Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sheeple Neighbors Are Our Misfortune

Too true. It's the people who live around you who are too dumb to live and too dumb to lay down to die who will give you the most trouble. People like this are barely functional in the best of times and in the worst of times they are a ball & chain around the necks of whoever is unwise enough to indulge them. I can assure you their limpid-eyed devotion to the State as their god will be easily transferred to you the second you give them a bowl of rice. It's like feeding stray cats, you'll only suffer for it later on.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Earth Changes : Oklahoma

5.6 Mag, Largest Ever Recorded For Oklahoma

Miraculously, not a single injury reported as of yet, despite documentable damage to foundations and buildings

A series of aftershocks left residents baffled and terrified

Was felt in many surrounding states and comes on the heels of a bizarre snowstorm in October that has left many states without power. Whither next for the Kwa? Will they all be knife-edge miraculous near-misses into the indefinite future? Or this really just the beginning?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Experts State The Obvious

Waiting until the planet is deep in ice-age snow and after half the planet has been ravaged by remarkable climate catastrophes, the experts are warning us that we may be seeing some climate changes in the future. Thanks for the heads-up.

It's so simple, even Sapiens could figure it out

I'm just warning you. Going into a new Ice Age with a 1200cc brain about the size of a tangerine and a firm belief that professional wrestling is a real sport does not bode well for Homo Sapiens. This isn't a little dip between Holocenes, either. We're talking a cliff on the temperature graphs if the past two million years of ice cores can be trusted. A brudda be chillin', big time.

The first thing to go will be the elderly, followed by countless millions of people who enjoy careers as fake smart people during the good times. When the sun is out in the middle of summer, all the grasshoppers pretend to be intellectuals at leisure. Then the winter comes and the ants use the frozen bodies of grasshoppers to build windbreaks. The ant is smart. The grasshopper is a solar excess product.

The Machine That Enki Built

Initially I opposed the humanoid bot design program. I told Enki and the other overseers it was a waste of resources to try to produce a biological machine that would look like us but otherwise serve us as our auto-programmable slave. Well, deployment in the field has proved me wrong. These monkeys in manpants are the greatest labor saving device the world has ever known. A feature I really love about them is their custom rhesus monkey genes module which enables you to give one of these droids a command phrase and watch it echo throughout the ranks, each of them repeating the slogan like a zombie until it saturates their consciousness as a new prime directive. They look so human-like it is eerie sometimes but lack souls or real volition. The only real accident in the program has been the freakish Enkidu, a small price to pay for your own personal army of self-replicating autobots.

Try to collect one of each color and build a full set. Someday they are bound to be worth something. I like to march them around in groups and set them up on battlefields in front of dioramas to fight one another, it's thrilling.

P.S. Central stock management has found this herd needs to be weeded down a bit. Their individual market sale price has declined and they are not going for what they used to at auction. For this reason we have begun to control their numbers by dismantling the nuclear family unit and encouraging them to waste their time with non-breeding activities not related to child rearing or child nurturing, just seeing broadway shows and going on cruises to expend their excess capital. I've heard rumors from the head office they are planning to phase out several whole breeds of these stocks and this is the first step in bringing their herds down to manageable numbers.

Vault-Co Got It Right. Everybody Else, Wrong.

We told you.

The timelines are always fuzzy for us. I can't actually tell you when to look out your window to see inbound contrails.

All I can tell you for sure is that


If You Didn't Pack It Like We Told You Ten Years Ago, You're Going To Have To Eat Frankencorn

Double-blind reproducible research done by three different firms, including Monsanto itself, show that animals begin to demonstrate irreversible organ damage within three months of eating this monster lab garbage. Many people consider the pollens from this corn a prime suspect in the bee die-off.

In a few short months this poison is going to be crammed into the food supply the same way aspartame was, despite an overwhelming scientific consensus it will make you die in record time. Some rats showed holes and ragged flaps all the way through their guts that literally leaked their food into their body cavities along with their stomach acids. Death came as a mercy.

Think you can escape by avoiding corn? High fructose corn syrup is in everything across the spectrum of processed foods. It would be like trying to avoid breathing any air for a while.

I've watched them getting this stuff ready for market for the past ten years. I think it was one of the first articles I ran on TEXAS ARCANE'S SURVIVAL REPORT back in 1998.

They've known this entire time this crap is rotgut that will kill sheeple dead like high grade roach powder.

They're going to put it into your food anyway. Sheeple check into the NWO. But they don't check out.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scienmajistical Types Take Thirty-Five Years To Reach Conclusion That Another Man Reached In Thirty-Five Seconds

Their super edajamafacational group-mindthink amplification powers failed to work at some point. These powers apparently give a bunch of mediocre people who cannot remember to wash their hands coming out of the lavatory greater intelligence than an actual genius if they push their foreheads together and make a humming noise.

Thirty-Five Years this theory spent in fortean literature and supermarket tabloids ("Pre-Columbian civilizations in North America?!?!?") before these idiots just came out and said "Well ... yeah. Of course. Nix all that other stuff we've said for the past thirty-five years." This is like Fred Hoyle. All of a sudden it's "Well ... yeah. Of course. I mean, it's self-evident."

Mainstream science is not just getting egg on their face, they've got a four hundred pound naked clown with a red nose and frizzy wig with bondage gear forcing them to tongue out a dwarf's asshole wearing a dog collar.

Is all this part of the "awakening" the Mayans described as happening as we approached 2012? It is almost as if a veil is being ripped away. For me, it's like seeing a low lying fog blow black and giving you your first look in your life at your own feet. The scales are being lifted from people's eyes.

Do you know what I think on this subject? I believe the Clovis peoples were the very last generation of Neanderthals and that they escaped Europe across the Bering Straits because they were driven out by Homo Sapiens, trying to make a life for themselves all over again in the new world. There were many others when they got here, but it looked initially as though they were the most promising newcomers of 12,000 .B.C. when they first arrived. Then, with the very definition of bad luck, something really terrible happened and it hit North America particularly hard. The black ash. The burning sky. Diamonds from the troposphere. Bucky balls an inch deep of perfect carbon driven with hypersonic force into the bones of big mammals. The Clovis people, demonstrating the uncanny true grit of the Neanderthal race, survived this event, incredible as it seems. They emerged into a world transformed, where iron oxides falling from the sky turned every single freshwater drinking source into a deadly green algae cyanotic poison. Never ones to say die, they dug freshwater wells beside the poisoned lakes to try to filter the water through clay and soil in a desperate attempt to obtain drinking water. It didn't work. They died there piled beside these wells, their bones stained blue-green with toxins, laying there for 12,000 years to be dug up by our archeologists in the far future. These archeologists were so stunned to find Neanderthal bones in the new world they decided to call them "Clovis people" instead and pretend they could not identify their origins. You couldn't mistake those bones for anyone else but Neanderthals. The joints and caps make it obvious these men could have played hacky-sack with Volkswagons.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fun In Oslo

I had an artist working for me in Oslo that I had an email exchange with about ten years ago.

I told him wait ten years and we'd talk again. He told me he didn't know where I got my ideas from, he said it was the safest city in the world and he said it always would be. He told me I probably needed to have my head examined if I thought Oslo was ever going to be like Los Angeles with drive-by shootings. He told me you must be visiting some extremist sites that have caused you to lose touch with reality.

Really? I asked him. Yes, he said, really. Reactionary people like you are always afraid of things that don't even exist and besides the globalist utopia was approaching and soon we would all be eating magical bottomless fairy soup and riding our rainbow ponies around and he told me we would live in perfect joy and prosperity for a thousand years and wouldn't I feel silly when I looked back and regretted all the paranoid predictions I had made about Norway?

I said, let's have this conversation again in ten years. Then you tell me about how I am crazy again. I have never heard back from him and here we are ten years later.

I have had identical exchanges with British pen pals some ten years ago. Some of these guys I had exchanges with are now desperately seeking to emigrate out of Britain and into Australia.

Just A Snippet Of The Garbage That's Out There

There is such a wealth of rubbish coming out of the mouth now of every idiot academic who can lip-read a search engine result that it is like a tsunami.

It honestly looks like every single academic who has lost his global warming grant has now turned to the field of Neanderthal research. Seriously.

As Winston Churchill pointed out, the lie is halfway around the world before the truth has got it's boots on. It would take an army of Tex Arcanes twenty years just to debunk the gibberish that has come out in the past week about Neanderthals.

It is almost as if the establishment has panicked so badly over it's frauds being exposed for the past 150 years on this hominid they are now desperately trying to generate enough lies that it will take another 150 years to unravel them all.

I want you to ask yourself a question. You don't need to have a degree in anthropology to answer it. You just need to be able to walk and chew gum at the same time.

Let's imagine we have two species.

One of these species could be compared to an arctic tree sloth. It is a funny creature, very strong, thick and hairy. It mates for life, breeds quite slowly, lives in extreme cold weather climates for more than a half million years and is a polyphasic sleeper who goes through long extended hibernation periods that may last up to a decade, during which time it is strangely afflicted by melancholy that vastly reduces it's energy requirements in the cold, enabling it to survive long periods of scarcity in such a way it burns the least amount of calories. It is dreamy and reflective, very contemplative and introverted, a depressive and meditative sort of troll tightly bound up into xenophobic little groups that often sit quietly in dark caves while an ice age roars outside, painting the rock walls by dim candlelight for what is sometimes months with intense devotion, the way a submarine crew might work on a gigantic crossword puzzle to wile away the time in a very tight confined space that does not permit much variety in the way of entertainment. They are a people given to certain elements of deference to insure group cohesion, so much so that anthropologists are fond of calling them "sadomasochistic" somehow. Although they defend their territory with enormous ferocity when threatened, every cell of their body seems devoted to managing their internal states with the maximum amount of efficiency to squeeze every possible unit of life out of the very worst situations. We might almost describe them as a sort of mammalian mushroom. In some cases their bones clearly indicate they spent countless years underground, living off cave fish and freshwater mussels, perhaps not seeing the sun except for brief springs every few decades. Everything they did, particularly having children, would have had to occur slowly so as not to overburden themselves with mouths they could not feed. They would be slow to anger, slow to change in social structure. They survive off protein and require time to digest it, harder teeth to chew it, slower metabolic rates to burn it.

... now there is the other species, which comes from warmer climates somewhere in the south. They breed like locusts, extroverted pragmatic creatures of the sun who make war compulsively, conquering a piece of land and then growing mass yield agricultural crops until the inevitable crunch comes from their rapid expansion and they have to go to war again to conquer more land to plant more carbohydrates to feed more children that are produced by their rampant promiscuity. They are polygamous, very prolific and grow so quickly they can be ready to fight in tribal combat by the age of 8 or even earlier. Wherever they settle, the ground there is soon soaked with blood and filled with the bones of the dead of all ages. There is no discrimination whatsoever. In their endless warfare they kill the young, the old, the crippled, the women, the babies. Their replacement rates would have to be very rapid to have kept their numbers high for their nonstop, vicious intertribal war which emphasized raw aggression, frontal assaults, mad charges and hails of spears and projectile weapons. Any race that gets in their way looks like it was run down by a bulldozer it is so rapidly driven away from these rabid, mindless, violent creatures. There is no area they are found in which did not quickly become too small for them, demanding they conquer new lands and attain more real estate by bloody raw conquest. It appears that at no time has this race gone without a new war or massacre at least once every few years over the past hundred thousand years. Peace is such an anomaly amongst their kind that there exists no documentation for it whatsoever.

... knowing just a few of the details I have given you, which of these races do you think grew slowly, reached maturity later and lived longer, producing fewer children and generally maintaining very static slow growth in population? The 28 DAYS LATER race of rage zombies, or the slow moving cold weather roly-poly cave-dwelling rodeo clowns?

You reach your own conclusions and then ask yourself if the author of the article linked to above really believed the crap he was writing or literally just yanked it out of thin air.

This is the tip of the iceberg, literally. They are generating volumes of monographs of junk on this subject and releasing them to the press before they have been peer-reviewed, apparently using tabloids as the new vetting mechanism for scientific theory. The days where all the scientists were given a look at a hypothesis before it was mailed out as a press release are long gone.