Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Transcript From A True Psychotic Personality

A guy who thinks talking about the people he has had killed is hilarious dinner repartee.

Wow, if it was John Gotti he'd be a criminal. Him we need to send to jail. If you make it to the Presidency then you have carte blanche to kill whoever you want. Not only that, talking about killing people is funny. Makes me think of Hillary laughing at the idea Gaddafi (a person never truthfully accused of ever attacking America who lost his children to U.S. airstrikes provoked by an Israeli false flag) was sodomised before he was then bayonetted to death. But the other guy is the monster and the villain. He's the bad guy. Gaddafi was said to be a fairly decent human being - for the Middle East, anyway.

I wish I was making this stuff up. I really, honestly do.

I can assure you, neither John Kennedy nor his brother would have ever laughed at the notion of killing people for any reason. This is why Kennedy banned political assassinations of any kind by the U.S. shortly before he himself was politically assassinated. Kennedy may have been a philanderer and a heel with his wife but he was no psychotic.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Line Up For Your Brain Implants

DARPA working on a mechanism for controlling people with an IPhone or other remote device

It's "to help veterans with memory loss problems!" You betcha. Funny how your local VA can't even afford clean gauze to dress wounds with and they end up using old chinese newspapers to soak up pus, but the Defense Department goes all out to help those poor veterans recover their piano lessons. That's why they are spending billions of dollars.

It is similar to their robotics program, which they claims will be to help assist elderly people in nursing, but seems to be all about fitting gun turrets and laser weapons on when deployed in addition to studying how they can be self-powered by eating corpses on the battlefield. So I guess your nurse in your old age will act as a tireless companion until it has to euthanise you after which it incinerates you and then eats the ashes on the rec room floor in front of the other senior citizens while they play backgammon. That makes sense.

Anybody who is dumb enough to allow another human being to install a chip inside their head shouldn't cry when they use their IPad to immediately make you strip naked and run down the street with your underwear pulled over your head singing Village People tunes. You brought it on yourself.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Jeff Bauman, Ultimate Bad-Ass Amongst Bad-Asses

That's a champion back on his "feet" (figuratively) in 19 days after having both legs blown off.

Generations of war heroes spent years in veteran's hospitals recovering from complications, infections, shock and then learning to use prosthetics. It took some of them a year just to adjust to the reality of having lost their legs and to talk about it sufficiently to then be coaxed into a year of rehab and practicing using artificial legs.

This uber-badass was all grins in 19 days, identifying terrorists, cheering on the fans and whooping it up for the crowd barely after the blood had dried. It was almost like he was already an amputee and had just chucked on a fake bloodless prosthetic limb for the cameras to do some "emergency" photos.

That's not bad-ass, that is ultimate bad-ass. Ultimate bad-ass Jeff Bauman is the king of bad-assery. If Chuck Norris and Jeff Bauman had a fight, Chuck Norris would regret all his movies portraying himself as a bad-ass when it would be obvious Jeff was the world's greatest bad-ass having beaten Chuck to a pulp using only his small pinkie toe … if it was found. Legs blown off like disposable tampons and back out on the dance floor in 19 days. This is a true story that really happened. It really did.

I would describe Jeff Bauman as the most incredible medical miracle in the recorded history of life on planet Earth, period. It's just lucky that this story is TOTALLY TRUISH. I don't doubt that Jeff may have lost his legs to a bomb of some sort except I expect it was in Iraq, several years ago.

Agenda 21 : Forcing Mankind Into The Cities

Everything else will be reserved for "World Heritage." You didn't think these people care about nature, do you? Only in a vain and romantic idyllic sense. A place they can watch pristine on the Discovery Channel.

Once the people are in the megacities you own'em. That whole system is a like a closed glass bottle and guess who holds the cork in the top? Any time they want to cut off your food and means of subsistence they can. That's why the cities have always been breeding grounds for madness. Once people are cut off from the natural world the only reality for them is the State. Religion has traditionally been competition, that's why they are anxious to get rid of that as well.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Kwanstainian Military Only Fit To Beat Camel Drivers

Exercise in India showed 9-to-1 kill ratio between Russian-Made and American-Made

Amerikwans aren't living in the country they think they are living in. What is happening is not what they think is happening.

My America in 1963 was an incredible nation. Fifty years later, not so much, itz.

There is at least one really good explanation for how Kwanzanians got that stupid that fast.

Dude, we're like IDIOCRACY or something.

The former National Security Council spokesman is like a frat pledge with an undiagnosed clinical IQ of 70 who has enormous difficulty speaking in complete sentences.  "Whatever!" Sorry, I thought this was about the overrun of a U.S. Embassy followed by one of your diplomats being sodomised and then beaten to death before being dragged behind a car, an incident in which three Special Forces soldiers lost their lives. They were strangely never assisted by the White House when they had a drone in the air overhead with live video feed and a two million strong military despite hours of pleading for reinforcements. That incident?

You could blame the educational system but that would not have produced the same effect in the short time we have seen the country of the United States transform into slack jawed, gawping halfwits. The educational system was not capable of coping with the overload of morons that appeared in the last three decades and you can't blame them for just washing their hands and giving them all a pass right through to college.

When I was in school, even I noticed the teachers were ridiculing the nerds and people who used big words when they talked like "ridicule." It just rapidly went downhill from there.

It is amazing this country can produce a jet that is airworthy at all.

The real gifts of this country are theatrical. They're good at pretending stuff. Maybe it is all they have left, is pretending.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Jimmy Savile Public Service Message

You couldn't make this stuff up.

Kwanzanians are creepy, mommy. I don't like it when there are Kwanzanians around.

Sounds more and more like Russia in 1918. A second Bolshevist Coup, this time in North America.

Improvementation Nation.

P.S. This "LEAN FORWARD" Orwellian gibberish really makes my skin crawl. It is disturbing and weird. What, ?LEAN FORWARD? like you are trying to intimidate people into conceding and agreeing with whatever you are imposing on them? Sick, strange stuff. Such odd behaviour.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Narcissism, Anthropology and Perspective Bias

New paper suggests that Neanderthals did not go extinct because they were inferior to Homo Sapiens, rather, the opposite

The simple explanation is simple. They were genocided by sheer force of numbers by Sapiens invaders from the South. A definite pattern appears in the migrations of Sapiens which tends to focus on where the Neanderthals lived and even fled to. It seems to be the purpose for which they were made.

Link to the paper submitted for review

Fully developed bipeds 1.8 million years ago, most scientists still asserting at least three hominid species co-existed in Africa

The science was settled 20 years ago. It is just trickling down now to ordinary people. At this rate Sapiens will be extinct before he figures out who he is and where he is.

The Real Story of Benghazi

A false flag that went haywire and turned into a national embarrassment

With this and "Fast and Furious," it is obvious this "President" and his cabinet are pure Hollyweird actors engaged in grandiose street theatre in the absence of the ability to really do their jobs.

Meanwhile, the country has been falling apart for 8 years while this Kenyan has performed his one-man play about the "greatest Prezident EVAR."

In the real world, America has descended into the gutter unattended and without remedy. The "leadership" inhabits a twilight pretend world that does not intersect at all with anything pertinent or in the national interests.

Gotta tell you, the real idiots here are the people who voted for him in their teeming masses.

Red Riding Hood : Melonhead Allegory For Slaves ?

Seems to be a universal cautionary tale with an erotic metaphor attached to it about a sex predator.

Just how old are these and other things in plain view and everyday awareness? When were they authored? What do they represent?