Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Drill or Rehearsal?

Simulating the panic of a worldwide pandemic

What do these guys know? That a pandemic is coming or that a pandemic will be manufactured? You decide from the information you have.


The Palmer said...

Or a third possibility: that a pandemic will be hoaxed?

Peter Littlehorse said...

Remember the final episode of The X-Files last year. I'm certain that they brought that series back for those final 6 episodes just to show us what was coming.

Luke said...

Tex I think you'll like this site if you're not already aware.

nfoe said...

Testosterone biases the amygdala toward social threat approach

Alan Gould said...

I suppose you've heard this; music from a neanderthal flute.

Gotta love the archaeologists claiming that the perfectly drilled apertures arranged according to a diatonic scale are due to puncture by chewing carnivore teeth.

Sam said...

Off topic but I ran across this. I'm fairly sure you already know about this case you don't.

Bloat-free Immediate Mode Graphical User interface for C++ with minimal dependencies

And this is interesting. Maybe you could run your game in a browser. Maybe even have upgrades live so you or others could make new territory online. This would save you from having to compile for each platform. You could just make sure it ran in a compatible browser. Possibly have the characters rendered local with some mix of remote rendering that could infinitely expand the game. Providing users an ability to build their own worlds would promote long time play.

Texas Arcane said...


Nuklear, a single include file GUI, is now part of the built-in console for CD-OS. I just demoed it for someone who was not impressed until I revealed it was running on bare metal ARM. It's cross platform for 7 OSes out of the box.

Sam said...

Thanks I briefly looked at Nuklear. It looks really good and less complicated to use. Thanks!

Written in C89 (ANSI C)
Small codebase (~18kLOC)

Impressive. I wonder will it resize a window to fit the screen or are it's sizes fixed??

I don't think it can be resized. I wonder if the actual size can be started at some percentage of the screen independent of resolution. The reason is I can't see little fonts.

HalibetLector said...

@Tex have you had any issues with the speed and efficiency of Nuklear? I get into a lot of arguments with numskulls on the internet about whether an immediate mode gui can really be as fast or efficient as a more traditional retained mode gui.

Texas Arcane said...


Immediate mode UIs will never be as fast as intelligent update of display. That said, I have never seen a UI so impressive and so good looking on all devices as Nuklear. I have run it on a 200 mhz DOS box with OpenGL MESA for DOS and it looked fantastic and there was no lag at all. It is also amazingly clean and simple code to write.

Texas Arcane said...

@Sam it can be set up for proportional positioning which will stretch to fit the device. It can also use references to align the display. Pretty good for 18K lines of code.