Friday, February 25, 2011

Spiral Auroras - High Weirdness in the High Stratosphere

Something's happening.

I overheard two people talking on the train the other day. They were saying as much. They sounded like they had never given more than ten seconds thought to any subject in their entire lives. They sounded afraid.

They have no idea.

Kwanzania : It's fun to watch their heads spin around at the bottom of the bowl before they vanish down the pipe

Texas. California. Florida. Keeping marking them off on the map HYAR BE DRAGONES until you realize that almost that entire map is now marked by large fragments of no-go zones with tiny little enclaves scattered here and there. It'll be okay. Sure it will.

Keep buying interesting sounding books off the fake opposition at Fox News talking about the strategy to "win back America," you know ... "after the downturn is over." Yeah, it will be okay.

I will be laughing at you. I will laugh so hard I will have to stop for a while, then I'll start laughing some more. Then when I don't think I can laugh anymore, I will laugh the hardest of all. Kwanzania - formerly known as the United States. Just another third world hellhole where decent people used to live. Standard of living on par with any other city in Mexico. Your women will work in porn to make ends meet as single mothers and the old men will weep into their beers, but not so loud somebody might overhear you and begin to suspect you may be unhappy in the globalist paradise. Because you're afraid. It's your vanity that makes you think you are not a coward. Brave men don't sit by with limpid eyes and watch things like this happen over a half a century without even raising their voices or daring to frown when they talk about it.

Like all cowards, the Kwanzanians can watch their women and children go into various forms of bondage and their men die young and stupid without hope of work from cradle to grave. That's what conquered people do. They sit and stew in their helplessness, scared even to whisper their discontent. Let me clear this up for you. You are the losers. They are the winners. They have beaten you and they have made it look easy.

Your only hope now is that God himself may intervene on your behalf. Notice how all the secular people on television were unable to do anything for you in the past fifty years, but the Most High sneezes and now we've got real politik? Pray for a new Ice Age because it's your only hope. Any other possible future is going to be a lot worse.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Vault-OS : Finding the right network platform

I tried to put the Netduino on this network and made a very important discovery : Microsoft's TCP-IP implementation is not Berkeley standard. Desqview-X and the NCD Explora recognized the domain redirectors because they are designed to work with Windows setups as well as other platforms.

I had already installed a TCP-IP packet driver as a bridge for coding with the Desqview-X cooporative multitasker but I had real problems seeing and communicating with the Netduino.

The MS Network Client 3.1 I am using is a memory hog even after applying a patch to it and is running really slow with the packet driver so I am trying a whole different approach.

The Novell Client32 package at the link above will work for Vault-OS both inside of Desqview-X and outside it, if you have an appropriate ODI driver for your card and use and ODI shim to connect with the TCP-IP Packet Driver. Installing it last night, I found it freed up huge amounts of real mode RAM and ran faster with a TCP-IP implementation that instantly recognized the Netduino card when it did it's initial broadcast. It also ran the X Server inside of Desqview-X faster for the NCD Explora, with about a 60% increase in response speed for the mouse and keyboard with DOS applications on the thin client. It was also still able to operate with the Microsoft domain controllers on the Windows 2000 server, as long as you specified Novell Netware compatible settings on the Windows server. Has a better front end tool as well for general maintenance.

It's almost too good to be true, with a single catch - your network card should have a 32 bit ODI driver for Novell Netware. If you can surmount that hurdle, this is a far better substructure for the network for Desqview-X to run on top of, being designed for it in cooporation with Novell before Quarterdeck went out of business. All parts of it seemed better integrated than M$ clients were.

I will probably put a chapter for each client into the Vault-OS manual when I write it, covering both types of network substructures and their installation perks.

Monday, February 21, 2011

The Next World War Is Going To Be A Doozy

The public is shown weapons from WW2 and they are told that this is the current military.

The modern military has no emphasis on human beings except as guidance. All the worst weaponry will be remote controlled and automatic operation. The deadliest devices are in orbit or can swiftly reach it and they will deliver a storm of such fury upon the whole earth that the imagination fails.

Where they put boots on the ground it is mostly for show and demonstration. The secret military is preparing for World War III and so should you.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

When Everybody Starts To Sound Like Vault-Co, It's Time To Worry

They keep lifting the bar. Originally the worst that might happen was it would knock out Playstations and interfere with vending machines.

Now it's a "Solar Katrina." Will they wait until the first real flare hits before they admit that indeed, it appears the Sun is capable of doing more damage than merely affecting electronics equipment? How about causing magnetic reversal and blowing off our shield against cosmic radiation for a couple hours/decades?

By the way, I've read a few articles recently insisting that the cosmic shield doesn't really protect us from radiation in outer space and if it vanishes, there will only be a greater chance of sunburn and a higher cancer rate. I want you to use your own judgement and decide if that is a realistic appraisal of the risk involved or not. Remember, at least half the common fungi and molds on earth are radiophiles, apparently evolved over billions of years to tolerate thousands of rads an hour. What situation could have possibly produced this kind of adaptation in the majority of all single and simple celled organisms on Earth?

The Neanderthal skeleton that used to be on display in the front hall of the British Museum of Natural History was suffering from terrible rickets due to Vitamin D deficiency. It stunted his growth, put a hump in his back and bowed his legs. This man had apparently lived underground for his entire life without seeing the sun. What could conditions have possibly been like aboveground that he was forced to survive his entire life in a deep cave below the surface?

If you just pay attention, guides to the real history of this planet are all around us and hardwired into human nature itself. This planet undergoes magnetic reversals and excursions regularly every 11,500 years without fail. Guess how long ago the last one was?

Cascade Win On Vault-OS This Weekend

I got Microsoft LanMan to run under Desqview-X using a very poorly documented TSR bridge to TCP-IP driver that has to be installed before running Desqview. Taken me three weeks of research in ancient document archives to figure this out. Once this was running, I got the X-Windows server working under Desqview-X, which can service up to 6 thin client X-Terminals while Desqview-X is running the real-time I2C sensor monitor I wrote in Turbo C++ 3.0 and started inside Desqview-X. Once this was all running, I was able to boot an NCD Explora device and run DOS programs inside the X-Terminals over TCP-IP to the Explora devices!

I had to remove the IPX and NetBEUI protocols from MS Lanman to free up enough memory to run DesqView-X and just barely skimmed in with about 394K free when entering the Desqview-X loading screen.

I then stood back and looked at a very bizarre spectacle that I may well be the first man on Earth to have had running in about twenty years ... a real-time multitasking multiuser thin client X-Server running on top of DOS servicing NCD Explora thin client boxes with DOS text mode based applications all at the same time. This is a rock solid setup according to old Navy documents on various workstations they built back in the late 80's, able to run for years unattended without breaking down or crashing.

The NCD Explora is rated at a MTBF of 400,000 hours, roughly 39 years of continuous usage before the average box malfunctions in any way. The military hardened Pentium that I installed the server on is rated for 100,000 hours minimum before anything starts to fail.

Wait, there's more.

I got my development machine upgraded from 128 mb to 512 mb, after which I installed Windows 2000 Advanced Professional Server.

Inside of DESQview-X, I was able to browse folders on the Windows 2000 server, send mailbox messages (and therefore participate in MSQ Messaging) and exchange TCP-IP packets with the W2000 while the Desqview-X server was running. Turning the Windows OS system on and off (the higher layer in Vault-OS) had absolutely no effect on the Desqview-X system!

Only been working on something like this for about 8 years solid. Third week of February 2011, proof of concept is functional and seems to work as designed.

  1. A lower layer that never turns off in the shelter. (Runs forever)
  2. A higher layer that can exist or not exist, depending on whether humans have entered the shelter and require a more sophisticated front end.
It's very, very robust. Very solid. It doesn't take much to get this lower layer running and keep it running on any x86 machine in the world. Compared to the higher layer, maintenance and upkeep of this system is trivial. It probably sounds complicated but the truth is it is unbelievably simple compared to configuring anything in Windows or Linux. You get it running even once, it's going to keep running for you forever without human oversight. Possible a system like this could still be chugging along in 2100 A.D. or thereabouts assuming something keeps the power on all that time.

Incidentally, the Pentium running Desqview-X is on 12 volts, 900 ma draw not counting the display screen, the NCD Explora is running on 12 volts, 750 ma not counting display device. Very, very, very modest power draw. Both devices can be configured for power hibernation steps, including going to sleep and turning off the displays. The NCD Explora can be set up for Wake-On-Lan if desired or just left off altogether until needed.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

The "Modern World" Is Fail

Everything about it reeks of fail.

It's exactly like Mike Judge's IDIOCRACY. Every aspect of it is an embarrassment but luckily the people who live in it are not smart enough to know they should be ashamed.

Everything's Fine, Mother of all Economic Collapses Approaches

Anyway, I'm just glad that the U.S. government won't take some incredibly cowardly action like closing it's doors and deserting the country when the worst part of it hits. That would be unbelievably rotten. It's like the captain of the Titanic rowing away with all the silverware piled up in his lap. All the timings involved are perfect. That's why we called it the Apocalypse Trifecta ten years ago.

It's a country falling apart in more ways than one. All we need now is for mother nature to close this up for us. From now on, only "officially approved" quake data will be released from Yellowstone. That tells you things are happening there that can no longer be available for public review. Stay calm, sheeple. Nothing to see here. Keep moving along. There is nothing going on that is not on the televitz. It's all the fault of the gas companies. Please disregard all violent shaking and quaking you may experience. It's completely normal. Let the glaciatin' begin. Don't sweat it, because if the Apocalypse Express doesn't get you on one side, we will get you on the other. We got plenty of supervolcanos cranking up, we can't miss. We should play dumb and pretend like we have no idea why these things are happening.