Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Raw Brilliance Of Melonheads

Read this and you'll know why the good man will never change anything.

Good men have to make basic assumptions about people that simply aren't true in order to intervene. The better they are, the more helpless they'll be.

Men have no better angels and they are domesticated animals by nature.

The Amud will never stop the Melonhead from taking back his slaves. Never. They were made to serve and any era in which they do not serve is a temporary aberration soon to be remedied by them. 

The Amud are one species of biped on this planet who achieved a better way of existing but it was not something that could be spread to others who are too different in character from his race.

It's like trying to put your foot down to prevent a man from retrieving his goats. They are his property, are you sure it is the right thing to do to try to stop him from taking back what belongs to him? They want to go into the paddock. It is in their nature. If you tried to stop him from reclaiming his property ... the next thing you feel is goats butting you from behind. They want you to get out of the way. They are dumb brutes who cannot imagine the world the way you do. They want their water and their fresh straw. Their master will give these things to them.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ron Paul : Vault-Co Was Right About The 'Stain

UPDATE : Tons of 'Stain companies throwing in the towel, getting out of business altogether except for skeleton crews sufficient to write checks to offshore business. Many of them have decided that if the country is going Marxist they are obligated to look out for themselves and are not interested in trying to run businesses anymore in a nation with the economic policies of Kenya.

Ron Paul has taken his rose-colored glasses off and faced facts. There aren't enough sane people left in the United States to elect even a quasi-sane candidate.

Thus go all empires into the wastebin of history, pecked to death by a thousand popinjays stealing seed for their little chicks.

Demographics is destiny. The 'Stain is a vegetable garden.

I don't run this blog to blow my own horn, believe it or not. I do have to say ... you notice how when the confidence in men is cut back to zero by a serious collision with reality and they are temporarily so depressed they can't muster any unrealistic euphoria ... they begin to sound remarkably similar to the way we talk at Vault-Co all the time over the past ten years.

What a miserable little dump of a country the 'Stain is.

My only real strength is a failure to buy into false hopes. It is tempered by a knowledge of human history which is full of stories of great nations that fell to false hopes and unrealistic ideals about mankind.

Where the Kwa is going, it won't be coming back from. Sorry but it was always true, I apologize for being one of the first people to say it.

Vault-OS : Is This The Ultimate Plug'n'Play?

OpenWRT Linux on a $9.99 WR703N ??!?!?

Now I've seen it all!

Netduino, Raspberry PI, Thin Clients ... step aside. This looks to be the cheapest networkable mini-computer of all time!

I have been getting Vault-OS to work under Win32 without worrying about cross-platform but this makes me think I should use Mingw instead of Watcom to make certain it compiles on a Linux platform.

You can have a couple USB sockets there if you add a hub, you can support a keyboard, mouse, camera, hard drive, DVD in addition to CANBus (through ELM327), I2C, MODBus, RS-485, RS-232, etc.

If I do an IndieGoGo campaign for Vault-OS this might be the box I offer for the higher pledges with Vault-OS installed and ready to run.

This would be a perfect example of an environment where you would do well to forego the .DLLs and just compile the entire monster as one big static exe file.

Third World Country, First World Expectations

Marxists always win in these situations which means the entire planet and mankind lose.

The 'Stain will be just another sordid little backwater with broken sewer mains and weeks at a time with no food in the stores. The man on the street will tell you he gets a free education and a tuition stipend to study ... not realizing that all that means nothing since there will be no job for him when he leaves the rotten, whiteboard shack called a free government school.

Sapiens is not a learning animal. Sapiens. Sapiens never changes.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Last Person Out of Western Civilization, Remember To Turn Off The Gas and Lights

POTUS just won a second term and he still cannot produce a legal social security number.
Wonder dog is afraid.
 Vault-Co says we are in the final stretch now.

Trying to Recover From Globowarmthinkery

You now have the spectacle of scientists trying to blame the planet's obvious cooling on global warming, even knowing full well of the spectacular changes on the surface of the Sun.

What we are seeing here is the conversion of science to pseudo-religious faith-based doctrines that require the suspension of disbelief to even listen to with a straight face. 

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melonhead Spiked In Britain By Slaves!!

These are some pretty awesome burial sites in Bulgaria.

The locals feared these aristocrats and when they died they believed they were only transitioning to an immortal state. In the Epic of Gilgamesh the "gods" were described as frequently killed and quick to recover even from fatal wounds because of their vampiric qualities. King Gilgamesh acquired his "half-god" status because his father was a "Lillu," a demon who nourished itself on the blood of slaves. Note these "clerics" practiced strange variations on Christianity on behalf of the aristocrats they served which were rumored to be mere fronts for ancient mystery religions involving human sacrifice. Like their masters, abnormally large heads. I am beginning to believe that Melonheads prefer other Melonheads to arrange for their immediate needs like Renfield in Dracula, not trusting their slaves to prepare their food or conduct their rituals for them.

It appears in a moment of weakness or when unguarded they were rushed and literally spiked into their own tombs, so great was the fear of these people they would rise again.

At Malta, which we have written about here, it appears that many sacrificial altars had grooves so as to gather the blood of the thousands of children sacrificed here so that it could be drunk by the priests. Some of the most vile of these altars were broken up by British troops during their occupation of Malta as being too hideous to leave intact. In addition, the British buried and blocked off at least 75% of the deeper tunnels - what were they afraid of? A British soldier wrote home to his family that many of the troops stationed there thought they heard a terrible singing coming from the lower levels and their leaders responded to these reports by ordering tons of rubble to be piled into entrances to block them off. They feared the troops would refuse to sleep here at night otherwise. I wish I was making this stuff up.

Not mentioned in the article - the guy in the first photo with the biggest skull was red haired, had an abnormally large palate and a brain mass of at least 1900cc or bigger!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Solar Cycles, Volcanism and Magnetic Reversal

How come you are only hearing these things from some crank and his fringe blog in Australia? Where is the rest of the government financed scientific industry and their drone army of tenured academics? What good are all the universities on the planet if they cannot give you at least as much warning as some paranoid nut crouched in a bunker tapping out his mad rantings on some keyboard for his unpaid blog? Hey, this isn't even my job. I'm the last guy you should be hearing from, not the first.
Oh, you got a lotta 'splainin to do, Lucee.

Yes indeed. Volcanism is no joke. It's a planetwide game changer and anybody who thinks it is science fiction could get a taste of the science fact in the near future. Volcanism and extinction cycles are joined at the hip with magnetic reversals, solar maximum and minimums.

Homo Sapiens worried about "globowarmthinkery." This stuff would be funny if I was watching from orbit. It's the COLD you need to worry about, bears of little brain. The COLD. It's so simple, even Sapiens could figure it out. Al Gore is not going to be around to help you when you start to burn the drapes to keep warm. We are headed into a Maunder Minimum and all this gibberish about carbonaceous carbonites is going to be some old newspaper rotting in a seven story snowdrift still clutched in your frozen blue claw. Pull your head out, Saps.

Toba shut the planet down and killed nearly everything on it that didn't have a vault.

All the volcanos on the planet seem to be gearing up for another cycle of vigorous activity.

See that countdown timer in the right corner of this web site? When it hits zero, we are going to experience our last major solar max for at least 120 years. The Sun will be starting a hibernation period that will last at least a century by January of 2013. Then this planet and everybody on it will be going into sudden death cagematch Vault-Co overtime.

Still don't understand what we have been talking about for the last ten years? Don't worry, you will soon.

The State Wants Timid Metrosexuals Who Obey

The best citizen is one raised without any males in the household. Men might complain about the government or even heaven forbid act in opposition to them but women and properly effeminized boys can be counted on to sit down, shut up and do as they are told. The States needs humans to pay tax revenues and attend their day jobs. No other moving parts or instincts need apply. It is really a war of discrimination against warm-blooded mammals. They have done well. The majority of males today do not resist their own destruction in any way. They are as tame as cattle. A bit of bucking at the end as they go up the slaughterhouse ramp but otherwise quite placid until their final hour.

It is obvious why Orwell's ANIMAL FARM and 1984 were removed from the required reading lists.

Clinton admits the U.S. Military is an open joke that gets sniggers wherever they sashay around the globe.

Russia knows where all this crap is funded at and they aren't having any of it. They know perfectly well that itz coming big-time. They see what has happened in the West and they know if they give an inch on their children, their children will get nine inches. All those alarmists had the same problem - they underestimated just how crazy all this gets. It gets much crazier than this.

You gotta admit it is pretty hilarious that Russia spent billions trying to subvert the United States from the inside with similar agitprop and culture war through their quislings here ... and then once it succeeded, the usual suspects now pour tons of money into paying subversives in Russia to do the same. The irony.
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