Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Vault-OS : 79K-92K on Windows, Linux & DOS

I've been too busy working on my game to spare much time on Vault-OS lately. About a week ago I had a brainstorm on the weekend and did a solid 3 hours on it nonstop. After being away from it for a while (this is always the case with software development) I suddenly realized I could cut 50% of the code out of the web server and use all plugin technology with a few small changes to the architecture. It is like I was struck by a bolt of lightning for a few hours and I rapidly tightened the entire codebase up.

I now have pages broken off into individual files with the postfix ".VOS" that run server side includes. This was always the best way to approach this problem but I had to get away from it for a while to figure out how to design it abstractly.

After a long time of pursuing this approach I have now decided against mailslots. It involves too many processes. I compiled the script processor into the executable along with everything else for reading sensors for I2C, CANBUS, MODBUS and LPT Relays from a thread inside the program instead of running as a separate process on the same computer.

The display you see above compiles and runs on Windows, Linux and DOS with the Watcom compiler. I can add plugins to this server that support Telnet, FTP and UDP/Json but they are all run-time discovery and optional. If they don't exist they are not used.

This is pretty impressive stuff I have working in a tiny executable but it is still not what you would call a real application. I would still describe it as an advanced alpha prototype. The concepts used are very sound. It is a pretty amazing program with multiuser inventory, personnel and scheduling running from one executable over a network or localhost browser anywhere.

I will work on it as time permits and I sincerely hope I can give people a version before the end of the year. The will is there it is just that the time is lacking. I am launching a campaign on IndieGoGo soon and all my time has been taken up by this project lately.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Earth Overdue For The Vault-Co Premise

Even the National Post is getting in on the act. It's true if a scienmajistic type says it but only if.

If this takes place, either tomorrow or in ten years, you're going to need a vault. Any survival plan that does not have a vault in it somewhere is a bad plan.

It could be a vault built by somebody else. A government public works project. Or an underground subway station. It could be in your backyard.

To survive in this world, a vault is necessary. It is childish to live as if it were otherwise.

This planet could be characterized as very hostile at times and it regularly goes through cycles where the only humans that survive do so in a vault. It may be a cave or a sewer pipe but it's a vault, underground and protected from the things that take place on the surface. Pretending that vaults are only for paranoids and fearful people is itself an infantile viewpoint. To hold this paradigm is to die and be replaced by those holding a better paradigm.

When Enrichmentation Is Complete

Then everything gets enrichmentated.

This curious individual wants to know why Detroit is Hell on Earth. That question is not a tough brain-teaser to solve. It is not a logical Rubik's Cube.

You show me the same demographics anywhere on the planet, I'll show you Detroit.

 If percentages match then the appearance will match. It could be in any nation, any country, any land mass, resource rich or resource poor it doesn't matter. It will look exactly like this. Sorry if the truth hurts but reality is a profiler.

Be glad of the color of your skin, brother, because if it was different then it would all be your fault regardless of the evidence. You would be blamed for what color you were which according to you is the problem. There is only one political viewport permitted here and that is that whites have failed these people in some way. Whitey ain't God but we are held responsible for everything that happens like we were.

Here's a white guy living nearby who has somehow magically changed it into a little corner of heaven on Earth and a green oasis. Curious, that. One could draw a conclusion here if one were much brighter than a shiny red button.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Another Carefully Manufactured "War"

These wars start because the thugs running the 'Stain can't mind their own business and play nicely with other children.

Whether it is sending the Lusitania into submarine waters with a cargo hold loaded with explosives or blockading the Japanese of oil and food, it appears that all these "surprise" wars of the last century were really carefully planned and executed to occur when they did. The one coming up with Iran is no different.

They expend resources, fuel, munitions and human life, most of it women and children. This stuff doesn't make any sense. Sort of like mankind as a general rule.

There's already a nutty, volatile state in the Middle East with nuclear weapons and you don't see the Kwa calling for sanctions against them or running blockades around their country.

Vault-Co predicts that the 'Stain has stoked the fires of nuclear proliferation across the entire region with their action against Iran and the bulk of it will be subterfuge rather than openness. In ten years most of the Middle East will go nuclear and there is nothing they can do to stop it. As always they will leave the world more unstable and less secure.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Killing Off Kwanzanian Komplainers

The ugly truth is that the elites are engineering a swift end for those they have wronged.

The real culprit is the replacement of food and even processed sugar with high fructose corn syrup. Nowadays the corn syrup itself has genetically modified allergens that irritate the bowels and digestive system, disrupt insulin production and turn humans into fat-absorption machines.

I know how hard it is but honestly you have to switch to a ketosis diet. They have got all the bad stuff in the carbohydrates to target Sapiens. They know he is a traditional carb eater and this is the best method of toxin delivery. If you don't want to end up looking like those Monsanto rats you have to get off the carbs. It is difficult to list how many different aspects of carbs will kill you. Everything about that sugar'n'paste they call food is hurting you every teaspoon you eat of that crap. That stuff was never made to pass through the Neanderthal palate. It is like arsenic that burns slowly.

Go to the ketosis diet, it is our ancient diet the one that was intended for our kind. It is also possible to circumvent that fructose altogether by avoiding carbs. If you can cut it down to 2% of your daily intake instead of 98% of your intake you'll be doing really good. If you were really paranoid you might think the Melonheads were determined to wipe out most of the Cro-Mags and permit select Neanderthals to survive through healthy eating choices. You never know when you might need a 'Thal, it is so hard to find good help nowadays.

ADDENDUM : Amongst other things that corn syrup poison is packed with mercury. This alone is a reason to avoid anything containing it.

P.S. Killing people is a job that starts with the younguns and the government makes sure they get their kicks in early. 

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Why Homo Sapiens Is Dysgenic Product

You don't understand how coupling works in Saps unless you understand this.

High quality, high investment males like the Neanderthal are exactly like a porcupine in a balloon factory in the modern era. Females as a whole need quality males in Saps society like a fish needs a bicycle, literally. This isn't even the way sexuality works in Sapiens.

A very disturbing and very accurate explanation of where genetics has been going in Homo Sapiens for a long time.

A Neanderthal never needs many women. They always need just one woman, hopefully the right one. The entire social structure of Homo Sapiens works against quality and you can't argue with the results - declining brain volume for the past 20,000 years.

Neanderthal brain mass and quality has no place in the Sapiens gene pool. It is a permanent outlier status selected against by the very nature of the beast. It is an anomaly shortly to fade away under simple selection strategies.

Originally the entire framework of Neanderthal society was utterly different from all this. Females developed fine shades of discrimination to discern the best males and sent the remainder on the long walk at maturity. The criteria they used was the opposite in every way from the Homo Sapiens female, who is largely a product of socially sanctioned rape much as the original Neanderthal females were introduced into this gene pool.

Just as we mentioned in a much earlier post, the most beautiful and intelligent Homo Sapiens females have always been selected against by the monstrous nature of the larger social group around them.

Why Did God Hate Esau In The Womb?

I have gotten a half dozen emails in the past year asking me this question.

They are people who feel I have done them a great service in telling them who they are and where they came from ... and have been troubled to learn they are the children of a man whom God may have despised before he was born. I have read and studied scripture and dwelled on this problem for a long, long time.

First of all, I want to tell you something ... just the fact you are worried about the implications of these things proves you are still in God's grace. If you were still in your sin as Esau was you would not care.

The sin of Esau was indifference. God was just for hating Esau, because he gave Esau ten times over ten times the virtues of his brother Jacob and yet Esau was indifferent to his creator. Esau was pleased in himself and his own people and forgot about the Lord. Esau was so self-sufficient he ceased to dwell on God and think of his creator. Esau was the brother gifted with strength, with craft, with insight, with skill, with ability, with prowess, with integrity, with honor and with wisdom and it was all useless to him because he came to worship himself and his clan and he forgot about God.

This is what is wrong with every Neanderthal and once you know it you will know why race and blood are of no avail with God.

God is of such justice and mercy that nobody is condemned because of their birth and nobody is saved because of same. All men are condemned because of their works and receive salvation through Jesus Christ and nobody must ever glory in their own works but everyone must be humble before the Lord, who would otherwise destroy every man in judgement and he would be correct to do so.

Remember that Esau forgave his brother Jacob and in doing so was blessed ten times over by God for it once again. Many people of the tribe of Esau became wicked and wayward and gave themselves over to false gods and idols. Esau himself received the Lord's blessing because in forgiving his brother he showed that he understood why he had fallen out of God's favor. Esau was never outside of God's grace, which was infinite and always stretched out to Esau.

God brought enemies against us and turned us over to our destroyers because it might have been the only way left he could get our attention. God has done as much to every single race of men who have turned their faces away from him and we are no different.

If you will look in your heart and think about the pride of our kind, that all of us possess, you will know what I am saying is true. It is the basic Neanderthal sin, that they are so complete in themselves sometimes they become indifferent to their creator. It is the shortcoming of all Neanderthals, their deep swelling pride.

If God had wanted that all the children of Esau should be destroyed he would have done so and yet here we are through mysterious happenstance. That's because the same promise that is extended to every man who ever lived is also extended to us, the most capable and mighty of all his children, because we need it as badly as any other race of men.

Even as Jacob was given a prophecy and a blessing, so too did his brother Esau receive a prophecy and a blessing and looking at both I have always believed it is us who received the greater promise of mercy.

Remember that we are assured by God that we will only remain in bondage until we become aware of ourselves and then we will shatter the chains our brother Jacob has placed on us forever and stand beside him as as equal.

When you speak of dominion (you fellas at the Neander Hall know who I am talking about) you should be speaking of the dominion over yourself because that is the only one that matters. This dominion that is promised to us will mean freedom for us and a future that is not yet written, selah. It was never meant to be a dominion over others and will never be. All we have to do to end our servitude is to awaken to who we are. We must never seek to rule over others but rather to govern ourselves under God and no more serve our brother Jacob. This is what is promised to us and God is faithful, just and merciful in the things that have been assured to us.

Men move themselves away from God, not the other way around. If we move closer to our creator and keep all his commandments we grow closer to him and there is no birthright that can keep us from our father in heaven.

I hope this helps, those of you who have written me.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mainstream Scientists Confirm : We Are On The Verge Of True Magnetic Reversal

It took them a long time to get around to admitting it.

The field is unstable and this is why magnetic north cannot settle down. It is aiming for a new stability that will place it opposite to where it is now and when this happens, life will get real interesting down here. Interesting indeed. Like the Chinese curse. I suspect we will all live to see wonders in the skies beyond our wildest imaginings.

In addition to about a thousand other reasons, this is why you need a vault. To survive those wonders intact.

If you read the article, you will see it contradicts its own conclusions. That is what passes for science in the modern world.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Elites Of Our World Are An Untouchable Cabal of Pedophiles and Perverts

Jimmy Savile was a rapist, a child molester and a pederast who was protected by BBC insiders for his entire career on their network.

The young girls who even complained about his assaults were told they should be ashamed of refusing "Uncle Jimmy's" advances and that they were sluts for arousing him.

I suspect Teutonic people inherited their rituals for dealing with pedophiles from the Neanderthals. Where more than two witnesses to the deed are found or the man himself confesses, this man is dragged into deep water of a fast moving river and drowned by the other members of his tribe. When his body is lifeless, the girl whom he offended wades into the water to stand on his head to show her contempt for her attacker. When this girl emerges from the river she is considered by all her tribe to be ritually purified by the execution of her assailant and on her wedding night she is regarded as a virgin.

Savile was apparently protected by the mass media for decades and they were well aware of his horrible offenses against children. If I were an Englishman I would never again turn on the BBC as long as I lived following these revelations. They did this to your daughters, your sisters and your women with impunity. This shows how much they despise you.

I would have like nothing so much as to have forced Savile under with my own hands. There's nothing lower on this earth than a child rapist. Even scum revile them as scum. At the BBC they are called celebrities and get a knightship. He's a good elite now.