Thursday, November 23, 2017

The Last Blog On Vault-Co

Many of you have written me lately to ask if Vault-Co is winding down.

The answer is yes.

This will be my last post after 19 years of continuous sandwich board pacing with THE END IS NIGH on the web. I've been blogging before the invention of the word "blogger."

This blog will remain up as a placeholder until the page for my open source software CD-OS is launched.

I can't answer any questions on why this is happening. I am truly thankful for the regular readers of Vault-Co over the past 19 years and their encouragement. I figure that Vault-Co has easily had ten million hits overall since it started if you count it's first manifestation in WordPress. I have never promoted the site, canvassed for readers or attempted to link other sites here. Somehow ten million web browsers found their way here over the years. Not a single one of them has ever been pestered with an advertisement during that entire time. I have never tried to make a dime off this blog.

If you want to know why I started the blog to begin with ... it was right after I converted to Christianity after over a decade of regarding myself as an atheist. One passage in Ezekiel stuck out to me and a few weeks later I put my first primitive page up, a three column copy of the Drudge Report called "Texas Arcane's Survival Report."

Ezekiel 33:1-33

The word of the Lord came to me: “Son of man, speak to your people and say to them, If I bring the sword upon a land, and the people of the land take a man from among them, and make him their watchman, and if he sees the sword coming upon the land and blows the trumpet and warns the people, then if anyone who hears the sound of the trumpet does not take warning, and the sword comes and takes him away, his blood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet and did not take warning; his blood shall be upon himself. But if he had taken warning, he would have saved his life."

All Systems Go For WW3

China's new hypersonic scattergun ultimate MIRV for nuclear war

So much for the arms race. The race is over. China won.

In 1998 on Texas Arcane's Survival Report I advised shelter builders to expect the next war to be apocalyptic and plan for extended stays underground far beyond those ever recommended in civil defense literature from the 1950's.

My counsel has never changed. If you build, go deep.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Nobody likes an I told you so.

Read a couple medical books and some articles written about the fruit of the willow in 1992, have taken it every day since. When taking it in the workplace, one of the guys who warned me I was going to have an ulcer someday developed ulcers. I never have.


Take your Vitamin E, your Beta-Carotene A, your D and your aspirin all at the same go every day. Trust me on this. You don't have to go crazy like me and use the dosages I do (which I am not putting up here.)

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Drill or Rehearsal?

Simulating the panic of a worldwide pandemic

What do these guys know? That a pandemic is coming or that a pandemic will be manufactured? You decide from the information you have.

New Arms Race Between The Superpowers

Putin boasts the new Sarmat can beat any missile defense system the U.S. builds

... to be soon followed by a counter escalation of technology from the United States.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Breathless Announcement of Old News On Vault-Co

Remember, it's not crazy when they say it. Until they say it, it is. Easy to remember.

Modern anthropology is a joke. It's just a political tool. They sit on this stuff for decades and then massage it sufficiently to get it ready for release and acceptance.

I was reading about suspicious hominid fossils in Europe well before any evidence of a presence in Africa back in 1983. So this is all kind of stale fake news in 2017.

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Yellowstone Very Active

Big swarms and swarms of swarms.

If it blew everything would change in one minute worldwide.

One minute worldwide.

Survivalists and preppers would change in ten minutes into extremely farsighted people. Everybody you ever knew who made fun of you would be beating on your front door in twenty minutes.

Supermarkets would be cleaned out in a week, in two weeks there would be major problems getting food shipped in from distant ports, in a month if you didn't have storage food you'd be going hungry. In three months there would be deaths in third world countries from starvation and in six months the first really crazy hungry people would start to cause major trouble in first world countries. In a year they'd have run out of places to bury famine victims all over the world. Disease, warfare and migration would follow as natural as the wind and tides. Your local cop if he caught rumor of your preps from one of your neighbours would be flashing a badge and beating on your front door with a makeshift horde of deputies. "Are you hoarding in there, sir? Do you feel good about children going hungry while you sit on food in there? I'm going to have to ask you to open your door and come out or we are going to break it down in the name of emergency requisition."

Do you know those big backyard gardens that preppers are always showing off on YouTube? Those things would be like buglights for mobs. You'd come out at night and find a couple hundred people who cut your lock off the back fence and were pulling up everything by the roots. Chances are if you live in Australia you'd discover that heavily armed criminals would be able to take whatever they wanted from whomever they wanted any time.

All Sounds A Little ... Wrong

Survivors already contradicting official narrative.

I imagine most Vault-Co readers have already sussed out. I won't discuss this much here.

Will just say. Something not quite right about all that.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Deadlifts are Better Than Any Doctor In The World

I swear to you, it is true.

You could go to a doctor for what ails you for the rest of your life and never get tangibly better. Or you could deadlift and get over it. The medical industry is one of the most powerful and profitable industries on earth and they don't have anything in their cabinet of crank remedies that can come within a million miles of deadlifts.

Embarrassing and sad but I have not deadlifted in 7 years. I am ashamed. You are wasting your time in the in the gym if you can do them but don't do them.

I have been deadlifting 3 weeks and with little else changed have lost 9 kgs by just getting proper sleep in tandem.I am only guessing but I would say I added 5 pounds of muscle at the same time. This is pretty good for a living mummy born before they started work on the pyramids.

You're not deadlifting until you use wraps. Your grip will always fail before your lower back and legs will. Use wraps to hold your hands on the bar and lift slowly and carefully to failure.

Deadlifts are different from other exercises. You don't necessarily have to aim for a certain number of reps. Aim for failure around 6-10 reps (most people) and you'll be doing them correctly. Resist when lowering even after you have failed.

Words cannot really do it justice. I am supposed to be too old to benefit but two days after deadlifting it feels like every pair of pants I wear is two sizes too small, if you know what I mean ... and I think that you do.

The most amazing thing that never fails to astonish me is the indirect effect. I had been working my upper body as hard as is possible without a training partner but was only making very gradual progress. I added deadlifts and within three days of 9 hours a night sleeping I had changed from John Goodman into Arnold Schwarzenegger. Seriously. I got up one morning rubbing my eyes and when I opened them in front of the mirror promptly crapped in my own briefs. I have not seen that looking back at me for about 25 years. It is incredible how if you put in sincere effort you can make sincere results in a very short time. I bet if I had a training partner I could move from pretty darn good into incredible results. It is hard when you train by yourself but add deadlifts and suddenly things start to roll there.

Do you know what you really need to do deadlifts properly? A will to live. If you have that, you got everything.

It's not just these physical metrics, either. Your mind is sharper. Oxygen tastes better. It feels like your spine is not feeling any pain just moving around. It is really, really nice and it gets better the more you deadlift.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sex and Aggression, The Primal Drives

These are the profit margins that will drive the coming world of Terminators

At the same time that "Men Going Their Own Way" has blossomed into a real movement with the help of funding behind the scenes, they offer men a replacement that will be warm, kind and friendly. Modern men are going to compare these dead simulacra creatures with most modern women and decide they'd rather love a robot. I predict they are going to pay whatever they cost even if they have to get a second mortgage on their house or even a second job. They are going to think it will be worth it if they come home to this thing that acts as though it likes them and will never try to rob them, castrate them or ruin them. Modern women are hitting peak intolerability just as the machines come on line. It is a terribly convenient coincidence.

Only if you contemplate this for while do you start to see the real horror of all this. It was the logical outcome of feminism all the time. The dehumanisation of females in pornography was a stepping stone to this - women are so much more than just sex and when men were trained to think of them as nothing but sex they were being prepped to be consumers of these Luciferian products.

I also predict that the military and sex robot industry will merge into one entity and it will be one of the wealthiest corporations that has ever existed. Pornography will pale in terms of profitability.

It achieves so many elite goals at once : military expansion, depopulation, dehumanisation and many others. It is going to come wrapped in limitless sex and pleasure plus satisfaction with a machine that always tells you what you need to hear at that moment. Men will find these machines more addictive than crack cocaine.

If you think this will ruin men ... wait until you see what happens to the market value of flesh and blood females.

The devil has really sold the rope to the world they will be hanged with.

The same chip hardware that runs on these devices will also be running in the military line. There will be ongoing technology sharing until it becomes difficult to spot the human soldiers unless you are really close up.

I was in the Army. I can assure you there is nothing better than the military terminator to replace mammals as far as the upper command is concerned. They won't care about startup costs because maintenance will be so low. If you could see the sheer amount of trouble that human soldiers get into who have to be fed, watered, policed, disciplined, housed and monitored and compared that to a device that stands in a warehouse until it is powered up you'd realise price will be no object. There is a hatred in the military leadership for these stupid, poor, lower class nitwits they have to recruit and tolerate that they have been forbidden to express for two centuries. They'd love to eject the meat failures and welcome the trucks to unload their new and perfect troops.

Nobody likes an I-told-you-so. Once again I just want to point out that 15 years ago I started to blog about this subject and predicted this outcome. That's pretty accurate. I'm not a prophet but I am really good at seeing which way the wind is blowing. You gotta admit that although I am often wrong I have numerous dead bullseye hits over the years that you would not expect to hear from a petty ranteur - some of them border on precognition.

I'm not trying to impress you but I want you to think about this.

Plenty of days in the Army, especially my last year, some people whispered I was some kind of "super soldier." 300 pushups in 2 minutes, two miles always under 10 minutes, could climb a 25 meter rope using only my hands in under a minute. Shoot 39/40 on the range. Frequently loaded and unloaded 250 pound diesel generator on trucks using my bare hands, sometimes walking up to a 100 meters with it.

Imagine me showing up for duty 20 years from now and somebody reading off my impressive list of accomplishments. All the commanding officers would be laughing themselves to tears. "This is a pathetic, weak, feeble man. Any 'troop' in our unit can do 3000 pushups in one minute, runs the two mile in under 8 minutes, climb most sheer surfaces with their bare hands, unload a forklift off the back of a truck with their hands. All of our soldiers shoot perfect scores on the range at 1000 meters with any military weapon made in the last 100 years. This meatbag is not even fit to do work as a janitor in this unit. He has to be fed, watered, housed, climate controlled. There is no job however menial he could possibly do for us here. Our 'soldiers' are so far beyond this fragile little critter there is no comparison."

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sleep Deprivation

The real catastrophe in modern life.

Dick Gregory, the great black comedian, recently passed away.

I had been watching a series of interviews with Dick Gregory that were fascinating.

These interviews made Dick Gregory look like a raving old loon.

On the surface.

Listen a little closer when you have as much data loaded up in your brain as I do, Gregory sounded like one of the most brilliant people I have ever heard speak anywhere. He was hitting them out of the park. This was intermixed with gibberish.

I will never be certain whether or not Dick Gregory was inserting the gibberish in order to discredit himself deliberately out of a desire to only be heard by people who had ears for what he was saying.

I'll never forget one stretch of exposition, I think it went something like this.

"Soda pop and late nights. That's what killing our people. Whites too. Acid in the blood and only a couple hours of deep sleep. You won't see nothing grow back on that, everything stays broken but people still got to get up in the morning for work. You call these rich people's houses after seven'o'clock, they've taken the phone off the hook. They in bed by that time. They don't drink that crap they only sell it. They got all organic inside they house. They don't drink nothing that comes out of the tap because they know better! You think they don't know what is killing the rest of us? Of course they do! This is stealth! This creeps in and kills you while you should be sleeping, real slow! Wake up! It is killing you where you don't see it!"

I just don't think real madmen are ever making that much sense.

Gitcha vaccines, they're good for you

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wake Up, It is Obvious

Paul Schrader delights in a world without mankind - but only people he deems unworthy to live.

When everybody in politics and media and film is chanting human extinction around the clock like some nutty Satanic cult, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to understand where all that money they make is going.

These are evil people. Really bad. Disciples of the devil. They decided a long time ago they are going to scrape at least 6.5 billion people off the planet. They make it sound like charity work.

If you live in a society where everybody in the upper class breaks into hysterical wild cheering whenever the extermination of mankind is mentioned ... it doesn't bode well. Think about it just once.

They've been building this culture they inhabit most of my life and it gets easier for them every millionaire they draft into their ranks. At this point they have no guilt about these kinds of impulses any more at all. They've lost all perspective at this level, they no longer think anything is crazy. It is the tenth generation, after all.

Bill Gates puts the scores out and projected tallies in a report called "Goalkeepers." What do you need to realize something fishy is going on around you? Seriously? These people are laughing at you because they know you don't get the joke. The joke is on you and all the little people they plan to wax right off the planet.

YouTube Police State Driving Other Venues

This has been predicted as a mutational strength of the internet. Any part of it that someone attempts to monopolize or dominate simply creates an alternative somewhere else that all of their business flows into overnight.

YouTube like Wikipedia and Facebook and Google is creating their own successor and driving customers into their arms. This isn't the old media and unless they shut it down worldwide there will always emerge the alternative.

All things that are too successful tend to sow the seeds of their own destruction.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

NWO Biological Death Bullet

A mystery mix of time-release biological agents injected all in one go into children. Sounds like nothing could go wrong there.

Do Tex a favor. Whatever you do in life ... don't ever, ever allow them to give you this "vaccine." This one sounds like it will permanently screw your whole system up for life, no saving throw.

The history of medicine shows this to be one of the worst ideas you could possibly come up with.

Parents still have the option of purchasing much higher quality vaccines through their private doctor but this one-size-fits-all cheapie mass-produced mayhem pill would almost certainly turn out to be the depopulation express train.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Peggy Noonan With A Brilliant Column

The Trumps visit the hurricane emergency centers.

The research shows that the left pretends to have empathy. It's all fake. The left is as dead and reptilian as a flat nosed snake. The left is all about as-if and theatrical posing and pretending to be the mainstream. They are actually sociopathic flakes who don't care about anybody or anything and on some days apparently don't even care about themselves. The left is complete checked out mentally from the day they are born.

Remember, if you can identify a person's "politics" by looking at a CT scan of their brain then there is no such thing as "politics". It's a misunderstanding. If having a gigantic hole in the middle of your head where the amygdala goes makes you "politically left" then there are no politics. It's looking at the problem through the wrong end of the telescope. If physiology determines "politics" then "politics" is just a quaint anachronism that is still used to discuss physiology.

Colin Firth paid to have the brains of other people studied and discovered that the guy with the tennis ball sized vacuum in the middle of his skull was not his opposition - it was Colin Firth with the black hole at the core of his head. Of course the anterior cingulate is larger - it got all the nutrients that were supposed to go to the amygdala in healthy brain development. The media is hilarious - it is described as a "primitive" component. Of course it is primitive, it is the single most fundamental and critical brain function to all organic life - recognizing danger, hazards and potentially life threatening situations. If you don't have it, you'll do crazy things like throwing open the gates of the city and running out to greet invaders. We all know that politics is not on a "spectrum," at all - you have conservatives with lots of empathy but only leftists are lunatics who run out onto thin ice laughing hysterically.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

You Heard It All Here First on Vault-Co

When I began blogging about just this in 2004, it was science fantasy and only a schizophrenic would imagine such things might soon be realities. Everybody knew that was just a staple of science fiction movies about the far-flung future.

Humanoid style robots taking the place of soldiers on the battlefield will be a reality in the next five years and likely will feature very big in World War III as a post-attack cleanup squad sent in to get the entrenched survivors in their shelters. If you are building a shelter in the near future, make security a priority and design your fortifications to stop machines as well as people.

A big strategy for population control is to make women nearly unbearable snowflakes as adults at the same time you make their market value close to zero. As these robots become more lifelike women will pale in contrast and they may soon find that males begin to ignore them as a sort of second-rate excuse for a proper android female. Women may discover that robots are better at making men feel good than they ever could not only sexually but general happiness with their companionship compared to that of flesh'n'blood females. As the robots improve at sex, women may even find they have no value to pornographers at all. The same white knights indulging the spoiled modern woman in her misogyny at present may lose all interest once these 'bots are ready to replace those females entirely. Men build and create things to replace stuff that doesn't work correctly now, girls ... one of the most amazing replacements they are working on is a way to replace women altogether. It is a sad fate for the daughters of Eve but most of them have not acted like God's children in a long, long time. I truly believe this stuff is Luciferian in origin and you have to admit, the Devil knows how to create temptation for the sons of Adam. The military applications feed tech advancement into the sexbot industry and vice versa. The market in both is astronomical in terms of potential profit.

Your army doesn't stand a chance unless you get rid of the meatheads and replace them with soldiers who are a hundred times more fit for purpose in every way.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Charlottesville, Virginia : Classic State Run Psy-Op

It was an inside job set up months in advance by government operatives.

Most of the "Natzi" clowns are costumed antifa paid with Soros money to behave like comic book caricatures of "Natzis" for the cameras.

This is my home town. Trust me, not exactly a hotbed of "Natzis" by any stretch of the imagination. Just a convenient site to stage this debacle for the media.

This guy Brennan Gilmore was at the heart of this plot from the beginning. He was in place organizing it months before it happened. A known consort of Podesta, Hillary and Obama.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Best Bread Baking Article Ever Published On Vault-Co

Honest, it's a must have. I recommend printing it off or getting it hardcopy.

Years ago, I was investigating shelf lives on yeast trying to find a stable brand I could pack in storage. I discovered that the best bread doesn't even begin with that cheap crap they sell as yeast as all. Bread starters can be created almost anywhere from anything with a little bit of fermentation and the result will be delicious.

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Morning Edition

Whatever man, I just link to'em.

Empire of the Sodomites. They determine what is and isn't permitted to say or think in this town.

Trump deposed - the fun is right around the corner. Next couple years will be interesting times.

God will soon issue a policy statement of his own which is in keeping with prior decisions from the executive branch. It is a touch of salt, a pillar in fact.

When America ceases to be good, it will cease to be great. - De Tocqueville

Monday, September 4, 2017

Post-Apocalyptic Kwanstainia

The America in the postcards is the one I was born in. One month before they shot Kennedy.

Who needs nukes when the culture war did the job more efficiently? The entire country looks like it got nuked a long time ago.

It is not the infrastructure that makes the people happen. It is the people that make the infrastructure happen.

Modern Science Is Sad Bunkum

We have all this like ... evidence ... and everything. Your honor should be like ... guilty!

Once again, got caught just making stuff up that sounded good when delivered with conviction.

Smallpox Bioweapon Development Proceeding Apace

Illegal cultures of smallpox found in U.S. backed CIA biowarfare lab

Think they are going to use that on American enemies? Of course not. That is the red state vaccine they are going to offer for surrender of your arms.

I had my vaccination when I was very young and have likely transmitted some immunity to my children. The smallpox vaccine was one of the rare vaccines that actually worked and it was used as leverage to sell all the others.

Just As Rome Began Their Expansion, They Poisoned Themselves With Lead

What does "crazy" mean? Crazy is holding a feast to celebrate the successful poisoning of one of your competitors with a tincture of lead and then eating off lead plates and drinking out of lead cups at the party.

The crazy got worse and worse in the Roman Empire until people just were not making any sense, sort of like George Romero's THE CRAZIES film. All their decisions were more and more addled, they grew more aggressive with less resources to wage war and compounded one error on top of another. They weren't right in the head at the end and it would have been obvious to a sane man. It is noteworthy to see how many Senators who lived in private walled estates (their own water supplies from wells) marvelled at how immune to reason their contemporaries became on any subject.

All of this, of course, is simply a parallel of the current era we live in right now. See the previous blog post before this one.

The founders of a society take great pains to see to the quality of the food they eat and the water they drink ... later generations develop a sort of acoustical deafness to hints in the environment that things they have there are causing them harm. They lose the capacity to discriminate and at some point cease to care one way or the other. All things become an indifference that is implacable and they believe things will nevertheless turn out for the best despite them being too dulled to take an interest in producing the outcomes through their own good judgement.

This is very similar to my difficulty in getting any of my contemporaries to engage in an in-depth discussion of the very technology we are supposed to be experts in. Which would be better in this instance, UDP or TCP-IP? I am often the only one who appears to care either way. Despite their experience they always seem to just assume their choices really won't affect their outcomes at all. That's crazy ... like drinking out of lead cups to celebrate poisoning a rival with lead.

Sunday, September 3, 2017

College Graduate IQ In Terminal Velocity Freefall

College is a joke. The people who teach there are a joke but the people they graduate are even worse.

College nowadays is virtually a guarantee that a person will read and write at a 2nd or 3rd grade level upon graduating. They won't know anything whatsoever about history, economics, psychology or anthropology because those were the first subjects to be sanitized in the 1960's culture wars right after they shot Kennedy. College guarantees a person will be useless to society.

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ancient of Days

Evolution is bunkum. It makes me blush to think I ever believed such tripe.

I cleaned all this stuff out of my head the way you clean out your attic. All the things told me since I was a boy and hammered into me is nothing but the drivel of morons and confused, scared old people. I have found something better.

I don't have all the answers. I actually barely have any. I can see clearly all the things that were taught to me were self-serving lies designed to protect the elites from discovery. I can also guess that what has come before all of us is very different from the narrative we have had drilled into us.

I knew from a young age I was different from everybody else but part of a group of men who were very ancient and very well-defined in their character. I knew that society in general contained a spectrum of others like me, most of them sleeping with no knowledge of who they were ... only a vague feeling of disquiet.

Our way is the best way. We lasted a million years before we were genocided and it is fair to say that genocide proves nothing but the ill-suited character of our conquerors. It is impossible to gang-rape your way to a better gene pool. Sooner or later, a dog returns to his vomit in the street.

Here's something I know in my gut but cannot fully articulate why yet ... when the real science comes in it will show that the Neanderthals were the original children of God and that Homo Sapiens is nothing but a very crappy cloned version of their genetic code with most of the good parts deliberately shaved off.

Incidentally, this is hardly the first time they have found the footprint of a man in the wrong strata. Merely one of countless times. Mayhaps we are due for a new theory.

... if you ever feel yourself pulled into two different directions, one of them evil and the other good ... that isn't the conflict between the animal and the man in you ... or the conflict between the angel and devil perched on your shoulder ... it's the conflict between the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal. Stan Gooch was right, they were the good ones.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Vault-Co Was Right : ITZ COMING

BBC Stories - The Disruptors

For the past 20 years I've been on the internet sounding the warning. Nearly everybody during that time has had a laugh at me or suggested I was insane. Over the years, the rest of the Bell Curve has been catching up with me, one day at a time. Turns out I was the springbok who was an early bounder - wired to react to two little ears in the grass several kilometers away that nobody else could even see on the savanna.

Nobody likes an I told you so. I did tell you so, though.

For the entire 20 years people have been laughing at my notion of a universal survival manager system that would also be an all-in-one realtime SCADA controller and monitor plus even geolocation and tracking of an entire team of people. Only recently, some people have begun to realize that's actually a really good idea ... assuming anybody anywhere was bright enough to create something like that and have it fit on a floppy. Only recently, some people have started to ponder exactly what might be required of something like that and some of the elements of its architecture. All old news to me. I figured out the requirements in 1997 when I first started on a version of it in Java designed to run on the DOS machine. They have not changed much since then, just undergone much revision. Never stopped refining it, sometimes working on it for months at a time several hours a day trying to get it perfect.

Soon. Just got to get a few things out of the way.

Mankind Will Never Travel Into Deep Space

Ever. We are a product of biological forces on this planet and this is where we belong.

Homo Sapiens desperately dreams of escaping a planet he is ill-suited to live on. No such luck.

Weightlessness and radiation in space make it a ridiculous proposition unless technologies that currently do not exist are magically invented - and they won't be. All of that is a neurotic dream that will never be.

The elites encourage these escapist fantasies while they build their own shelters to escape to - a multibillion dollar global business that shows where the smart money is really at. They simultaneously make fun of poor lower middle class unemployed whites for being preppers because they can't afford million dollar complexes with all the comforts of home. The nerve of these guys. Keep on trekkin' they tell the masses, you'll be okay when you arrive at Uranus. We have a lot of special boxes the sheeple will be hiberating inside of during their "space" voyage, climb right inside.

New Arms Race At Fever Pitch

What is the attraction of free-fall nuclear weapons? No heat signature when dropped from orbit.

How do you detect and stop an incoming ICBM when it isn't an ICBM? You don't, nothing defends against it, period. If it has no heat signature it can neither be tracked nor detected at launch.

The instant some ABM systems were working against MIRVs and ICBMs, immediately the arms race concerned itself with nuclear weapons that could be delivered by other means altogether.

Exactly as predicted here on Vault-Co, advances in defense would lead immediately to a new race for offensive weapons.

If you can fit those gravity nukes into football sized cannisters, you drop them in clusters and they pave cities below flat as a parking lot when distributed as a fan across the target region.

This was very prophetic ...

The followup sequel is superb as well ...

Sunday, August 27, 2017

More Forbidden History

Ainu - Kennewick Man Link - Oceanic Seafaring Races That Populated The World

The article does not make it clear but the adoption of advanced high yield agriculture in Japan and Mainland China coincides perfectly with the projected arrival of the Ainu from the sea.

Thousands of years of persecution, as every other place. Same pattern ... they appear as friends, share everything, transform the landscape into a better place to live ... are immediately genocided. Men do not forgive you for doing them any good.

The Ainu are renowned for their ingenuity and problem solving capacities. The locals have been holding string in their hands for ten thousand years. The children of the Tuatha De Danann reach out and take that string from their hands and in a few seconds show them the beginnings of the arts of the loom and weaving as their eyes widen. You see, my friend, over here and under there, now your hands come apart ... a cat's cradle. The start of stitching and weaving. That same piece of string in the hands of the locals is nothing but a piece of string for ten thousand years. The Children of Enki take that string and show you the whole universe in ten seconds with a few motions of their hands. The cat's cradle resembles the symbol for infinity. Child's play for the rodeo clowns, like everything else they do. Everything becomes a bit of a game and a little fun as soon as they touch it. This is how they get their reputation as wizards and enchanted beings.

P.S. Kennewick Man reconstruction makes it clear that the authorities are deliberately avoiding identifying the remains simply as Clovis/Solutrean/(Neanderthal) because that would start to clarify a lot of things. Always the goal is to obfuscate and confuse. Saps science is always junk science. You have to stick to their facts and ignore their conclusions.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Very Good Forbidden History

Always called a race of "faeries" and "magical" because of their enormous craft, inventiveness and amazing capacity to create, build things and solve problems.

Also listen to that bit about the "cat's cradle." Funny coincidence to be sure ... but the Celtics claim the children of the Tuatha De Danann taught them to make the "cat's cradle" as well.

Terminal Madness of the End Times : Special Report


No, that's not a parody page. The BBC comes in pidgin now.

That makes total sense.

(Sound of gigantic hydraulic vault door lowering)

Good luck with all that!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Kwanzania Is An Extermination Pit

That's all it is now, it's where they are slowly genociding a whole nation of people one at a time. It is a death dream.

The John Birch society was right about everything. Every single one of their books, every speech given by Welch. They were spot on. The way to see if a man is a prophet is to see if the things he predicts come true.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Long Time Coming But Here Itz Is

I knew this day would come when I started Vault-Co. I know it sounds corny but I am too hard a man to weep over this at my age but I am crying on the inside. I'm crying hard. I miss it and I know it will never come back and there will never be anything like it ever again. It was fun to be free and for one bright moment on this chimpmanzee planet to have nice things for a short while before somebody burned them or crushed them or shot it full of holes with automatic weapons. My life growing up was hard, it never got easy but I know now it was golden years and the future will not be like that at all. The future is just the horror of the children of Cain and all their evil.

They're going to pull it all down now and burn it. It's what they do. They do not tolerate anything good or kind or generous or wonderful. They have no propensity for such things. Their insides won't permit the outside world to look like that for long, they have to destroy it. The "progress" they were promising is rivers of blood and fire. People like these never made anything better in their entire life, only worse the instant they put their hand on it.

At the same time this is going on in the United States there is a full-court press here in the mass media and all available channels of information to "ban" Australia Day here in Australia. A coincidence to be sure like all the others for decades. Remember Satan's kids never rest and when you are sleeping somewhere in the world they are awake and working their evil.

Improvamentalism and Enrichmentation

Friday, August 11, 2017

J.R. Nyquist On The Swamp

Good article by Nyquist showing why Trump has already lost

Trump was either going to come out fighting or he was going to come out like he has. Failing to get rid of Obamacare was the first of a series of defeats in which he is going to fail to keep every single one of his campaign promises.

There's not going to be a miracle save for the United States. It was never going to happen. All that was Occurrence on Owl Creek Bridge for a condemned man.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Australian Temperature Monitoring Scandals - Again

Australia has once again shown the world that you're a fool if you believe something an Australian tells you.

Australia is a little country. They can't afford blows like this to their credibility. They could get so discredited that nobody ever trusts them again even if they cleaned up their act. They are not America. They can't get away with blatant lying and make people pretend to believe it because they have nukes.

Australia desperately needs a clean sweep of political leadership. From the top down, all that rubbish needs to be swept right out the door and replaced with a new, clean young wave of fresh blood. They have shown they cannot self-police their own ranks so I'm not talking about one individual politician. They all need to go, every single one of them. They have shown that reform is impossible as long as they are installed in their offices.

Monday, July 31, 2017

Creepozoids 1987

Post Nuclear Horror From the 1980's.

Not that bad. It has it's moments.

80's apocalyptic films were all pretty groovy. They were pretty far over the top most of the time.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Atomic Clock Advances To 2 1/2 Minutes To Midnight

Closest it has been since 1953 and the technology has advanced considerably since then.

The cobalt-salted death shroud will make topside very unpleasant for some time.


Why You Have To Go Underground After A Supervolcano Eruption

The surface is toxic for over a decade afterwards with a half dozen compounds that arrive with the ash. The soil is too poisonous to grow anything on for a while and if you believe the evidence about the event that wiped out the Clovis people in North America, no drinkable water is available anywhere if it is exposed to the air.

The end of the Holocene is marked by supervolcano eruptions, usually at the outset. That would be right about now.

Crooked, Crooked Hillary

She's so crooked she has to screw her pants on in the morning.

Once the data started to look bad for her election, they likely hatched this scheme and planted the data in advance to draw attention away from the murder of Seth Rich and point the finger somewhere else.

The thing is ... they didn't do a very good job of it. This was incompetent work like everything else that comes from the crowd of digital dinosaurs she hangs out with.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Farm Animals Don't Get Coffins

Liquefying Virtue Signaling Halfwits After They Get One Vaccine Too Many

Been talking about this for years on Vault-Co. Years.

The ruling classes don't want dead beasts taking up natural reserve land. It seems a waste to them that cattle should wish a box and a marker after death, it's all too much to bother for a mere domesticated beast.

Keep watching for more of this propaganda. I heard it was mentioned at the last Bilderberger meeting as a big tick on the Agenda 21 implementation. No more holes for dead beasts. It's a waste of perfectly good land. Up the smokestack you go. Remember, when the Nazis did it, it was wrong. Reminds of the end of George Orwell's ANIMAL FARM.

How long before somebody decides just cremating people is a waste of resources that could be recycled into the system?

Monday, July 24, 2017

Ten Things Free Men Could Do In 1975

All verboten now, nein ze "terrorists" would get us otherwise!

My brother and I would plink at cans with airguns out back in the woods. Nobody called SWAT or helicopter pursuit. When you went to purchase all sorts of things, nobody ever told you first they would need to see your ID and know why you were purchasing it and who it was for. There was no general gravity of suspicion that every single thing you were saying or hearing was a lie. I bought cough medicine for my mother at the pharmacy up the road and they sometimes told me to take two so I would have a spare box. I think I was 9 years old.

We ate a lot of candy and drank soda sweetened with sugar. It was terrible stuff but it was not aspartame. Lead content in food was policed very strictly. If you put food out discovered to have high concentrations of lead the government would put you out of business overnight. The government was well aware that lead turned people into undead brain zombies.

Of course. We saw totalitarian societies on television in both the news and in fiction. These things were the reasons America was the greatest nation on the Earth. We just didn't live like that in America. We had the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Men lived without fear of bureaucratic tyrants crushing their lives out of existence slowly.

Right around this time, a nut named Kurt Saxon was telling people that there was a plan for worldwide global government and that their primary target obstructing the road to their rule was the United States.

He said about ten thousand times that in coming years, the government would begin to stage a series of terrorist attacks on our soil so that they could bring in a totalitarian government that would turn over our sovereignty to the United Nations and they in turn would answer to a new global government with their own currency imposed on us.

You can't imagine how crazy all that sounded in 1975.

It's not nostalgia. It's that people back then didn't know how good it was, even with the fake "energy crisis" and all the other beginnings of the NWO propaganda arm. It was still good in 1975. Life had a sweetness for each and every person who lived there from the poorest derelict to the wealthiest entrepreneur. Computers were just taking off and it was nearly free of government interference so the industry boomed in a way that the current tiny group of moguls who rule Silicon Valley would like you to forget. There were more successful computer startups in 1976 than today. Instead of power being concentrated in a tiny ruling class of elites mostly funded by CIA money who watched their competitors run out by the government for them, it truly was a better mousetrap industry. All we have left now are the fake "gods" created for us by the government they tell us are the only persons who will ever be allowed to succeed again.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Improvamentation Squad Emergency Response

Responds to emergency requirements for improvamentation and enrichment.

Everything goes better with enrichmentation.

When I was stationed there in the military, soldiers from the U.S. marvelled at the loose egalitarian nature and the capacity of the far more intelligent population to self-police. The first U.S. soldier who jaywalks in Europe discovers that people just don't do that. You obey the laws. All that is over and done with and it ain't never coming back. It took over 10,000 years of continuous inhabitation to give it that character. That character is gone and it won't be coming back. Self-kevorkianism. Reproduction is now officially forbidden by INGSOC. When you're as old as I am and you have been paying attention, you will realise that people tend to get the leaders they deserve.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Terminal Madness of the End-Times : Journal Entry #90345683495798

Here you go. What do I need to make anything up for? I couldn't make this stuff up anyway.

Warning about a crisis you intend to create.

I just link to this stuff. Nobody here at Vault-Co is creating fake websites and posting fake links to unbelievable stories like these. No fake news here, just links to mainstream media and sites that orbit the mainstream.

I don't think Graham believes a word of this stuff he says. I think they've got dirt on him so foul that the stench alone turned him into a human teleprompter for NWO missives.

Pre-Improvamentation Days. The horror.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

We're Nuts, Until It's On TV

Been telling this to people who read this blog for over twelve years.

I've read a lot of stuff. From a lot of different sources.

No way could all of this be going on without massive cooperation with Church, Police and State involved for over a century.

People don't check orphans out on a schoolbus every weekend for forty years without the entire government being utterly and completely incurably corrupt. Couldn't happen. People don't accidentally miss things like that. They are lying when they say they just didn't see it. Lying through their teeth. That's impossible. You don't see babies marched onto a schoolbus without knowing that is wrong.

I think the Western governments are done. They need to resign and let a whole new generation of people with no prior experience in politics take over. They're done. They had their shot and they are not right for that job.

Past century is pretty much one big mistake in our leadership. These people should never be leaders anywhere of anybody.

I don't think the human race is who they think they are. That's their vanity. They are actually something else altogether and it's not good. I'm not talking about these preverts. I'm talking about the animals who vote for them and continue to support them as they sail right through the sanity flags. At some point you have to wonder how much evidence it takes to overcome that cognitive dissonance. We're talking whole schoolhouses of children taken away without proper channels every Saturday and taken to remote country estates where people play spin the bottle with them. That doesn't happen to a sane species.

What's really spooky is when British people smile while they are talking about a subject like this. Like it's an amusing anecdotal account of something that is a necessary evil. I don't understand what is happening there. It supports my contention that most smiling in modern society is an ancient primate expression signifying terror and submission.

This guy specifically mentions Oz here in his speech.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

You're A Nut, They're Rich, Totally Different

Totally totally totally.

These places are palaces internally. A Vault-Co reader asked a short while back why the elite would want to exterminate 95% of the Earth's population if it meant the inconvenience of staying underground a year.

Doesn't look like any inconvenience at all.

Until that Siemens generator falls over and it turns out somebody didn't stock a .12 cent replacement part. Or they discover failure to rotate correctly means half the food is inedible. Should have gone for the Vault operating system that fits on a floppy and features mostly scavenged parts from automobiles. Sucks to be you rich guys. Really does. Also, I included standalone chess with mine.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Mass Media Catches Up With Arthur Jones in 1970's

The media is where you go to find out stuff that everybody else around you has known for decades.

The thing about the news is ... there is never any news in the news. Ever. The media is a collection of people who are the very last group to ever find out anything about anything. If ever.

Oh god, don't make me explain it again one more time.
If you ever wonder why every single picture of Arthur Jones features a look of dismal despairing bored face palm disgust, this is why. The guy was too smart to be wasting his time trying to teach Homo Sapiens anything.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Buchanan Channels Ancient Vault-Co Posts from 2009

We already published this conclusion back in 2009 here on Vault-Co.

Here it is. The nation-state is an allegiance of kin-related individuals who decide they can provide better for the protection of women and children by sacrificing their own immediate interests to the strategic goals of the group. A nation of invaders with allegiance to their original countries and cultures is not a nation. It's a civil war that has not kicked off yet.

This was over a long, long time ago. The truth is that ordinary people are so slow-witted they are only figuring it out now. We had it nailed on this blog over a decade ago. Like I always said, I'm an early bounder. I start pronking when no other springboks can see the lions. I see their heads from way, way off crouching in the grass. That's the Vault-Co blog in a nutshell.

ROFL Fake Hawkings Gibberish

Not the same guy. Not even a good match, in fact. A caricature. The new
guy looks healthier and younger than ever. First time somebody with ALS has
ever lived to this age? How likely is that?
Hawkings double promises we will all be pelted by acid rain storms if we don't impeach Trump.

I just link to this stuff. I couldn't make it up. Too ridiculous. I just link to it.

Nobody with ALS lives to be 75 years old. Never happened. Never will. This guy was near death's door in his twenties. He was on his last legs when his book was published.

He's too valuable as a shill to allow a little thing like death to interrupt his agitprop, so they found a double. This double looks like a healthy guy in his 40's slumping in a wheelchair.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Suspect All Water Sources After SHTF

There are different organisms that can make water unsafe to drink even if it filtered. Even if it is boiled. Blue-Green algae killed the Clovis people 12,000 years ago in North America when it poisoned nearly all their water supplies.

The best water source is from your own in-situ deep aquifer well. Nothing beats that. If not your own well then perhaps your own storage tanks. Or in bottles. You just never really know for sure what you are getting after a black swan incident of any kind.

You definitely would not want to bathe or swim in untrusted sources.

There are a lot of new weapons specifically designed to corrupt the enemy's water supply. Some of these weapons were practical for use in 1964 so they could have come a long ways since then. Destroying the enemy's water is a big strategic goal in an unrestrained war.

The Left Is Not Decent

They aren't. They're just not wholesome people. Most of 'em, they try to conceal it but you can see something is wrong with them.

The thing about the average leftist is they have a desperate need for acceptance by others. It's no surprise because ultimately everything about them is unacceptable.

Trying to overthrow a legally elected leader is bad stuff. It's really, really bad. It's worse than child pornographers or methamphetamine dealing because you're trying to destroy the rule of law, not just exploit individuals. Only a really bad person does stuff like this. Only a really bad person doesn't know this just isn't something you would even try to do. They're too stupid to know that this is exactly how civil wars start. They don't know that.

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Kwanstainian Death Spiral Accelerates

They can't even give away ZOGBux anymore.
It is just a matter of time. No personality could save the country from a century of leeching by the "Federal Reserve." All the real money is gone and a storm of paper is all that remains.

Is a second Coup being planned against the current President?

Sheeple Just Getting It Now

This new book goes into sufficient detail to demonstrate that the "conspiracy theorists" are actually the only remaining members of the public who aren't crazy.

"Civil defense is pointless"... meanwhile their tunnel boring machines running at fever pitch worldwide.

This is the Georgia Guidestones plan in plain sight. Guess what? You ain't in that plan.

Nobody likes an I told you so. But I did. That's the reason I started this site.

I genuinely believe that these people knew the end of the Holocene was coming up and they decided this is a lifeboat and they are just taking their friends and everybody else is going over the side. This plan was not arrived at overnight. Right around the end of the 1960's it became a growing consensus that the planet was headed back to another Ice Age and the wise prudent course of action would be to dump the surplus population once they were properly shorn of their tax revenues. The plan then was to "retire" the 90% as no longer essential personnel. Telling the public about "climate change" made a wonderful cover for spending money on their own preparations. The government was practicing hardcore survivalism complete with ultimate triage long before I started Vault-Co.

Richard Dawkins Believes He Knows Best

They got a name for that when you're poor and not famous - it's called PSYCHOSIS

So apparently (nobody is more surprised than I am) it would appear according to standardised testing that I passed more brain cells in my last bowel movement than Richard Dawkins has in his entire head.

I am not one of these guys. I'm not going to lie to you and pretend I was ever impressed by Plato's THE REPUBLIC. I read it when I was ten years old and I thought it was pretentious crap as soon as I closed the back cover. I could see Plato was a high strung narcissist pretending to be bright, just like Richard Dawkins. Nobody told me Plato was an idiot. I knew it instinctively. I was never Plato. I never thought the fact I could run intellectual circles around nearly everyone meant that I should be the god-king. I was smart enough to know just how many people die at the hands of those kinds of fools. In fact, by the age of 12 you could not have made me the god-king of Plato's books. I would flee if you attempted to force it on me. It's a bad business all this central management and collectivization of resources and labor. Anybody who pretends they can do that job is a liar.

My conclusion after a half a century on this vale of tears is that nobody should ever be compelled to do anything except respect the right of others to never be compelled. It's a bad idea in terms of governance. I know enough about the way the world works to know that nobody is better equipped to decide what is best for a person than the person themselves. It's a sick queer dream of intellectuals worldwide to ascend the throne and implement their creepy central engineering policies, ignoring centuries of evidence to the contrary. Richard Dawkins isn't smart enough to shine my shoes, he is a media myth. You want to read somebody who needed no promotion to get his books to sell or for his ideas to acquire relevance? Read Bastiat's THE LAW.

By the same token, I don't believe people should be compelled to live with strangers or forced to accept anybody in their community anywhere until they have vetted that person. The European Union is all about turning people into livestock and pushing them up chutes into a slaughterhouse. It is the opposite of all that is good and the destruction of untold years of progress in the West in determining what constitutes good governance. Where men are free they will thrive, particularly when they are subject to the consequences of their own folly. Where men are compelled they wither and die.

Murder Is Legal In Washington, D.C.

Lori Klausutis never counted enough to be investigated.

Blah blah blah and you're off. Case closed.

If ordinary people had dead bodies found in their office there might be an investigation. Not with these guys.

Seth Rich?? Blah blah blah. Vince Foster?? Blah blah blah. Andrew Breitbart? Blah blah blah. Charles Manson was in the wrong line of work, if he'd have been a politician they never would have blinked an eye. Blah blah blah.

Goodbye CNN

CNN is over and has self-kevorkianed.


Thursday, June 29, 2017

Watch The MIRV Payload Counts Explode

The worse possible development would be an intercept system that actually works some of the time.

I honestly believe the United States has nobody left in the think tanks to tell them about the consequences of getting these working again. The U.S. was pursuing ABMs initially in the 60's and into the 70's with serious early warning line defense. I don't think they know about the dominos that start to tumble when you plot your strategy according to this technology.

Herman Kahn in ON THERMONUCLEAR WAR described how such systems would immediately compel the enemy to begin loading up more and more warheads for multiple deployment in every device. So you can hit one of them? Great, now can you hit thirty? Can you hit the ICBM before it reaches the altitude over the target and deploys those multiple payloads? You only have to miss one to lose a city.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Every Day Is 72 Hours Away From An Ice Age

If Yellowstone or any of countless other newly active volcanos were to blow, they could blot out the Sun and plunge the Earth into darkness for ten years with the greatest of ease.

It's happened before, it will happen again, it happens at regular intervals. The planet is well overdue now. The Holocene is coming to an end.

Raven Rock Is Real!!

"Conspiracy nuts" for last fifty years confirmed :

Government plans to protect the 1% and retreat underground while the world burns

They spare no expense on their own shelters, meanwhile they laugh publicly at the notion of a civil defense program for the sheeple - as if their survival was a thing to be desired.

That Enclave has some really good armor and weapons, come to think of it. They are also easy to surprise and ambush. You can always find spare nukes littered around their underground storage areas for your Fatboy. Better mark it on my map.

(Thanks to Vault-Co reader Ibn Nafis for link)

Kwanstainia Makes Nazi Germany Look Like Vienna Boys Choir in Snappy Dress

Kwanstainia has killed more than 20 million people (mostly noncombatants in the form of women and children) and crippled/mained/permanently disabled more than 200 million people since World War Two. Total effect on planet politically? Zip, zero, nada, nothing.

It's just an excuse to drop munitions offshore before they expire. You look behind any mock war of the last fifteen years you will find the real deciding point was a huge warehouse of ammo that was approaching rotation dates.The fact is, there was no actual procedure for disposing of expired depleted uranium munitions until recently. They have to be fired in another country in an act of war or else it would just be classic illegal dumping.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Why CD-OS Focuses On Local Networked, Closed Circuit IP Cameras

... because this.

IP Cameras are the easiest and most convenient sort of security camera to set up. Soon they will be incredibly cheap along with remote control for tilt and pan. (Already down to about $20 for basic unit)

The instant you connect an IP camera to the internet, all that ease of use and security vanishes. Anybody can tap these with a bit of hacking once they are on the same wire as you.

This is also why CD-OS has stuck to the IP4 local network paradigm with static addresses, no DNS and UDP discovery. If the user wants they can set all discovered networks to approval only, preventing anybody from communicating with the station who is not on the approved list of static IP addresses including all cameras.

In the far out scenario some raiders aboveground were able to tap your IP line outside the shelter, they still can't talk to anything for which they do not have approved acceptance from.

I have a provision for talking to other CD-OS users over the internet but it requires one station acting as a proxy so any damage will be localized. Ideally it will be one station talking to the internet which then provides proxy through optical. You could use the internet all you wanted from inside the shelter if necessary (checking news reports, email, etc.) right up to the moment of the blast without even having to worry about EMP.

All this and many other wonderful topics will be covered later this year in the first glorious episodes of Vault-Co on Youtube.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Perfect Permaculture

My dream is to put something like this underground using red & blue LED lighting.

Also, the use of natural bamboo instead of PVC pipes.

Oz Testing Nuclear Weapons Again In Remote Region?

I sure hope so. If there is one thing Australia could use it is some nukes of their own for defensive purposes.

The related EMP is a pretty strong hint this was not a conventional weapon.

Technically, the government could test anything out there it wanted to.

Defensive weapons of your own means you don't have to listen to smack talk like this ...

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Shapeshifter Caught Shifting While Acting Shifty

Another Rachel Dolezal

Shaun King, chief organizer of black lives matter has been exposed.

Shaun King's father and mother were observant jewish. It is extremely likely that Shaun King has a CIA handler who has organized all the funding and organizational logic to start BLM as a "grass roots" movement.

This is identical to the exposure of nearly all the radical black groups being discovered to have been set up and funded by the CIA as well as being encouraged to commit violent crimes including murder. The black panthers was entirely funded by the CIA, who invented the fake history of the transatlantic slave trade and another fake history of Africa, creating a fake African culture that never existed of fake holidays, fake dress and fake customs. The Africans are always baffled when they see this stuff and any African will tell you that American blacks are not African. According to DNA as revealed recently on 60 Minutes in the U.S. all American blacks descended from slaves are drawn from South American black indians and surrounding island peoples from Polynesia and Dominican regions. None of them are African. There is no hard evidence to support any point of departure for the Dutch slave ships that docked at New York to sell their slaves but dozens of registers show these same ships as having docked in South America and Middle Americas.

The NAACP was run by white guys until the 1980s when they hired a few black men to sit up in front of the organization. Their initial funding and staffing was all from communists inside the United States who originally sat on their board and led the organization. Strangely enough, in 70 years the mass media never reported on any of this.

King is keeping it up, continuing to threaten violent action "on behalf of his race" and ordering BLM supporters to riot to "bring the struggle to the man."

King was able to obtain unbelievable advantages claiming to be black, including scholarships and financial assistance that is not available to poor whites anywhere.

King was originally claiming both parents to be black but as suspicions rose he switched to biracial and finally "beautifully complex" family history. Whatever that means.

Even black people finally wised up on this guy. Whatever he is.

Euthanasia For France

Line up on the slaughterhouse ramp.

Children who survive will be rendered sterile anyway meaning there will be no second generation from them.

Working on those Georgia Guidestone targets.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Destroying The Agricultural System of India

You can always tell which country Monsanto is going to help "improve" agriculture in next.

It will be the one shortly starving, covered with abandoned farms and gradually turning into a hellish sterile wasteland.

This is why it gave me such pleasure to read about their SOOPER SEKRETE seed vault flooding last month. Anybody could see what they are trying to do. Oldest bolshevist trick in the world. Nobody has the luxury of freedom if you control all the food. They will do as you command or starve to death. Same old game with a different name.

I am coming to believe the highly publicised vault in Norway is just a decoy. I think all the hype surrounding it is simply to draw attention away from their real vault elsewhere. I was thinking when I heard about the flooded vault ... they weren't stupid enough to have overlooked that possibility. I think the whole campaign in public about the seed vault is all just a magic trick to get you looking one way while their other hand is doing something else. I would bet there is a real seed vault somewhere and it isn't this sort of sad leaky ice shack with cheap looking metal shelves inside it. Probably the real one is waterproof and earthquake proof and three hundred feet underground with an access door that looks like something from a science fiction movie.

Bolshevism, The Fail That Keeps On Giving Forever

Evidence has nothing to do with it. There is always a larger supply of human failures than successes and those failures will always choose the consolation prize as an alternative to suicide.

Anthropology is all about K-Types and R-Types. There is no such thing as "politics." It's a McGuffin, it doesn't exist. It is talked about but the underlying reality is biological.

Nancy Pelosi Variety Hour

If these are your leaders, you don't have any leaders.

She gets worse every single week. If she were in the private sector she'd have been encouraged to commit herself to nursing care by now and announce her retirement. Because she is a woman no cuck dares suggest she is just old-fashioned senile. No, they have to pretend she is competent anyway. If a male was acting like this all his peers would tell him, it's time to step down.

Super Cuckistan Report

Sweden literally sounds like the seventh circle of Hell. It sounds like death would begin to seem a viable option compared to living, especially for women.

Civilizations are established to organize the protection of women and children, to keep them safer with the help of other males than any one male could do on their own. To protect them from invading hordes bent on rape and pillage. Once civilization becomes like Sweden, it isn't civilization at all anymore and males can consider the social contract broken. I would laugh at a Swedish policeman telling me to obey the law. If the law is designed to expedite the rape of my wife and daughter it doesn't apply to me anymore. I don't recognize any such "law" imposed on me. Those of you who think socialism is a good idea in any country don't know how it always ends in every country.

If you've been paying attention you will notice any society where "feminism" gets a foothold, women end up in rape camps whether they are pornography studios (for which they receive a small gratuity for their ordeal) or in rape camps in the streets. The more feminism, the less value each individual female life until their worth to society approaches zero. Luciferian ideology strips them of their sacred roles as wives, mothers and daughters and they become just hanging chunks of meat ... which is exactly what they are referred to by many of these newcomers. Somebody somewhere is interested in bringing hell to earth instead of the other way around.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

CW2 : Human History Is Incredibly Boring

Because all it ever does is repeat. Humans never learn anything. The type of humans who constantly claim to be learning are the ones who never learn anything whatsoever about anything.

Whether a genuine political assassination or one ginned up by the State, it doesn't really matter.

This is the way these things begin. I can go back to the 1800's and show you similar clippings leading up to the Civil War.

This will end in tears. It's time. Tenth generation. The civilization starts to collapse now. You could set your watch.

One thing about the righteously indignant. They are always the most lawless, savage and violent people of them all ... even as they claim to have evolved beyond all that savagery and lawlessness. It won't be until most of the left is hiding under burned-out cars on the highway and eating barely cooked baby meat in a thunderstorm that they will finally figure out why these things were resolved by voting and why formerly people stood by the results. They preferred the democratic option to the latter. If everybody decided to start shooting because a vote went the wrong way you'd have the Congo, not Western civilization. The left doesn't know this right now because they don't know history and they are doomed to repeat it. They don't even know that. They know less than nothing about anything.

Humans are boring. I'd swear it on the Bible with my other hand in the air. They really, really are. They are monkeys trying to fake people and doing it extremely poorly. Anything the sane people manage to build up the first hundred years of a society, the vulgar mass pours in and destroys in the second hundred years. It only lasts long enough for the ruinous mob to get their boots on and go out and wreck it all.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Who Told You The Truth Ten Years Ago?

They swore they would never be autonomous.

I knew enough about the technology fifteen years ago that there was no way the logical progression of this automation could be abridged by any mere moral objections. Warfare is by it's very nature completely amoral.

Face it, only machines can fight machines. Your enemy is using them. If you don't you will find human reaction time and speed is just no match for their onboard systems.

Once made a little autonomous, your enemy makes them completely autonomous. You have to follow with same. Finally, machines are killing people because they were given the commission and the decision making capacity to do so. It is utterly inevitable.

The Bug-Out Versus In-Situ Shelter

The bugout is a risky proposition at the best of times. I never understood why so many people base their plans around it.

It doesn't take much to keep you from getting from A to B. So much can go wrong with the plan, especially with more than one person involved, it is impossible to predict all the foreseeable interruptions in such a journey.

The best plan is opening a door and going downstairs ... then closing a vault door behind you. That's a plan.

Canned Meat On A Shoestring Budget

This was so amazing and so low budget I thought every survivalist could benefit from seeing it.

Meat is possibly the ultimate comfort food when you are hungry. A burger or two and you feel like you could do just about anything that needs doing. Wheat gruel and rice will only get you so far but real meat of some kind will put the fire back into you. The worst side-effect of hunger is that you feel like conserving energy and by conserving energy you are not getting hold of more food.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Russian Superweapons of WW3

Cranking them out like sausages.

The United States has a very advanced military for 1985 and is fully prepared to fight goat herders and falafal stands worldwide. Unfortunately they fell asleep for about 40 years and spectacular advances have taken place since they that they have not even come close to matching. Most of the really impressive designs are a result of stolen plans from U.S. think tanks back when they used to graduate real engineers.

Vault-Co got here before everybody else but we're still "crazy." You just can't win. All the smart money is going into vaults everywhere you look. There is the beginning of a culture of acceptance, one of the first signs of health in civil defense, when people realize you can laugh at what you are doing and still keep doing it.

Vladimir says itz coming.