Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Barry Soetoro (Kenyan Native Birthname) Destroys United States In Just Under 90 Days

The crushing iron hand of the Anti-Christ comes down on the damned idiots who voted for him

George Bush Jr. Only A Million Times Worse

Tyranny descends like lightning on the 'Kwa in the wake of the beast

The government is more interested in oppressing it's own people internally than it is in defending itself from external aggression - a sure marker of the final decline stage of a civilization.

Obama is just another bloody handed sodomite dealer in death and destruction like all the other children of perdition.

With their lips dripping with honey sweet speech of truth and justice and fairness the sociopaths advance in their march through the institutions until they destroy everything good and true and beautiful they touch. Their contact is cancer to all things and the whole world shrivels away into ashes underneath the soles of their feet. Like bleached white tombs of dead men with nothing but corruption and noxious vapors within.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The crash of '09, the collapse of '10

Oh, my. COMING, ITZ.

Vault-Co is not the only nut out there getting ready. We were just early risers (or sinkers, depending on how you look at it) before the rest of the world saw the same thing we saw ten years ago. If you've got the money you can get an excellent shelter in under a week delivered right to your door.

Walter McCarthy tells people they won't have to stay in his shelters for longer than 30 days because he sells shelters designed for stays of 30 days. In a real worldwide nuclear war, the likelihood of deliberately salted weapons being used rises to about 100% after the first 25% of casualties. All these neat coffee klatch scenarios where the participants just accept their losses and go home to knit their Red Cross blankets are the ugly stepchild of Herman Kahn's homoerotic fantasy radwars. There are other factors in the world interested in seeing everybody "else" fight to the death and they aren't going anywhere.

In real life, it's after the first 30 days when the reality sinks in that the kid gloves will come off and the survivors start to pack cobalt into their remaining stock of weapons if they have not used it already - designed for the sole purpose of exterminating the target, not merely matching it with "mutual destruction."

Trust Vault-Co on this. We can tell by speaking to most people who tout this theory of limited nuclear war that they've barely given it more than ten minutes of serious thought in their entire adult life. Human sanity is not a particularly prominent feature of human warfare. If men have it in their capacity to do (like Dresden) then by God, you can rest assured they will once they understand they are in Klausewitzian combat.

Certain truths are escaping the memory hole. This bodes well for the apocalypse in the near future or at least a deliberate initiation of something to distract the sheeple. Left to ponder these things, even their tiny walnut-sized brains may be able to reach a conclusion. Especially with the usual suspects so gleefully rubbing their hands.

As the Telegraph reported, “the G20 leaders have activated the IMF's power to create money and begin global "quantitative easing". In doing so, they are putting a de facto world currency into play. It is outside the control of any sovereign body. Conspiracy theorists will love it.”[1]
Well, it doesn't really sound like a "conspiracy theory" (???) anymore at this stage, does it? If it's predictive and turns out to be accurate, can it still remain an unrealistic fringe theory??? Please sheeple, try to turn over some of that rusty gray nervous tissue in there and have a think about it, won't you? Because the hour grows late and some say ITZ not COMING anymore. Some say ITZ here.

PIPBoy Almost Ready For Retail!!!

Thank God. I've got my hands full with R&D on Vault-OS, I would not be able to get around to this thing for months. It will be great to just purchase one out of the box, load it up with NET 1.1 or MONO and run my existing code base on it.

Satellite Photos Of One of Those FEMA Camps That "Doesn't Exist."

Notice the heavy airbrushing. Something about this large fenced compound that appears to resemble a prison that somebody in the government wanted to photoshop with the smudge brush.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

The World You Thought You Were Living In Never Existed Outside Of Televitz

Brilliant commentary on the fate of naval carriers in World War III.

What have these guys in the navy been doing since 1963? Nothing much, really. Tooling around in big floating targets scaring the bejesus out of developing nations. In the next war, these things are going to seem as ridiculous as the French riding horseback towards German machine gun nests with feather crufted hats. People will shake their heads. What the hell were they thinking?

World War III will change a lot of perspectives for the survivors. This is what rang true about John Titor.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Globowarmthinkery Is Junk Science By Junk Scientists Talking Junk

The media and government is always the last institution to get the news about anything.

Another Commie Bastard Plan Falls To Pieces - Guess You'll Have To Change Your Names Again, You Frauds

A war on Western Christian Civilization by any other name

The U.N. is all about moving what is in your wallet into theirs. Period.

Globowarmthinkery makes no sense no matter how you run the numbers

God (and Robert Felix) get the last laugh. Here comes the next Ice Age.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision.
- KJV Pslam 2:4

Poor Little Sheeple Queueing Up The Slaughterhouse Ramp To Their Doom

They encourage the drones to keep shopping whilst above their heads, the superpowers are attempting to leverage a victory in the third world war, making the most gruesome plans imaginable for a nuclear war of such magnitude it would astonish most science fiction writers.

I was talking to a guy at the food court today who just spontaneously launched into a short soliloquy about what he thought World War 3 was going to be like. It turned out he envisioned something similar to World War 2 except the Chinese as the Nazis and some of the lame plot elements from Tom Clancy novels thrown into the mix for good measure. It was a wild, demented fantasy that could only be produced by a mind so utterly freakin' out of touch with the real world it practically had it's own planet to itself. His deranged vision had Australia providing air, naval, communications and logistics support while the U.S. rained nuclear fire over the whole Chinese mainland. He explained that America "might see" some nukes hit at their Western shore. If the Chinese "got lucky." As if China would be the only one fighting in this Clancy-style "war of the future."

He was telling me about the awesome Battlestar Galactica of missile defense, how it would intercept anything the Chinese could get off the ground. I didn't bother telling him what Vault-Co has been saying about BMD for ten years.

"What about us?" I asked, "Do you think we might see some action here in Australia?"

"Oh no," he said, "All of this stuff will be taking place far, far away from here. We won't see any attacks on our own soil."

(No interruptions in cappuccino service of any kind, natchurally)

I took another sip of my cranberry frosty and just stared off into space as he described the magnificent victory the U.S. and Australia would preside over, having leveled China down to bedrock with no casualties of their own.

Other people is like having a televitzer device follow you around with biped locomotion.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Mother Of All World Wars Approaches

This "special weapon" was known about and discussed on Vault-Co six years ago. That's how long it takes "military intelligence" to absorb new information.

Historically, world war always breaks out during times like these. This era is no different, it's the same only the most lethal of any before it. Every world war featured a higher number of civilian casualities, the war that is coming will achieve the highest number of civilian deaths of them all because it's going to be thermonuclear. Obama wasn't kidding when he said he would "transform" the United States. He's going to transform it into a 3000 mile wide radioactive ash heap with piles of human bones that glow at night. Obamination is the biggest warmonger of them all and he's going to bring it on for certain.

This is why we call it the apocalypse trifecta. Three nuclear armed empires jockeying for top dog. There can be only one. These three big dogs are the lead wolves of packs of little rabid mutts so anxious to fight they can barely contain themselves.

There is still time left, even at this late stage of the game. You better pack it.

Those of you who think the New World Order is going to stop it are the most wretched of them all. It's part of their game plan. Screw the civilians, they don't give a damn about those consumer units. Let'em cook in their own juices topside at 25,000 rads an hour, serves'em right for sleepwalking through life.

It's coming, Vault Dwellers. Better stock up and stand ready to weld that hatch shut from the inside when the time comes.