Thursday, September 28, 2017

Sex and Aggression, The Primal Drives

These are the profit margins that will drive the coming world of Terminators

At the same time that "Men Going Their Own Way" has blossomed into a real movement with the help of funding behind the scenes, they offer men a replacement that will be warm, kind and friendly. Modern men are going to compare these dead simulacra creatures with most modern women and decide they'd rather love a robot. I predict they are going to pay whatever they cost even if they have to get a second mortgage on their house or even a second job. They are going to think it will be worth it if they come home to this thing that acts as though it likes them and will never try to rob them, castrate them or ruin them. Modern women are hitting peak intolerability just as the machines come on line. It is a terribly convenient coincidence.

Only if you contemplate this for while do you start to see the real horror of all this. It was the logical outcome of feminism all the time. The dehumanisation of females in pornography was a stepping stone to this - women are so much more than just sex and when men were trained to think of them as nothing but sex they were being prepped to be consumers of these Luciferian products.

I also predict that the military and sex robot industry will merge into one entity and it will be one of the wealthiest corporations that has ever existed. Pornography will pale in terms of profitability.

It achieves so many elite goals at once : military expansion, depopulation, dehumanisation and many others. It is going to come wrapped in limitless sex and pleasure plus satisfaction with a machine that always tells you what you need to hear at that moment. Men will find these machines more addictive than crack cocaine.

If you think this will ruin men ... wait until you see what happens to the market value of flesh and blood females.

The devil has really sold the rope to the world they will be hanged with.

The same chip hardware that runs on these devices will also be running in the military line. There will be ongoing technology sharing until it becomes difficult to spot the human soldiers unless you are really close up.

I was in the Army. I can assure you there is nothing better than the military terminator to replace mammals as far as the upper command is concerned. They won't care about startup costs because maintenance will be so low. If you could see the sheer amount of trouble that human soldiers get into who have to be fed, watered, policed, disciplined, housed and monitored and compared that to a device that stands in a warehouse until it is powered up you'd realise price will be no object. There is a hatred in the military leadership for these stupid, poor, lower class nitwits they have to recruit and tolerate that they have been forbidden to express for two centuries. They'd love to eject the meat failures and welcome the trucks to unload their new and perfect troops.

Nobody likes an I-told-you-so. Once again I just want to point out that 15 years ago I started to blog about this subject and predicted this outcome. That's pretty accurate. I'm not a prophet but I am really good at seeing which way the wind is blowing. You gotta admit that although I am often wrong I have numerous dead bullseye hits over the years that you would not expect to hear from a petty ranteur - some of them border on precognition.

I'm not trying to impress you but I want you to think about this.

Plenty of days in the Army, especially my last year, some people whispered I was some kind of "super soldier." 300 pushups in 2 minutes, two miles always under 10 minutes, could climb a 25 meter rope using only my hands in under a minute. Shoot 39/40 on the range. Frequently loaded and unloaded 250 pound diesel generator on trucks using my bare hands, sometimes walking up to a 100 meters with it.

Imagine me showing up for duty 20 years from now and somebody reading off my impressive list of accomplishments. All the commanding officers would be laughing themselves to tears. "This is a pathetic, weak, feeble man. Any 'troop' in our unit can do 3000 pushups in one minute, runs the two mile in under 8 minutes, climb most sheer surfaces with their bare hands, unload a forklift off the back of a truck with their hands. All of our soldiers shoot perfect scores on the range at 1000 meters with any military weapon made in the last 100 years. This meatbag is not even fit to do work as a janitor in this unit. He has to be fed, watered, housed, climate controlled. There is no job however menial he could possibly do for us here. Our 'soldiers' are so far beyond this fragile little critter there is no comparison."


FrankNorman said...

I can see the argument... but would humanoid robots necessarily be the optimum way to develop this?
Why have an android sitting on a chair pulling levers, when a fighter-plane or a tank could simply have an onboard AI?
And as for infantry... StarWars type robot armies going "roger roger" would lose hard against a military force that consisted simply of military rifles that flew around by themselves.

styrac1 said...

Midnight Avenue J said...

"Cold, lifeless eyes. Like a doll's eye."

Texas Arcane said...


Another good argument there.

aeolipera said...

If I weren't a Christian I'd get a sexbot.

bicebicebice said...

Sounds like computers 2.0. Also do you have a name for those companies, seems like a good idea to buy som stock.

Ibn Nafis said...

John Deer said...

"If I weren't a Christian I'd get a sexbot."


wired216 said...

Dave & Chuck the Freak!!

Ron said...

Our 'soldiers' are so far beyond this fragile little critter there is no comparison."

Until the EMP shockwave hits.

mike said...

300 pushups in 2 minutes? Yeah...I'm calling bullshit.

This is a great blog, but when the author starts telling tall tales about himself, it gets a little much.

Stick to the issues, TexasA.

Texas Arcane said...


So you're saying, if I really could do 300 pushups in two minutes, I'd definitely be some kind of super soldier, right? There were a lot of people in the Army who thought so, too.

I think there were a dozen or so other active duty soldiers at the time who could beat my record but most of them were built like coat hangers. Very few of them over 150 pounds. I was 162 so I was pretty thin myself.

You're really saying that nobody you have ever met could do that many. Implying I'm not that unusual a guy. If you say so. Maybe I am unusual. You can't blame me for taking pleasure in proving it. People like yourself tell guys like me there is nothing unusual about people like me their whole lives. You're wrong. People like me are very, very rare. I am too old to want to pretend otherwise, there's nothing in it for me anymore. When I was younger I wanted to be considered one of the guys, now that I am older I am tired of pretending that.

A two star general once said of me that I "seemed to be capable of walking on thin air like Peter Pan." Do you really think a 2-star would say that about just anyone? He would not have said that about any other active duty soldier in the entire Army and probably never said that again about any soldier. It was true. Sometimes I seemed to be floating over the obstacle course like a helium balloon.