Friday, April 6, 2012

Orwell Is Always Relevant

Read Orwell. This guy understood human beings. They are rotten and it is when they pretend to want to help others they are usually the most rotten of all. It is those deluded halfwits throughout history who claim to be motivated by altruism that are responsible for the most bloodshed.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Uncle Toms, The Early Caste System And The Haunted Look Of The Ingrained Slave

Don't you feel sorry for this guy? Look at that submission to alpha wolf expression. It elicits sympathy and stays the whip hand. Doesn't it make you want assure him you are not going to hurt him? One feels the weight of superiority when dealing with him.

Do you have any idea how strong this man you are looking at is? This guy is like a human industrial press with feet on the bottom. Some people think this guy makes most olympic power lifters look like feeble sunken-chested pussies in comparison. During his prime he could flip over an economy car like a costumed superhero. His upper back and chest apparently enabled him to work out with nearly world record weight as part of his daily training.

The rubes this guy worked with such expert precision spoke of "little Jack" and talked of him as though he were a sweet boy scout they took pity on and wanted to help out by passing some legislation on his behalf. He played stupid goy like they were musical instruments. Somehow this guy who weighs over 250 pounds was able to give gentiles the impression he was a delicate little wallflower of about 175. We're talking Lamont Cranston style powers to cloud men's minds and then some.

Whence comes the "haunted" expression of submission that I have talked about? The "living ghost" demeanour? Is Tex slipping into mysticism when he writes about these things or is he giving you the summary impression of what in fact is extremely well-thought out biological game theory.

The early Neanderthal bastard hybrids were almost certainly isolated in the tribes they lived in as a lower caste that were never to be treated as equals, despite taking an active role in the life of the tribes they were born into. Think of the Greeks and the Romans. The Romans kept the Greeks as one kept pets, despite no evidence of any kind that the Greeks were in any way inferior to their Roman masters. The Romans relied on their greek slaves for knowledge of philosophy, mathematics, architecture, culture, warfare and literature. At the same time, the Romans held the whip hand of life and death over their greek charges.

I imagine that the early Sapiens tribes that treated the Neanderthals as a powerful race of shock troops designed to precede them in battle like a bunch of trained attack gorillas were enormously successful in destroying anybody in opposition who didn't have Neanderthals of their own. They may have allowed the Neanderthal bastards to design their own weapons, teach them art, even advise them on spiritual matters ... even as they were treated as inferiors and slaves subject to the most brutal oppression.

Now this is key to understanding why Neanderthal hybrids learned to make those faces. Very early on, the Neanderthals were being genetically selected for the correct kinds of capacity for domestication. If they were too wild, too fierce and did not learn how to knuckle under properly they were put to death. The hybrids who learned to Uncle Tom and shuck and jive would have been the ones who survived. If they mastered the art of the po-faced house nigger they would have had a much better reception from their masters, perhaps even becoming beloved the way one does with one's dogs.

There is a corollary that is even more incredible. The Sapiens who learned better how to maintain an aristocratic distance from their Neanderthals were more likely to pass on their genes. Getting too familiar with these creatures might have been a recipe for revolt and insurrection. Demonstrating the qualities of a ruling class and knowing how to keep your Neanderthals in their place meant far greater success in surviving and prospering over others who did not realize how dangerous these death monkeys were that they had genocided. So as the Neanderthals were being selected for their ability to submit, the Sapiens overlords were being selected for their unconscious conviction to never fraternize with them or treat them as equals.

Today, 38000 years later, all these instinctive modes and attitudes have become ingrained. They are subconscious and automatic. The collective unconscious knowledge of these social castes is found in the story of Jacob and Esau in Genesis when Isaac tells his son Esau it is his lot in life to serve his brother and be subject to his will. It is found in the Epic of Gilgamesh when we are told that Enkidu is Gilgamesh's servant, a companion manufactured by Enki to serve as his sidekick. It is a powerful subconscious feeling of disdain when ordinary people are introduced to people with "Asperger's Syndrome" or they see those round eyes and wide orbital sockets. Sapiens feels innately such men are subhuman and can be dismissed as a threat to their social hierarchy, a natural born inferior. They can't articulate these feelings. That doesn't change the fact they are very deep and powerful convictions.

I reckon all the greatest conmen are Neanderthals who have learned to work these ancient instincts to their own benefit. By showing oneself to be prepared to serve we also prime others to make concessions because of human nature. When our dominance is not questioned we feel free to oblige those who are beneath us. Before you know it, a master of these dark arts like Jack Abramoff can get your boots, pants and underwear and leave these suckers in a pickle barrel by the side of the road.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Neanderthal Women In The Modern Era

In response to popular demand from readers:

Classic Amud beauty. Periorbital round sockets of the eyes draw back sharply on both sides of the head. Red or auburn hair with peculiar curls naturally. Huge forehead to hold a huge brain. Upper shelf of the mouth is broad and the jaw is very muscular - these girls could bite your arm off (or worse) if they wanted to. Powerful back but ratio to hips is less pronounced than in Sapiens girls. Bone density is x2 average Sapiens female or better. Blue eyes would not be unusual but here they are light green, also common. Overall effect is of a lively, observant, extremely intelligent woman, shows vivid emotional range in her face and gestures.

For comparison, here is the most beautiful Sapiens girl I could find. This woman is considered gorgeous by Sapiens standards in all regards:

Sunday, April 1, 2012

If The Sun Sneezes, Earth Catches Pneumonia

Brilliant article explaining much of the interplay between solar activity and earth changes. I would say it is well worth reading.

Cheap Credit Is A Fiat Money Ponzi Scheme

The worst part of it is that you can prop the economy up for an even more severe fall in incremental steps by issuing more cheap credit by printing fake money. It is amazing how many times people will stand by while the same scam is run over and over again on them.

Fiat currency is a blight on the planet like athlete's foot of the wallet. It eventually ruins everything it touches.

Sane money is money backed by metal. Insane money isn't backed by anything. All fiat economies are bridges built over thin air using dreams and lies. Sooner or later, gravity will take over.

Boom-Boom Room In Pennsylvania

More mystery booms at night. Getting difficult to get a good night's sleep in the Kwa.

You Knew There Were Going To Be Zombies

I only felt terror when I realized they would be Ugandan zombies. Up to that point I was like ... yawn ... zombies ... sure, I was expecting that.

... but ... Ugandan zombies. If you've ever seen a Lamberto Bava movie, you know just how terrifying black people shuffling along in their underwear with their heads turned down can be. The most frightening zombie of them all. Luckily it takes them like a month to walk a single block. Some of those Lamberto Bava movies, the film was 90 minutes long and 88 minutes of just the zombie walking towards the main character from about thirty meters away.

The part about them just nodding, with no real ability to think independently, was very familiar if you have ever met environmentalists.

To hell with Africa. Let Africans take care of africans, they should have no problem with all the wealth and property they stole from whites they raped and murdered after apartheid. Time to cut these people loose and leave them to the fate they keep asking for - the right to be left alone. No more whitey to blame, let them fend for themselves and stop telling whites this is all their fault. Two hundred years of assistance and these assholes have never been able to run so much as an access road to remote regions. The few ones they have that work the Chinese built for them.

We have countless millions of children in the West who need our help, forget about these people. The charity pimps have been using them to leech funds off Westerners with their lies for two hundred years. Paleskins out of Africa, let them have the whole country at long last. I can't imagine a worse fate for them all.

Oh wait, I can imagine something even worse. Their new masters being the Chinese. Mr. Woo don't f*ck around, bro. He will be working you to the bone for pennies a month and you'll have to pry that pay out of him with a crowbar. You see, the new Chinese authorities do not have soft hearts and generous pocketbooks like evil ole whitey. They will tighten that ass up chop-chop in Freeka. Every cent they can squeeze until they drop and they will probably use you after you drop to sandbag earthworks. A brother be earning that dollar under Mr. Woo, you can be certain.

Doctors Doing What They Do Best : Maim, Disfigure and Kill With Impunity

Sick? You must be following the advice of a doctor somewhere.

Dying or dead? You must be getting one of their therapies.

If you just don't care anymore and want to kevorkian off the mortal coil with official legerdemain ringing in your ears, go see a doctor because they will do a proper job on your ass in no time flat.

I will see a doctor when I have a medical emergency but I'm not happy about that. I'd like to keep a barrel in their nose when they are treating me the same way outlaws used to do in the Old West when they would find a doc to stitch them up. Don't take your eyes off those bastards for one instant and don't let them discourage you from asking them any damn question you please. If it sounds fishy, it is probably because it is. Always demand the same care they would give one of the members of their own family or ethnic group and never let them make you feel like they are doing you a favor by treating you at all. Most of them are so crooked they have to screw their pants on in the morning when they get out of bed.

"Take Shelter" By Director Jeff Nichols

Finally saw this movie tonight on DVD. Disappointed in the ending a little. It was a bit too ambiguous, could've punched it up a little.

Otherwise this story was very personal for me. Anybody who has decided to build a shelter has gone through exactly what this guy got from his surrounding society.

You have to be thick-skinned. See the Deleted Scenes for the most interesting dialogue in the picture with the left-wing psychiatrist. The average person is just nowhere near reality nowadays. Not even close. Anybody living in this kind of world who hasn't had a strong instinctive desire to prepare is probably not intended by mother nature to live at all past the first couple minutes of birth.

The natural inclination to be self-sufficient no matter what happens is essentially the bedrock instinct of the human condition. If you don't have it, what on earth are you doing wasting your time here?