Sunday, September 5, 2010

Is Robert Felix A Better Scientific Thinker Than Anyone In The Orthodoxy?

Read his comments on the recent concessions to rapid magnetic reversal evidence being obvious in rock and lava formations.

Notice that although the people in the mainstream have sat on the evidence for nearly forty years without allowing it out of the bag because they decided at the time it was "unlikely," Felix uses it as a critical reference in both his books and lets the reader decide. The orthodoxy decides whether or not evidence will be published or even permitted for the masses to look at. What are they afraid of? Do you know any honest people who deserve to call themselves scientists who operate like that? Everything is a big secret with these guys.

This was a very important conclusion and the gatekeepers decided for forty years you didn't need to know about this evidence. Robert Felix would appear to be better at referencing and consolidating the important ideas than the entire mainstream. I found both of his books had more information in a single chapter than entire libraries of the usual drivel from the people we are supposed to believe are "scientists" nowadays.

Fakirs and charlatans like Steven Jay Gould have so politicised it all that it has rendered entire fields a laughingstock and caused real science to grind to a complete halt for the past half century.

Empire Of The Sodomites

The children of Lucifer hold reign over everything.

Come out of the world. Be separate from it. Have enmity with it. It's ways should not be your ways.

Like me, you have to keeping working at a job and pretending to be one of the devil's kids yourself in order to do so. It isn't easy. I've had a lifetime to practice and I know what they want to hear. It doesn't mean I believe anything that they call self-evident. Not a word of it.

I am afraid of God so much because I was once one of these people. I was an atheist, a really good one, for nearly sixteen years. It disgusts me to even think about it.

These people remind me of myself and I know what a fool I was now. It actually hurts me to listen to these simpletons, no kidding.

Third World Government For Third World People

It makes sense, when you think about it.

In Kenya, the government kills their political opponents.

In America, the government now also kills their political opponents.

It's right because they cannot be wrong. That's what they think.

Anarchy and Dissolution

Increasingly it is not what you did, rather who you are and if you are permitted to get away with it.

Government people are special. They're not like you and me. They have special exemptions for everything. It's like during the Middle Ages when the local royal might run down one of your family members with their carriage and send you a pig for Christmas, if they were in a good mood.

Government routinely gets away with things now that previous generations would've considered monstrous. Whole regimes were toppled in the 50's and 60's over scandals like these.

Since modern people are without shame and without consciences, there can be no scandals. All things are permitted to those who know the right people.

Pedophiles exposed in the 70's would've committed suicide before the headlines were even printed. Nowadays they don't even interrupt their dinner plans.

"Top Secret" clearance used to mean you were an exemplary person who could be trusted. Now it means a person who can never be trusted by definition.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

People Reach The Same Conclusions I Did Back In 1997

... but they're cutting edge thinkers, I of course would be a petty crank.

I'm trying to put myself in their shoes and imagine what my perception would have to be like if I took until 2010 to reach these same conclusions. I would guesstimate my mind to be something akin to blackstrap molasses running down a tree. Incredibly, glacially, slow. If I squint and see how they would have finally been prompted to make these deductions based on recent events, it seems to me they would be extremely loathe to think much about anything.

Oil is abiotic. There was never any shortage. The only shortage has been the brains to tap more of it. What you get with a shortage like that caused by dullards will be the second easiest conflict resolution to seek and that is war for the particularly common mind. War is not coming over peak oil. War is coming over peak brains.

Magnetic Reversals

Proof positive it happens in the blink of an eye.

Proof positive it is getting ready to happen again.

Scienmajistic types claim this might make your compass obsolete. If you've read the necessary literature, you might be aware there could be more here than some confusion amongst migratory birds. The reversals are synchronized with global extinctions.

This may in fact, be the unified field theory of just about everything that has to do with human beings. It not only tells us how they got here, it may tell us how they got to be like that. This is complicated. It's not that I don't know exactly what I am talking about, it is that I don't know how efficient a use of my time it is to elaborate further every time it comes up. To properly even touch on the issue, I'd have to write another 300 paragraphs.

Once you understand enough on this subject, you will realize that catastrophic cycles are not the exception on this planet. They're the norm. Being oblivious to that won't save you.

To summarize : there are at least 40+ genes in human DNA and around 20,000 years of archaeology that testify to one basic fact. People who dig vaults underground and know when to make a dash for them end up surviving and passing their genes on to children who will someday do the same.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It Made Itself

Yawn. Saw it coming a long time ago.

You knew it would come down to this. Predictable. Boring.

Still pushing that Big Bang thing. It's like Global Warming. Hawkings, you're busted. It's over. Good smart person act, had a lot of people who weren't very bright themselves going there for a while with the whole Professor Xavier thing. Dark Matter. Black Holes. Big Bang. Could you have been more wrong? I don't think so. You're the opposite of smart in all regards. Hell, this guy isn't even clever.

You know what would be interesting, though? Seeing this dude go down a flight of stairs in that wheelchair like O.J. Simpson at the end of THE NAKED GUN. Now that would be funny. It would be choice if he landed in a pile of Holy Nails from the Cross and they exploded just as he fell on top of it.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Vault-OS : Now BACNet Compatible?

I was working on something really important to me last night - a shim to communicate with the BACNet enabled industrial RS-485 controller for my diesel generator which I recently got secondhand from EBay.

In some ways, this is the reason for Vault-OS. I need to sit in primary at the comms desk and check how much juice is in the batteries in Sparkgap, how much fuel is in the generator and be able to shunt power from solar or wind to the batteries safely while I refill the generator remotely from a pump or it charges the alternate batteries. The other stuff is great, measuring average temperature anywhere or turning fans on and off on a schedule, but the generator/power monitoring is the reason that Vault-OS is really indispensable. It actually supplies the power for all the other systems so it has to be automated in order for anything else to be automated.

While I was working on this little shim (A TSR in PowerBasic to change a Vault-OS network message into a BACNet message and send it along) I had to study the BACNet protocol. I had not really known anything about BACNet, the industrial standard for pooling automation into one collective network. In studying the commands for the shim I would need, I realized I had essentially reinvented half the protocol in Vault-OS, even the basic paradigms for distributed control of things. Looking side-by-side at the translation for the commands, I had things like SEND MANIFEST where BACNET had WHO-ARE-YOU. Where they had READPROPERTY I had GETVALUE in Vault-OS. I had duplicates like this for about 25% of the BACNet standard messaging format for Ethernet which I had put into the Vault-OS operability across mailslots. Where I had a little mini-language in scripted "BASIC" for my controllers, they had BACNet scripts which were roughly the same thing with a few nomenclature differences.

So it hit me.

I didn't need to write a shim so Vault-OS could talk to BACNet. I needed to adapt Vault-OS to use BACNet as it's native messaging format. In doing so, I would open up Vault-OS to almost infinite pluggable appliances in heavy duty environmental controllers and automation devices from anywhere in the world. If I wrote my own BACNet compliant scripting for DOS 16-bit and Windows 32-bit, Vault-OS would go from being a little proprietary closed communications protocol to a system that would comply with the industry standard for automation. Anybody with a copy of Vault-OS would be able to connect up any hardware they purchased with a bit of script as long as it had a BACNet interface, which almost everything does nowadays.

For example, I have PCI Calibre boards for I2C which run utterly different drivers than my calls out to I2C via the Dallas TSR/Win32DLL. I had not really thought through how I would connect up anything that wanted I2C but did not use my basic approach. I assumed I would write shims for different equipment as it became necessary. On the other hand, the Calibre board comes with a BACNet driver for Windows on the CD. All I had to do was write a little script in BACNet for the logic of what I wanted it to do and it would be running within minutes. It's actually easier to make my TSR/DLL code BACNet compatible and assume that is only one of many approaches a person might use in Vault-OS to connect to I2C sensor grids. This is the reason that BACNet has become the industry standard for environmental control and automation.

I have updated the Vault-OS site to reflect this development and consider this a refactor which will probably turn out to be the smartest move I have ever made for the code.

As of last night I had a very crude BACNet script engine running for Win32 which I will put up screenshots this weekend on the Vault-OS site.