Saturday, October 21, 2017

Breathless Announcement of Old News On Vault-Co

Remember, it's not crazy when they say it. Until they say it, it is. Easy to remember.

Modern anthropology is a joke. It's just a political tool. They sit on this stuff for decades and then massage it sufficiently to get it ready for release and acceptance.

I was reading about suspicious hominid fossils in Europe well before any evidence of a presence in Africa back in 1983. So this is all kind of stale fake news in 2017.


Midnight Avenue J said...

Tex I’ve been reading here a long time, commented here and there another handle. I will never forget how vindicated it felt to read that others thought OOA was bunkum.

I didn’t need fossil evidence just my own lying eyes and a curious mind to wonder why Africa was still Africa but Europe and Asia had moved on.

I’m not a Biblical literalist but if you read Genesis the story is pretty much well laid out before you. I have the Golden Books Children’s Bible and read it to my kids. The rendered down passages in Genesis follow the timeline of evolution pretty damn near the way “scientists “ tell us it must have happened.

So much more man knew, but was extinguished or hidden. It’s like waking up from a dream only to find it’s really...real life.

Adam Timbermann said...

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Texas Arcane said...

@Midnight Avenue J

It was all part of the culture wars of the 1960's, generally destroying the dominant culture and defiling it, confusing people about their heritage and identity. It worked too good. Most europeans do not even believe they are real people, rather some sort of washed out imitation soulless non-entities. It worked too well telling all these lies.

If you attacked any other race this was it would be racism but Europeans "have it coming," you see. The same circular logic around and around.

Europe was the birthplace of mankind. Africa was populated much, much later on.

Midnight Avenue J said...

Populated, or specieated? I don’t think Darwin was a complete fool, but he was a tool. One to be used in ironic service of purposes counter to nature and nature’s God.

Separate and profoundly disparate speciation accounts for the lag in overall civilizational development. Some can be taught, others just think your modren medical equipment makes you a better vampire.

Lucy had predecessors from whom she learned/inherited/genetic freaked upright walking.or God was just having some fun. Somewhere along the way it became beneficial to (((someone))) to get us to hate ourselves for being the hegemon, illegitimate, rootless, soulless.

Not anymore.

Sam said...

"...Above ground shelter...Simple to build, inexpensive..."

Two by fours are expensive, so is gravel and gravel slides. The absolute cheapest low cost above ground shelter would like the British bomb shelters built during WWII. Like these.

They're shaped as a Catenary.

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History and overview of fabric form-work

There's lots of excellent links on "fabric form-work" if you search for them. A guy in Canada has done some stupendous looking work with this. There's also a guy who sprays cement on "formed" sand to make arches, bridges and contoured cement objects. The water goes through the sand and makes the cement dense and strong.
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((( bob kek mando ))) - ( Fine Purveyor of Quality Artisanal Gorm ) said...

Texas Arcane said...
Africa was populated much, much later on.

Caucasian and Asiatic races have Neanderthal admixture. Negro races do not.

if we stipulate that the Africa Negro originates from European populations, please to be explaining how Neanderthal genes got deleted from the Negro genome.

Texas Arcane said...


I didn't mean to indicate Africa came from Europe. Rather, there is evidence Neanderthals visited it. They apparently chose not to have sex with anybody there.