Sunday, January 2, 2011

Israel Must Be Getting Ready To Bomb Some More Unarmed Civilians

I'm only guessing because cable television is saturated with movies about Nazis and persecution and trains and violinists and piles of kosher corpses and celebrations of how wunnerful and misunderstood yada yada yada ... twenty four seven around the clock there's no break and no escaping it, you can surf from one channel to the next and hit nothing but the same themes over and over and over again ... your ears, eyes and nose are stuffed full of it until you pass out, you wake up again and they've got a funnel down your throat pouring more of it in ... open a cable guide at random and hit the page with your finger, see what it landed on ... "JAKOB THE LIAR," or HITLER'S PLAN FOR GENOCIDE.

Then you think to yourself, I'll just pick something totally unrelated for the noise ... "SHUTTER ISLAND" with DeCaprio. That'll give me a moment's rest. Wrong. Half of that is concentration camps and body piles and achtung and camp cars which appear to have nothing whatsoever to do with the plot.

This almost always coincides with an Israeli military massacre of some unarmed women and children. First the yammering, then the atrocities. There's definitely a connection there. I'm betting an attack on Iran of some kind is on the cards soon.

At present Israeli Mossad asserts the right to kill any high IQ goyim who might be able to pose a threat to them anywhere in the world at any time. If your IQ is above 92 (par with Koko) I'd watch your back, because chances are they're getting to you. It's just that others are higher priority right now. You're probably a long ways down the list.

1000's Red Winged Blackbirds Fall Dead From Sky

In Indian legend, the red winged blackbird is a messenger of death, commanded by the crow to deliver the news to those about to perish.

Millions of birds have been dying worldwide in spontaneous incidents almost since the Sun went flat back in 2006. There may be a connection with the magnetic field of the Earth which birds use for navigation.

The Post Apocalyptic Ruins Of The United States

Incredible stuff. Looks like Fallout 3 interiors.

More tragic than the loss is the loss of even the memory of these things.

Alan Caruba : Get Over Yourself

If you ever read one article on Vault-Co, read the one at the link above. It's an excellent summary of the facts about the situation the world is in right now.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Fiat Currency Cornholio Apocalypse

Going to be fun in 2011. This is the year for ITZ.

25 Reasons The Western World Ain't Getting Outta 2011 Alive

Kwanzania is hiding a real unemployment rate of 30% with number juggling

Keep juggling those numbers as the horde collects outside your doors, you halfwits. Show them your figures when they break down your doors.

Paul Craig Roberts on 2011 : Rise Of The Kwanzanian Police State

You Don't Say

It's easy to understand Neanderthal. He was the good looking smart one. Now you know everything. Homo Sapiens is his scaled down, nasty, violent, treacherous, miniature bonsai tree cousin. A bear of little brain. Without Neanderthal gene expression hybridized into his ranks, Sapiens would live in caves and eat his meat raw. That's just the way it is.

Jacob cheated Esau and got his own father drunk in order to steal his brother's inheritance. He was a con man. Now you know everything.

Mass Media Tries To Run From Behind To Out In Front Of The Herd And Scream Instructions

Tell me all about it. Wow. So you've got it all figured out, I guess. What was going on the past ten years, then?

Notice they still try to inject a tiny smidgen of human influence. Doesn't hurt to try to play both sides of the field and wait to see who is winning. So they straddle the line and pretend to be in charge of the argument either way.

Nobody is buying TIME magazine any more. Nobody should.


This is going to get ugly. Exactly as we told you.

Watch the people around you. They're really, really slow. It takes a long time for it to sink in that these things are happening, even when they take place right before their eyes. People talk a good game. The truth is that their minds are really, really slow and absorb new ideas at a snail's pace. Dissembling and sophistry is how they conceal the fact they are trying to accommodate a change to their previous world view. They don't just go "blam" the way I do and shift paradigms overnight. It's not the way their nervous systems are wired. You see this in software development all the time. They get clear feedback that what they are doing isn't working. It's obvious. Rather than respond to the feedback and amend themselves, they'll instead redouble their efforts in the same failed direction over and over again until they run out of money or resources.

Ice Ages always coincide with volcanism and earth changes. Stuff moves around a lot. The little creatures on top of these plates can get squished or killed in the time it takes to blink.

Wikileaks : A Sideshow for the Rubes

Something heartening about all this.

They're losing their touch.

Wikileaks was a truly shabby cointel operation. It was easy to bust wide open and figure out who was really behind it. These idiots left a trail of breadcrumbs a mile wide.

A chink appears in the armor somewhere here.

Looks to me like they are not recruiting the best and brightest anymore.