Saturday, January 31, 2009

"Worldwide Weimar"

Remember, before it was called a "bailout," the classic description for it back when the average person could read and write at a 6th grade level and had a basic understanding of economics ... it was calling "debauching the currency."

Defense Department Establishes "Civilian Expeditionary Workforce"

Scary, scary stuff.

Look where it is mentioned that service may be "voluntary" - until such times as "needs prove to be more complex."

That's not just a draft for the military, that's conscription into national service, including overseas assisting war time efforts.

Just what wars do these people plan to start that they know about these needs in advance?

IDF Destroys Chicken Terrorist Training Camp

Of necessity, itz! Proactive on the egg WMD threat!

Are we at the start of a New Ice Age?

Note mandatory disclaimer at the end claiming future generations may have to worry about this, but cappuccino service for our era will not come under fire.

How Many Previous Nuclear Wars?

I know this is only hearsay, but at a dinner party about ten years ago I spoke to a South African emigre who told me about a talk he had with one of the people who had examined the "ruins" at Oklo. (Funny they tend to use this word when talking about a series of caves)

He told me that there is an amazing amount of iron oxide inside these mines ... also known as "rust." He also said that every single one of these sites appears to be chambers cut out by intelligent design, not running water. They tend to have square perimeters internally ... also known as "rooms."

It is truly amazing that more than a dozen natural reactors
spontaneously sprang into existence and that they managed to maintain a modest power output for perhaps a few hundred millennia. Why is it that these parts of the deposit did not explode and destroy themselves right after nuclear chain reactions began? What mechanism provided the necessary self-regulation? Did these reactors run steadily or in fits and starts? The solutions to these puzzles emerged slowly after initial discovery of the Oklo phenomenon.

Gosh, you know that is pretty amazing. Especially the production of plutonium by natural forces, which just happens to be so well suited to supplying nuclear power needs. Especially when the production of plutonium nowadays takes a series of delicate, deliberate stages each requiring both timing and correct management in order to succeed.

Look, it's been explained for you there in black & white by edjumafacted types, which means the explanation must be true. Why else would they print it in the newspaper? It's like the cheetah - despite all appearances of being a domesticated animal 22,000 years ago with the genetics only seen in cloned animals, it was in fact just a species of mother f*cking incest mad cats who were crazy for sex with their cousins for thousands of years until they produced clone-like profiles.

I was watching the Discovery channel last night about the Pharoah's jewelry, particularly the glass scarab that would have required temperatures exceeding 1800 celsius like those found inside a nuclear reactor to cast. They helped me to understand by explaining it was a magical mystery meteorite that magically made scarab molds when it hit the desert sands. That was on televitz so it must be true. They repeated the fallacy once again that it was "carved" into a scarab beetle from an original piece of glass despite the evidence clearly showing it was poured and molded in one pass.

Just so you'll know about the latest fringe theory, there are people who are starting to suspect the planet of being much, much older than 4 billion years. There are quite a few nuts on the edges who think the facts show our planet to be as much as 8 billion years old or more.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Dr. Spock's Guide To Destroying Your Society Within One Generation

Hating children is hating life itself. People who want to destroy children are committing genocide.

It's important to know that much like "Betty Friedan," Dr. Spock was a hardcore, radical rabid marxist. He actually ran for President in the U.S. under the American Socialist Party. Strangely enough, the mass media that promoted every detail of Dr. Spock's life neglected to mention at the time his books were published:

1. Dr. Spock at that time had never actually raised children and had no children at the time of the publication of his book. The majority of the ideas in the book come from the Talmud.

2. Dr. Spock was a rabid, frothing radical communist.

3. Dr. Spock was possibly a friend of Dorothy.

4. Dr. Spock could not manage money.

5. Dr. Spock promoted flouridation of children's water.

Dr. Spock had one and possibly two children later on who committed suicide. You'll find enormous ambiguity in the mass media about this, because of the shocking ramifications concerning their own heavily biased promotion of this idiot. It's possible both a boy and a girl of his killed themselves.

The Harvest of Suffrage

If women did not want to be caricatured as addlebrained, they could start by ceasing to behave as though they are addlebrained.

I have never met a woman who did not believe in ghosts. I have also never met a diversity enricher who did not believe in ghosts. This is FAIL at civilization and will lead to a condition of FAIL at maintaining a civilization.

Special bonus points for those who remember the stories coming out of South Africa in a similar vein shortly after apartheid ended. Within a few years, they had regressed to such a crude state of existence they were scarcely distinguished from stone-age peoples. Modern civilization and people who believe in ghosts don't actually mesh together very well. You can have one or the other but not both in the same place for very long.

Amazing Breakthrough for Vault Lighting

Sounds incredible. In addition to internal lighting, I was immediately interested in the potential of this technology as grow lights for underground permaculture gardening.

What I would like to see is a foot square ceiling panel for $20.00 that runs off 12 volts 50 ma and gives off enough light to raise vegetables on a 1 meter by 1 meter square bed underneath it with adequate lighting to replace the sun for 8 hours a day.

Incidentally, I went into a hydroponics shop the other day looking for a low voltage fan and the shop owner began to get really angry at me when I suggested his 240 VAC 300 watt ventilation fans might draw a lot of current for a small homeowner garden. I made this comment very innocently but like typical Gold Coast he was red-faced and cursing me as a yank within seconds, then he grew insulting and told me to leave his store. This happens all the time on the Gold Coast, I never have any idea what I have said that sets them off this way. I only realized after leaving the shop that the reason the idiot exploded that way was that I had unintentionally revealed in a few sentences that I am probably the only person who lives on the Gold Coast interested in hydroponics for growing food instead of dope. These idiots think nothing of a $200.00 a day electricity bill for their "hydroponics garden" when they grow cash crops on it instead of food. You'd be hard pressed to find a person interested in running a hydroponics garden in this region with efficiency, for example off a solar panel or a wind generator. They just never consider these approaches because all they do is grow narcotics with the miraculous technology of hydroponics. Necessity is the mother of invention and their "crops" have never forced them to think carefully about energy inputs versus yields because of the price that their marijuana fetches for them.

Sheeple Talk About Their Visions of the Krapocalypse

These sort of things never fail to shock me, no matter how much I try to mentally prepare for anything before reading it. The article was so childlike and naive you have to wonder - what goes on in this kind of person's head normally? Spectator sports, televitz, beer, celebrities ... what on Earth do they spend their time thinking about, when obviously they almost never think about the real world?

In Britain the locals tell themselves they'll go into the woods and hunt pheasants after a nuclear war. That's what they'll do.

In Amerikwa, they have fantastic escapist dreams of how they'll bug out in their camper vans and find a quiet stream somewhere in the mountains where they will fish. That's what they'll do.

Vault-Co suggests this is not actually what most people will be doing after a nuclear war. I suspect things will be a bit different. The only unflinching account I have ever read of the post-nuclear environment was Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD. Everything else I have ever seen in fiction was just sad delusional bullsh*t bordering on infantile.