Tuesday, December 15, 2015

What Happened To Peak Oil?

I was making fun of these Peak Oil and Fossil Fuel nuts a decade ago on their own forums.

You should see the coal veins here in Australia. They stretch for hundreds upon hundreds of miles. Enough cheap energy to tide us over for a couple thousand years if we had sane people as leadership. We could gradually phase it out and replace it with thorium depending on how long it takes to gravitate to that industry.

We don't have sane people as leaders. While they blather on about ephemera as meaningless as Catholic purgatory the world lurches towards WW3 with blinders on.

There is no energy crisis. There's just Saudi bank accounts and they did well telling people oil was limited and came from dead dinosaur bones.

The Russians ran hot steam through their old wells and they were shortly thereafter producing the same yields they had in the beginning. They weren't running dry, they were just clogged. Some sort of abiotic hydrocarbon reaction produced by pressure or heat in the earth makes oil. Sometimes it gets polluted with old biological matter when they are pumping it out. That is a contaminant but has nothing to do with its origins.

I think a lot of these fake crises that people focus their neurotic anxieties on are a displacement for their real fears and they tend to be drawn towards milquetoast threats they can cope with. Most men and women nowadays can't think about things like nuclear war, too scary and they are too low on testosterone to demonstrate any martial virtues. So they displace their fears onto cheesy crap like Peak Oil and globowarmthinkery. The effeminate alternative to real apocalyptic threats. If you don't believe me just try bringing up the real world with a lot of these people. They go pale and sweaty like they have seen a ghost. Most of them can't cope even with fake neurotic manufactured crises.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

Renowned Expert On Nuclear Warfare Says American Arsenal Is a Thirty Year Old Pile of Junk

Right here.

If you listen to the average man you can see mentally he is stuck forever in the year 1977. They just never moved on. They pretend to be able to learn and sound like Oprah Winfrey always declaring epiphanies on a daily basis. The truth is that the common mind closed up in the late 70's and the majority of the people born since have failed to learn anything at all about anything. When they speak it sounds like an old television broadcast from the late 1970's except with all the brains, insight and integrity stripped out. The modern era is really a vacuum that represents the complete absence of the good, which is worse than merely bad.

International metrics of human productivity were released in 2010 with great consternation when the hard facts revealed overwhelming evidence that not only had the Australians failed to increase their productivity since the year 1975 but that the introduction of computers into the workplace had no effect on productivity whatsoever in the following 40 years afterwards. Stop and think about the gulf that would have to exist in the Australian mind between what they think they have been doing during these many decades and what they have actually been doing during this time. The only reason I mention this is because I believe the gulf in the American mind between what they think their military power is and what it really is would be one hundred times that abyss. Russia will clean these people's clocks. They are living in a dream world.

The Sunday Supplements of the late 60's predicted the era we live in now and they said it would presage the Third World War. Those articles I read fifty years ago were right.

Friday, December 11, 2015

Predicted on Vault-Co in 2002

A bug that went full communist.

How did species jumping bacteria and viruses become so common? A few short years ago it was well understood science that interspecies infections were extraordinarily rare. Now a decade later nearly every single flu and cold virus looks like it had pig or poultry spliced into it.

They're practicing. Getting ready to impose Georgia Guidestones edict numero uno. Academics are routinely caught on camera nowadays openly chuckling in front of their mutual admiration entourages about how many people they are going to exterminate and how many different ways they have to kill the "surplus" population. Just as transparent and available are the various levels of implementation that will eliminate the "aristocrats" below them who have done their job as useful idiots. The New World Order tells all it's minions they are indispensable but when the time comes they will be chewed up quicker than the climax of an Austin Powers film. Each level in turn will eliminate the one beneath it until it is nothing but Irving Cristol playing with his puppies on the carpet and dead cities outside with tumbleweeds blowing through the streets.

Another angle they are working on is vanishing water supplies. Engineered scarcity hoax. Death by media outlet. There's no water crisis. There never was. Once you cut off water you're really in control. If you read the article, you will see "scientists" have "discovered" this water crisis through satellites that "measure the gravity fields of Earth." This strange new field of physics and science has emerged without much fanfare, apparently the largest scientific breakthrough in human history without any press coverage.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Brachycranial Is Just A Synonym For Melonhead


EDIT : Sorry link was broken earlier.

My father and I used to hunt for groundhogs around an old mound in Fishersville, Virginia. These things are all over the place, sticking up out of otherwise flat fields. The original colonists couldn't excavate them in many cases so they just planted around them.

Homo Sapiens isn't the peak of evolution. He's a cloned, imitation lite-brand slave/servant/soldier created by grinding down Neanderthal genes into a miniature bonsai-tree version. He is not evolving into a higher form of life - he is rapidly devolving as conditions promote his worst genes and his grafted brain size is deflating like a leaky balloon. At the end of the day, this is normally a cold planet and he is not adapted to it.  All the races look poorly adjusted to long term survival on Earth. His only strength is his zombie clone collectivism and once he has to prove his own mettle he doesn't survive long apart from the group. Neanderthals, by contrast, thrive anywhere alone or in small tribes. There isn't a place on this planet no matter how inhospitable that Neanderthals can't change into a terrestrial paradise with only a few years to work. That's your original man there, not a cheap copy from mass production.

Sunday, December 6, 2015

San Bernardino - High Tech Can't Help Low I.Q. Fakirs

They just are not up to snuff. This is the MTV generation and they are not qualified for proper Psy-Ops staging.

This whole thing is so fake that it would only go over on a population so stupid they'd believe anything - Americans.

When you see some of the photos of the "victims," the photoshopping is worse than the doctored photographs in the Soviet Union that cut out ostracised party members. Sixty years of advances in technology and they have still got that awkward stilted paper doll cutout look to them. Always behind or to one side of the people in the photo so there are fewer shadows to paint on.

Crimes scenes now open to the general public and on display for people to wander through like a haunted house. "Feel this spaghetti! These are the entrails of the victims of the eeeeeevil witch!"

Color coded stretchers for crisis drills to show what fake dummies go to which team for "Treatment." Notice there is a lot of "milling" around in this area despite there being nothing to do here. No bodies on the stretchers and so that means whatever these people are doing is simply designed to look like "activity." Classic crisis drill.

Obama - Putting the Planet On A Watchlist

... because they are "dangerous."

They are using this word for Trump now. Proves the guy must be doing something right.

The most dangerous kinds of people just make up their own arbitrary laws and are a law onto themselves. All human constitutions and declarations of rights are nothing but annoyances to them. They believe that those people and their ancestors don't know what is good for them.

When Will Baking Soda Become Illegal

... along with blackstrap molasses?

The West has already shut down production of mebendazole, probably in an attempt to keep anybody from getting well.

I have relatives treated by oncologists. I am convinced all their "cures" are people who miraculously survive in spite of - not because of - their treatments.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Why Science Has Lost All Credibility

This chick may be onto something. A lot of these
women look like crosses between male and females.
Perhaps a new classification called "Schmales" is in order.
I suspect endocrinal disruptors in public water.
The past thirty years of X-Rays and CT Scans paint a picture that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the conclusions claimed in this Israeli study.

THE EXACT OPPOSITE. Three decades of neuroscience have shown that male and female brains are so anatomically different that any layman can instantly learn to recognise the two just on features and proportions. This short article is just the tip of the iceberg here, trust me.

When this "Israeli" study gets high priority coverage across all mass media and the overwhelming prevailing evidence that contradicts it is barely even discussed, science is no more credible than theology during the 8th century. Clearly, "scientism" has become just another form of political control. Over the years it has graduated from grotesque distortions and omissions and in the past ten years has moved into overt, blatant LYING. It started with "Climate Change" and spread like a yeast infection to all the "sciences" between 1992 and 2012. This is that tenth generation dismal tide sweeping through all the paid professions.

Increasingly, if you heard it from a "scientamagist" you can be certain it is no more credible than the cheap paper tracts that Bolshevists distributed to the common people in the Soviet Union. It is POLITICAL. It has nothing to do with science. Every one of these frauds needs to answer for their crimes against the real scientists they have driven out of our institutions the past forty years.

Girls, I genuinely don't want to hurt feelings when I say this, but just like so many of the other professions the instant you start to admit people into any former meritocracy because of their gender, that profession goes straight to hell overnight. "Science" is probably the last casualty on the list. It's not that there aren't women with the brains to be in science ... it's that they are likely unable to enter the field because of all the hideous Bolshevist crones like the one above taking up slots they would have easily earned their way into on merit. Whether or not both sexes entered the professions in equal ratios, at least you would be assured the people who were in those careers were there because they measured up and then some. Just using feminine hygiene products is not a qualification to be a scientist and the results speak for themselves.

P.S. One thing not to like about the people who dominate "science" now is that they are always trying to ingratiate themselves with others. They have no core of integrity. They are all a little female in that they are always trying to befriend everybody by pretending to be in agreement with them. It's not a good trait. It's grovelling and prostrating oneself when it is expeditious, reserving vicious and ugly attacks for the shadows and from concealment. This is a really bad trait for a "scientist" to have. It is just not the well from which excellence in anything is drawn. If anything, it is a disqualification for that career. It causes the behaviour of other scientists, possibly sincere ones, to be modified to cope in an environment where increasingly everything is theatre and nothing genuine. If the "scienmagist" who spends all his time in performance art is the one who gets the grant money, what do you think happens to the one that spends all their time in the lab doing real research? In time, it turns everything it touches to crap because it is mere imitation and mimicry.

GMO Loses Against Truth

The scientist who published the original studies showing GMO food caused tumors in rats was nearly destroyed by vicious slanders initiated by deep pockets Monsanto. 

Read the article and you will see that Monsanto paid for two new positions at scientific trade journals to be created simply in response to this study. That's a corrupting influence when anybody has that kind of money and can even buy silence on their own actions to counter someone else's accusations. You can imagine how many toadies they have on payroll working for them pretending to be objective scientists at institutions.

The point of course, is ... avoid GMO food at all costs and demand labelling. Frankenfood kills.

Be especially careful when buying storage food to make sure you aren't stacking poison up in your pantry for emergencies. It would be a crying shame to survive the apocalypse and then have your storage food kill you.

Now you know why they built that seed vault. So after they are done culling the herd they will still have a way to revert to God's food before they mutated it all. They are especially fond of the idea of being able to control the world's last healthy seeds and make people beg for it on their terms.

P.S. The guy who exposed the relationship between autism and vaccines was destroyed by this same crowd of "scientism" thugs. They are no different from the Inquisition except they cannot legally torture at this time. They are working on that restriction now at the Paris conference.