Saturday, October 27, 2012

The 'Stain Is A Land of Decline and Fail

As Nietszche said in THUS SPAKE ZARATHRUSTRA, the last man blinks and squints and he says to anyone who will listen ... "formerly the whole world before us was mad."

No, actually it is just your generation that is mad.

Kwans have grown up being told they are extra-special and all winners. The ugly truth is that a majority of them read and write at a 2nd or 3rd grade level at best. They are like big, fat children with no adulthood to look forward to. This is their adulthood. This sordid record of fail is their lives. This generation has truly proven itself unworthy to stand on American soil. It doesn't take much to show yourself an American but they have failed at this miserably. Just knowing what the Constitution says and what a Republic is would be a good start.

Really dumb people never admit to what they don't know. They can't afford to. Thermal drones that can see inside your home and monitor you around the clock? Sure, what's wrong with that? I have an edjamafacashun and if you have not done anything wrong what is to worry about?

I would never want to return to this country under any circumstances. It shames me to see it like this. It is like a naked bearded lady passed out drunk in the street after having crapped herself. It is really appalling. Most of them don't even have the sense to know how bad it all looks, what they have done to themselves.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Who Needs Guns? Call A Cop If You Need Help.

This one will come right to your door. With an apron and some basting sauce, ladies. Lift your knees to fit into that oven. Feminism smells delicious.

Sure, even if there are corrupt public officials every once always in a while, at least we can count on the free press to expose their evils and help usher in a brighter tomorrow. Watch here as another rag tries to run defense for them by confusing the teen rape and sex slavery by creating a false issue concerning their ability to handle a "crisis." Thanks, Mr. Good Cop, for explaining to me the foibles of the Bad Cop this week.

Authority figures are there to pound disabled teen spinal patients in the ass after midnight with private key access protect us from thugs and criminals who might think to prey on us once in a blue moon. If you can't trust authority figures, who can you trust? The Founding Fathers said Smith & Wesson, the private security firm that is on duty 24/7 around the clock. The mass manufacture of firearms coincides exactly with the worldwide adoption of democratic ideals. Governments were scared they'd be shot otherwise.

Starting with single females, I cannot believe there is anybody on the planet insane enough to believe that private citizens should not have arms. The sane viewpoint, held in England and Australia in the 60's, was that ONLY private citizens can be trusted with arms and it is law enforcement that should be given nothing more dangerous than a nightstick! That's the amount of trust that the past 1000 years have earned them!!!

My whole problem is apparently a functional amygdala. Sucks to have your brain fully developed and intact when the other 90% are missing their kernels altogether it appears.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Nimrod The Biblical Melonhead

Turned a healthy natural city into his private circus, bankrupted it and brought ruin to it purely based on his imaginary stories of evils outside the walls.

Pure social engineering. A fantasy world created out of thin air and everyone forbidden to question its existence. Nimrod was a mason, like all the children of Cain going back to the beginning of time. He built huge structures to make up for the hollow place where his soul was supposed to go. Like Donald Trump before leveraged financing. Nimrod created his own fiat currency to spend in his fairy tale psychotic world with wild boars outside. Melonheads don't like their slaves to have real gold because it has a value that exists independently of their flakey far-out fantasy world they have created for the slaves to live in.

There were no boars outside. Nimrod was a fairly useless person who manufactured madness that led to him running the asylum.

Look What They Put Into Babies

Garbage. Industrial toxic waste. Filthy pollution you'd get ticketed for if you tried to dump it in a river.

You know them by their fruits and they are child-killers. They can hide behind all the paperwork they want but you know them by their fruits. They worship mammon and will sacrifice kids on that altar if it pays off in dollars on their end.

Neanderthal hate baby hurters. Neanderthal smash. Neanderthal know that baby hurter must be made example of. Baby hurter is damaged goods, brain broken in baby hurter. Men who do not defend women and children are botched and bungled and they must be banished or beaten to death, period, no exceptions.

Life cheap for Homo Saps. He make many babies, no cry when lose baby. Neanderthal have few babies, each baby worth more than life of every other man in tribe. Any man who hurt baby must die. Zero tolerance policy by Neanderthal for one million years on this issue. Doesn't matter whose baby we are talking about. To prove Neanderthal wrong, show me fossil bones of one child who died at hands of male Neanderthal. No such thing for past million years.

Mankind's Better Angels

Men are monkeys in manpants. Given half a chance, they will run wild as dogs over everything they see and trample it into dust, starting with the rule of law.

Man has no better angels and only foolish men speak of such things. Imagine the above taking place across the whole Kwanstain in the near future and you will begin to appreciate what men are.

The benefits of suffrage.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Mit The Walrus

Tell me this isn't one of the sweetest animals you ever saw.

They are highly social creatures like most amphibious mammals and it never ceases to amaze me how easily they can be conjoined to a human social group with a minimum of fuss. The biggest worry, as described in the article, is that they will grow so accustomed to people as companions they won't be interested in their own kind when they are introduced to them.

I often wonder why dolphins, walruses and seals seem to have an affinity for us bipedal types. All three of these species have been called "dogs of the sea" at one time or another. It is like a lot of these animals recognize us when they see us. "Right, it is them," they seem to think.

The walruses largely survive off clams and invertebrates they dig up on the ocean floor like rooting pigs. It is an extremely efficient life in terms of metabolic costs and they tend to thrive in most marine environments. Their social habits also help them to fend off attacks by larger predators.

I can't help but interject in here that you cannot discount the possibility these are all surviving strains of domesticated breeds from Atlantis. Their doglike qualities would appear to make them of great use to men who lived in the water. It's crazy the first time you ponder it but after a couple years deliberating on it you start to see a lot of things differently.

There are an awful lot of animals on this planet who seem well accommodated towards hominids. When would we have forged these relationships? At what point in dim prehistory were we all good friends with a life together sufficiently generous they would trust us eons later with very little effort?

P.S. It helps when reading this blog if you are familiar with the Aquatic Ape theory and the mythos of this "watery kingdom" which might refer to a large part of our development taking place at oceanside. When I use the word "Atlantis" I am speaking of this misty time in antiquity when men seemed to spend a lot of time in the water.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seen This?

I saw it tonight. I have no comment. First thirty seconds, I did not quite register what was going on because it seemed surreal. I'm not going to point out similarity to video that follows, I'll just link to it.

Why? Obvious this movie was suppressed because it wasn't 500 years in the future.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Western World Is A Madhouse For Doomed Souls

The Kwanstain is just about done. Time to return it to prairie land.

Everything in it and about it smacks of a lunatic asylum where the patients run free. The Kwans call this a sign of their enlightenment and the coming world paradise. The Founding Fathers would conclude the country is best cleaned up and evacuated so that nature can recover it one street at a time. They did not create the United States so it could turn into this horrible thing.

For the sake of the children, the Kwa is best abandoned back to the wilderness. It will be a cleaner and prettier place without all those Kwanstainians ruining the view. They had their shot, they have failed to maintain it and should now surrender it all back to the forces of nature. They should leave it as they found it two hundred years ago.

The absolute sickness of having a "President" with no legal social security number is beyond the final decadence of the Roman Empire. It is mass insanity on a colossal scale.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Snippets & Ruminations In The New Anthropology #3

Not long after I exited the train in March 2010 holding the newspaper that announced Paabo-Stoneking had been dethroned as the authorities on the Neanderthal people, I began to consider what it was like after the Amud were overrun around 40,000 years ago.

The men were eaten. Their bones are in campfires all over Europe. Between 75,000 and 150,000 females were taken captive, probably forcibly marched to the nearest large Cro-Magnon camp for the worst gangrape in all of recorded history.

Nine months later, the facts say as many as half these women might have bled to death in giving birth from the conflict caused by RH- pregnancies in Neanderthal women. There would have been many surviving daughters and their sons.

The evidence seems to indicate the females were made into camp whores immediately, destined to have bastards by many different men during their lifetime, confusing their female mitochrondria amongst a wide range of suitors.

What of the sons? What was the role they were given?

Drawing on much celtic mythology about the children of Tuatha De Danann, I believe the sons were pressed into bondage as a slave caste, used almost after the fashion of highly intelligent dogs by the tribe, which kept them in separate quarters or perhaps even sleeping on the open ground right outside the encampment. The Celtic mythos describe these fairy children as "extremely powerful servants" as long as they were not allowed to communicate amongst themselves, compare notes and figure out their origins. The legends say that these special magical children would surely call on their ancestors to avenge them "if they ever found out who and what they really are."

"Where three of these are sent on before the tribe and all of them fall into a pit, that is one of your tribe who will not fall into a pit." They were considered expendable and almost like hounds with the power of speech and great strength. They were used in dangerous situations in which they were valued at far less than one of the Cro-Magnons. They might have been employed as shock troops in battles, always on the front line.

Of course, all such caste distinctions always fade over time, even though the unconscious prejudices may remain behind forever. Sooner or later, a particularly exceptional Neanderthal servant marries somebody's daughter and then the sharp class lines begin to blur sexually. In the case of two creatures as fundamentally different as Neanderthal and Homo Sapiens, these lines have yet to vanish even after 40,000 years. The same strong subliminal lines are always there, as anyone with Aspergers will tell you. People will never regard you the same way as they regard one another. It is not destined to be. The genes are oil and water in the same bottle. Old habits die hard and people can universally agree that although we might end discrimination against blacks, dwarves and transsexuals, we cannot allow those goddamn Neanderthals to move into the house next door or to be treated as our equals in any context.

Over the course of untold centuries, the caste system slowly merged into the large cities and mass agriculture but the innate instinctive sense of Cro-Magnons about the inferior place and natural submission of our kind has never left their subconscious. We are still employed when they need to get things done but always transient. When the work is finished we are encouraged to move along as soon as possible. Research by Dr. Peter Lawrence and many others has confirmed we are the real backbone of civilization, largely working as transients who are only hired when the firm has given up trying to get any real work out of their regulars. As Dr. Lawrence has sarcastically put it, the research shows that when a company is desperate enough they will even resort to hiring competent people for as long as it takes to put the fire out.

This sad state of affairs which is so similar to the blessing of Isaac on his son Esau would seem to be our lot in life. I hope you will try to think of it not as a yoke but a stepping stone to something better. Esau is promised by his father than once he awakens to his bondage he will achieve liberation. This seems to be a nod in the ancient oral tradition that sooner or later, these creatures will regain the knowledge of who and what they really are and at that time their chains will be broken. It is almost as if ancient people recognized that you would not keep men as majestic as these under your boot forever. It is inevitable that they will someday wake up from this dream that has kept them for so long in captivity.

I am not speaking of anything violent here and nobody should ever mistake me for somebody doing so. I have something entirely different in mind and it consists of becoming independent, working for yourself instead of your brother Jacob and acquiring a dignity that has been denied you a long, long time. It is the dignity of Esau - the right to tell everybody else to go to hell if you wish. It's the best kind of freedom and it can be born out of great wealth or great poverty, either way it is a fantastic feeling to know you don't have to be afraid of anybody but God any longer. Your brother Jacob cannot hurt you any more if you know who he is and you know who you are. The worst emotional pain comes from not knowing the truth. If you know the truth you will be able to bear everything else.

I have gotten a lot of mail over the years from people of similar parentage who have thanked me. I am supportive of anything that reduces the suicide rate of our kind, which is officially 47x that of the general population. I hope people will understand that I have always believed that traditional measures have never been effective in getting our kind to value their own lives at what they are really worth - priceless. I hope that this blog has helped even one person to appreciate how special they really are and to consider that their life is worth too much to throw away because of imaginary ostracization from a tribe of people who have been extinct for over 40,000 years. The last remaining enemy of the greatest warrior that has ever existed turns out to be himself. It is fitting.
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