Sunday, September 17, 2017

YouTube Police State Driving Other Venues

This has been predicted as a mutational strength of the internet. Any part of it that someone attempts to monopolize or dominate simply creates an alternative somewhere else that all of their business flows into overnight.

YouTube like Wikipedia and Facebook and Google is creating their own successor and driving customers into their arms. This isn't the old media and unless they shut it down worldwide there will always emerge the alternative.

All things that are too successful tend to sow the seeds of their own destruction.


Midnight Avenue J said...

Google/YouTube won't allow you to view content unless you log in with a Goolag account. There are various workarounds though, plug ins and such that stream even without Goolag registration.

Are they that ossified and dumb to reality, or is it the hubris of illusory control?

Domains Pty Ltd said...

I'm not sure that is true, I use a Public Internet Service to download Ken L Wheeler video lectures directly from Youtube via and of course, I have never logged onto youtube on a public network. And I can easily download the YouTube videos without even ringing up a click on their counter.


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