Sunday, September 17, 2017

Wake Up, It is Obvious

Paul Schrader delights in a world without mankind - but only people he deems unworthy to live.

When everybody in politics and media and film is chanting human extinction around the clock like some nutty Satanic cult, it doesn't take a lot of imagination to understand where all that money they make is going.

These are evil people. Really bad. Disciples of the devil. They decided a long time ago they are going to scrape at least 6.5 billion people off the planet. They make it sound like charity work.

If you live in a society where everybody in the upper class breaks into hysterical wild cheering whenever the extermination of mankind is mentioned ... it doesn't bode well. Think about it just once.

They've been building this culture they inhabit most of my life and it gets easier for them every millionaire they draft into their ranks. At this point they have no guilt about these kinds of impulses any more at all. They've lost all perspective at this level, they no longer think anything is crazy. It is the tenth generation, after all.

Bill Gates puts the scores out and projected tallies in a report called "Goalkeepers." What do you need to realize something fishy is going on around you? Seriously? These people are laughing at you because they know you don't get the joke. The joke is on you and all the little people they plan to wax right off the planet.


Midnight Avenue J said...

When I was much younger, my sympathies were with the Sierra Club and the people trying to save the trees and the whales. I went in and out of phases where I'd support and champion their causes, and then become indifferent or apathetic to them. I look back on that time with horror. I love animals and nature but who am I to decide on another persons breeding and feeding decisions?

There are some things that are objectively wrong. Murder. Gaining pleasure from another's misery, and worse, causing that misery for your own pleasure. Intentionally leading the innocent into sin. The Seven Deadlies...people can deny God all they want, but that won't negate his existence, or their folly.

I would not want anyone telling me not to procreate, or eat, or live. So I no longer presume I'm better suited to the task. I have hate and fear in my heart for those that would do so. The earth is not beyond carrying capacity, else we'd have massive die-offs on an annual basis. Globalists are so full of pride that they cannot respect the diversity they hold so dear.

Sir Sweetstick said...

it's like those old "jungle" movies -- you don't have to worry until they stop chanting/drumming :D

Domains Pty Ltd said...

Texy, They are not going to scrub anything except the mold out of my bathroom tile grout. 'They' are as Tesla once described as 'Monkey-Shines obsessed with mathematical equations instead of actual Physical Experiments'.

The closest Einstein ever came to reality, besides implying that Tesla was the smarted man alive, was his quote, 'Common sense tells us that the Earth is Flat'

The Meek shall Inherit the Earth, not Grubs hiding in holes in the ground waiting for the dust to clear.

After watching all the Homebrew guys working on their EMDrives, god bless their trial & error research I'm 91% sure I've figured it out, in theory. All I need is a big bad ass Graphene Cone and ^%#$@(*.

All humanity needs is more modern Clean Coal Power Plants. Burning Fossil Fuels actually greens up the planet and fills the oceans with more than enough Plankton.

The Truth about Fossil Fuel that will Blow your Mind, information from an Industry Insider.

Now everyone grab a Bong and sing along;

The Earth is Flat
It's just an Illusion
The Earth is Flat...

Eyzid said...,amp.html

Nightwatchstate said...

The earth is indeed flat, which is quite reassuring.

Midnight Avenue J said...

I wonder about flat earth. Either I am upside down, or I'm not. Or our entire perception of reality is bogus. Whatever. Why can it not just be what it is?

Damn Eve and Persephone and Icarus and anyone who quested to go beyond our mere ken. It's nice to put certain bedtime stories to rest, I suppose, but the details. The whys. The questions. They are a plague upon our peace. We really did lose Eden to curiosity.

Sir Sweetstick said...

sorry this is OT, but thought you would enjoy it :) [from West Hunter blog]

"An anthropologist was telling me about a legend – that once upon a time, there was a successful chimp-human hybrid. Back in the 1920s, at the Yerkes National Primate Center at Emory University. This might sound impossible, since the chromosomes don’t match, while the two species have been diverging for six million years or more. But then horses and donkeys don’t have the same number of chromosomes, yet mules exist. And some crazy Saudis have managed (after many tries) to produce a couple of hybrids between llamas and camels, which split about 11 million years ago.

So I’m telling you there’s a chance."

might explain a few things

styrac1 said...

Morgan Freeman wants you to go to war with Russia.

johnnypossum said...

Speaking about Waking Up, Tex I thought you might like this little tid-bit:

This is about ancient sleep patterns as researched by Roger Ekirch, professor of History at Virginia Tech.Initially when I used to wake up wide awake regularly in the 'red eye' hours of the night for at least 2-3 hours, my partner thought I was 'stressing out or something?'. It's strange to think that my lack of sleep at certain hours of the night may actually be normal but strangely at these times you actually feel almost super aware of your surroundings, as if all senses are heightened. You know, I actually used to be an Army Reservist and didn't mind doing the midnight or later shift oddly enough (now I think about it) - interesting.