade one strong delusion for another in the near future. However, they still won't awaken from their terrible slumber, I guarantee you.

The hegemons must consolidate their empires in order to enter the Resource Wars proper

All not for, will be against. Vault-Co says there is no such thing as limited nuclear war. All nuclear war in the current era will prove to be a Hobbesian War of All Against All. There are unlikely to be any sideliners, backbenchers or neutrality permitted to any nation during WW3. Join us or die with the enemy. It's the battle cry of the very near future.

Putin's New Doctrine ... An Attack On Iran Will Be Regarded As An Attack On Russia

Monday, October 29, 2007

Too Weird For Words - U.S. Failed Attempt To Assassinate Putin?

I know it's from the Sorcha Faal site. Okay, let's not discredit information based on where it came from. Let's see if she can back this up. It turns out she can.

Follow this woman's links. I can't believe I heard nothing of any kind about this incident in the mainstream media. Not even a cover story. Accidental firing of a Patriot Missile which then "mysteriously" exploded before it hit Iran? What in the hell is that all about? Follow her links - this really happened. For some reason, not a peep about something which very clearly could have started World War III this month.

If the international environment is getting so crazy that the U.S. was the conspirator in the now-revealed plan to assassinate Putin, then this planet has absolutely gone off the deep rails, Vault-Dwellers. It's truly gone pear shaped around these parts. It must be a million times nuttier behind the scenes than anybody is letting on.

I go to "WhatDoesItMean" to get the unprintable news you won't hear anywhere else. It's like the new "Rense." I take Sorcha Faal with a grain of salt and her conclusions are definitely nearly as crazy as the news she reports on. You'll get a great sampling of current insider news off her site, however.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Food Rotation For 2012 Completed

All the food originally packed in 1997, the year the first Vault-Co web site went up, has been rotated out of Firehold Alpha, Silo One and Firehold Bravo. I found upon inspecting it that 90% of the food packed in that year is still edible and may even retain some nutritional content. Rice, powdered milk and sugar appear to have indefinite shelf lives when packed correctly. I suspect the new frontier is in rolled oats, which are a superb survival staple. I am betting that rolled oats in mylar with oxygen absorbers will last twenty years if stored at the correct temperature.

This new stock will not even be inspected until after the year 2012 passes and it is likely it will not be rotated until 2017. I expect by that time World War III will have come and gone and these staples will provide food during a long period when little food of any kind is available topside. Even if the Permaculture Lab is not operational then, there will certainly always be some limited fresh produce available from sprouting tubs and small rootstock gardens no matter how much of the Hive is functioning.

There's probably enough food in the drums in the photo above that combined with some supplemental canned goods could support a family of four for about six months. The large drum in the middle of the photo has enough freeze-dried meals in it to last four people 30 days by itself with no more preparation than hot water.

I am having to eat some of my MRE stock because I don't trust it ten years out. Some of it has already gone a bit flat and funny tasting with time. MREs are overrated for more than a decade but freeze dried food can last much longer at cool temperatures and low humidity.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Back To The Future

I probably have a better idea of what you think than you would ever realize.

If it's even strongly deviant from the mass media paradigms, then unfortunately everything you think you know is probably wrong.

I know because before the Internet, being the best read person you have ever met did not protect my brain from that garbage. It was only through the Internet I was able to go through the looking glass and begin my own "deconstruction" of ... deconstructionism.

All lies. All that stuff you have in your head. So botched up in there you don't even know what you don't know. Trying to talk to you about it is a lot like trying to describe a Ferris Wheel to a man raised his entire life in a blacked-out packing crate with a straw in the side for food and water. You wouldn't even understand my counterpoint.

To be concise ... our ancestors were far more technologically advanced everywhere it counted fifty years ago. There is no mythical "progress." It's all a lie. We've been steadily creeping backwards for half a century. Sure, there are always some little local innovations as a society dies but it's the fact that there is no real uptake of these discoveries where it matters. Just like the Romans kept importing slaves to do the work that watermills could have done more cheaply and efficiently. The invention existed and the will to use it was lost.

Read about the astonishing elegance of the New York city subway or the British Rail System a century ago. Commuters reclined in polished brass splendor on padded velvet seats, were served by coffee carts and hot breakfast vendors and usually arrived on schedule nearly everywhere all the time ... to be expected when they traveled at great speed on steam-powered Jules Verne locomotive marvels . There were no strange delays and constant interruptions. This morning my rail car, a filthy and dingy sterile '70s decorum of vinyl and stained aluminum apparently scaled to people with an average height of four feet, stopped three times without so much as an explanation and never got much above 40 kph the entire trip.

You cannot understand the modern world until you see Idiocracy. Seriously. You won't understand what is going on around you until you understand what that film is about - and why it was suppressed.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Good News

Just kidding. There is no good news. It's all bad news. Even the wallflower media sounds like Vault-Co on crack when they're trying to find something good to report on.

This is only the beginning.

We may still have some time but you need to get serious and make use of it, Vault-Dweller. Start thinking survivalist mode. Pay off your debts wherever possible and sell what you don't need to put you into the black. It doesn't matter if it's a concrete blockhouse the size of a walk-in closet, you need to start building your Vault or bring your existing shelter fully online for operation.

I don't want to tell you that WW3 may still be years away because I don't want to be like the idiots who are always telling you not to worry about it at all.

What we are seeing now is the greased sluice that Amerikwa is going to slide down right into global thermonuclear war. There's no way to clamber back up. Anything that Amerikwans can do will only make it that much worse for them. None of what is happening now is "just going to blow over." It has to run it's course.

Oil passed $90.00 a barrel. It is highly unlikely it has anywhere to go but up. Holy cow, this is that apocalyptic schedule I have been hearing about for the past forty years. Funny how no matter what your rational brain has been telling you for a decade, it still hits you in your animal gut when it actually transpires. You probably think I'd be smug and confident now that most of what I have been preparing for has begun in the world. Actually, I'm not. I'm scared and anxious just like you. The only thing confirmation does for me is make me want to trust my own reasoning no matter where it leads me, if it withstands critical examination.

There's going to be a big, big war soon. The biggest war that there has ever been. World War One and Two are going to seem like mere squabbles in comparison.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Something shuffling towards Bethlehem

Getting close, Vault Dwellers.

The smell of cordite is going to be in the air from now on. Get used to it. Wars and rumors of war right until the mother of all bongo parties gets started.

When Post-Apocalyptic Roaches Attack!

Keegan chooses the backseat of an abandoned automobile to take shelter in when attacked by killer cockroaches in DAMNATION ALLEY. Unfortunately, homey, that would appear to represent a serious lapse in judgement, particularly seeing how the car is missing a couple of windows. Talk to your welfare officer and see if you can play your misfortune for a couple extra foodstamps this month. Time for de repamarations. Bruthas be lackin' an edjumification and whatnot and what have you.

World Economy Redlining on ZOGBux Junk Currency

The jig is up for the Fed's funny munny space cadet zero sum economics ... Panic plunge worldwide - the gods of the copybooks return - reality sets in ... Tacit admission that globalism is centralization, not decentralization of risk ... Parallels to 1929 apparent everywhere

... except the majority of people in 1929 could revert to agrarian farming lifestyles and live in tighter family units. In 2008, it's babies ... the other white meat.

At a perfect time, "free trade" rules (communism) have so skewed national economies that food has been cheaper to ship from around the world than down the street. That means there are no family farms down the block where you can go rustle up some chow like in 1929.

In fact, climate change is causing the entire agribusiness food chain to spiral into the ultimate death match cage.

Notice the timing of it all? Okay, sure maybe climate change couldn't be predicted as part of a natural cycle but what about so much of the rest of it? Ever wonder if it's all not a coincidence? Or even if it is, the usual suspects see it as an opportunity?

Ten Years Later, Mainstream Press Prints Vault-Co Premise

Golly, has anybody considered that resource conflicts and scarcity could provoke nations to war? Do tell! You don't say.

We figured it out a decade ago and spelled it out in black and white.

You read human history, you'll notice everytime there is scarcity it is solved by war. It's a natural commandment built into the biology of mankind. When times get tough, people go crazy rabid and start killing. Thinking has nothing to do with it. If 1% of the population could change their own behavior through conscious reasoning, this entire planet would look fundamentally different from the way it does now. People talk a good game but they don't do too much of that thinking stuff. Everybody knows it is for nerds who live with their parents. Real men don't think, they don't burrow into Vaults and they don't plan ahead. They just scream in surprise and die when the blast wave hits them. It's in their nature.

Don't waste your breath on counterarguments. I work in the IT industry, man. Trust me, 99.9% of all human beings are totally incapable of abstract reasoning of any kind.