Sunday, September 10, 2017

You Heard It All Here First on Vault-Co

When I began blogging about just this in 2004, it was science fantasy and only a schizophrenic would imagine such things might soon be realities. Everybody knew that was just a staple of science fiction movies about the far-flung future.

Humanoid style robots taking the place of soldiers on the battlefield will be a reality in the next five years and likely will feature very big in World War III as a post-attack cleanup squad sent in to get the entrenched survivors in their shelters. If you are building a shelter in the near future, make security a priority and design your fortifications to stop machines as well as people.

A big strategy for population control is to make women nearly unbearable snowflakes as adults at the same time you make their market value close to zero. As these robots become more lifelike women will pale in contrast and they may soon find that males begin to ignore them as a sort of second-rate excuse for a proper android female. Women may discover that robots are better at making men feel good than they ever could not only sexually but general happiness with their companionship compared to that of flesh'n'blood females. As the robots improve at sex, women may even find they have no value to pornographers at all. The same white knights indulging the spoiled modern woman in her misogyny at present may lose all interest once these 'bots are ready to replace those females entirely. Men build and create things to replace stuff that doesn't work correctly now, girls ... one of the most amazing replacements they are working on is a way to replace women altogether. It is a sad fate for the daughters of Eve but most of them have not acted like God's children in a long, long time. I truly believe this stuff is Luciferian in origin and you have to admit, the Devil knows how to create temptation for the sons of Adam. The military applications feed tech advancement into the sexbot industry and vice versa. The market in both is astronomical in terms of potential profit.

Your army doesn't stand a chance unless you get rid of the meatheads and replace them with soldiers who are a hundred times more fit for purpose in every way.


James said...

I have believed that if men weren't programmed to find female genitalia rewarding that females would have been killed off long ago. If synthetic women can be produced that are beautiful, submissive, sluts in the bedroom and ladies everywhere else, the White population of the West is going to decline even more dramatically.

FrankNorman said...

Tex, CS Lewis foresaw some of this stuff before you or I were born. Consider this passage from one of his fiction works:

On this side the womb is barren and the marriages cold. There dwell an accursed people, full of pride and lust. There when a man takes a maiden in marriage they do not lie together, but each lies with a cunningly fashioned image of the other, made to move and to be warm by devilish arts, for real flesh will not please them, they are so dainty in their dreams of lust. Their real children they fabricate by vile arts in a secret place.

Mind you, it would be quite possible in principle to make gynoids that were capable of bearing children for their owners - in vitro gestation is something being worked on already.

But would this necessarily be evil? If all the idiots who just want to have lots and lots of sex but never be troubled by looking after children were given the freedom to remove themselves from the gene pool, who would be left?

MoateyBoatey said...

Hi again Texan Arcane,

I had left some comments yesterday about getting in touch/sharing some correspondence.

I am a 24 year old female and I barely know anyone [including in my own family!] who shares this Neanderthal way of being.

If you wish, you can reply to

Many thanks and kindest regards- your blog is a veritable treasure trove :)

PS - Apologies again for any repeat messages - been having some trouble with tech.

Sir Sweetstick said...

seems like the Brave New World model is the way things will go; separate reproduction and carnality.

Kona Commuter said...

HAARP or similar type weapon?

Sir Sweetstick said...

Mr Arcane, here is a movie I watched last night that I would bet hard money you will enjoy immensely (in spite of the lead character being a cro-magnon)

if you cannot locate a copy of it, I will be happy to upload it to an easily accessed service :)

would love to hear your thought on cro-magnons as I cannot find any interesting sources on them. not sure if you consider them "melon heads" or not.

Texas Arcane said...


I believe Cro-Magnons were genetically engineered by Melonheads to exterminate Neanderthals shortly after detonating an implosion device inside the Toba volcano failed to wiped them out. An earlier attempt around 100,000 years ago using a genetically engineered superplague targeting Neanderthals backfired and made nearly everyone else sick. Don't care how crazy it sounds. The explanations by the mainstream for all this phenomena sound much crazier than my educated guesses.

bicebicebice said...

"not by fire but by ice", may the people with the best immune system win!

crummy croms can't even drink milk ya know... some can't even pet their pets, eat sweet strawberries or gorge on a delicious elvis presley sandwich because of the peanut butter.

Edward said...

That explanation sounds scarily close to the history of Scientology. Are Neanderthal genes Thetans?

Sir Sweetstick said...

Mr Arcane, thanks for your reply.

In your opinion, what are the physiological differences between the Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, and Homo Sapiens? I am very curious about the CM's due to their having disappeared kind of mysteriously. From my limited reading on the subject, the CM's were physically and cognitively superior to the HS's so I would have expected the CM's to be the branch that lasted.