Thursday, September 14, 2017

Peggy Noonan With A Brilliant Column

The Trumps visit the hurricane emergency centers.

The research shows that the left pretends to have empathy. It's all fake. The left is as dead and reptilian as a flat nosed snake. The left is all about as-if and theatrical posing and pretending to be the mainstream. They are actually sociopathic flakes who don't care about anybody or anything and on some days apparently don't even care about themselves. The left is complete checked out mentally from the day they are born.

Remember, if you can identify a person's "politics" by looking at a CT scan of their brain then there is no such thing as "politics". It's a misunderstanding. If having a gigantic hole in the middle of your head where the amygdala goes makes you "politically left" then there are no politics. It's looking at the problem through the wrong end of the telescope. If physiology determines "politics" then "politics" is just a quaint anachronism that is still used to discuss physiology.

Colin Firth paid to have the brains of other people studied and discovered that the guy with the tennis ball sized vacuum in the middle of his skull was not his opposition - it was Colin Firth with the black hole at the core of his head. Of course the anterior cingulate is larger - it got all the nutrients that were supposed to go to the amygdala in healthy brain development. The media is hilarious - it is described as a "primitive" component. Of course it is primitive, it is the single most fundamental and critical brain function to all organic life - recognizing danger, hazards and potentially life threatening situations. If you don't have it, you'll do crazy things like throwing open the gates of the city and running out to greet invaders. We all know that politics is not on a "spectrum," at all - you have conservatives with lots of empathy but only leftists are lunatics who run out onto thin ice laughing hysterically.


Ron said...

I think this is a chicken and egg argument. Sure the brain influences choices, but choices also influence brain development. Thats my view anyway,

Midnight Avenue J said...

Tex, I was reading some articles on meditation and strengthening the amygdala. I wonder if it can be done.

I'm not a super risk taker. I wouldn't willingly hurl myself off of jumps or cliffs on my skis, it took me a long time to feel comfortable with my skills to begin biking over rougher, steeper terrain. I'm not super competitive. A bit of a loser, honestly, compared to my peers. I fear physical danger but also emotional rejection. I wonder if that says I'm healthy or not, i.e. Well developed amygdala or crazy gaping hole.

Depression and anxiety torture me daily so I know something is wrong up there in the brain case. If you could heal or regrow healthy brain tissue. How do you start?

Texas Arcane said...

@Midnight Avenue J

Get ready for the mind bending M. Night Shymalayan ending ...

None of those are necessarily signs that you have brain damage.

Depression and anxiety are related to maladaptive genes for hibernation. So in other words it is not your brain hardware that is busted (as with leftists) but rather with the chemistry that has locked itself on all the time.

All those things you mentioned can be indicative of an amygdala much larger than in ordinary people and quite OVERdeveloped. Indispensable for a survival machine like a Neanderthal but perhaps maladapted to many elements of modern life.

For example ... do you really think Neanderthal sexuality consisted of getting rejected fifty times to get accepted once? Probably not.

The three main things that can help your condition would be :

1. Get more sleep. If you can even take a nap in the day.
2. Structure your emotional search so you stand far less chance of rejection. Go online and look for people who will accept you before you meet them.
3. If you are not a super risk taker it is likely you suffer from a condition called sanity which can be a direct result of having a larger, more sensitive amygdala.

The truth about the leftist is that they are the revenge of the Neanderthal. The brain tries to develop your amygdala but wars with the blueprint for the Cro-Mag amygdala (smaller, more complex, less sensitive) and ends up not developing at all.

Do you know how you react to ugly expressions and nasty looks more intensely? That's Neanderthal sensitivity. If you have a 100 people in your tribe and any of them is looking at you like that something has gone seriously wrong. So your brain reacts strongly. Cro-Mags snarl at each other like wolves and forget about it ten seconds later.

Midnight Avenue J said...

Thanks. I really appreciate your response.

Mostly I am lost in the people around me. I'm married, kids, raising chickens and veggies, but I get crazy fearful when I have to deal with other parents, community types, and all. It's like I lose all function as a normal person. I trust almost no one around me except husband and a few family members. Maybe two friends I've had over 35 years. People say I'm paranoid. I went on brain meds to alleviate the D/A cycle and ended up suicidal, and now I'm pure anhedonic and flat out dreading life. I want my feelings back.

All my life, always on the cusp of belonging just to see it pulled away, people got what they wanted from me and then said I was crazy. Maybe I am. I am, must be. You don't pray thanks over a dead animal for feeding you if you're sane. You don't plant by the moon and know that god is in everything-very against my Catholic upbringing. You only pray Hours, not always.

Sir Sweetstick said...

some research indicating depression may be connected to chronic inflammation of the brain. next time you are feeling low, take some advil and see if your mood brightens a bit. i personally find St John's Wort very effective for low level depression and anxiety.

Texas Arcane said...

@Midnight Avenue J

Depression is related to inflammation. I knew this 20 years ago.

Two of the most effective things against inflammation are exercise and sleep.

I'm sorry your life has been so hard. I mean it. People with lives even harder have still managed to succeed and overcome their obstacles. If you keep that in mind it will give you strength knowing somebody else has been through similar things.


If you are missing part of your brain you have a very reduced subset of choices.

bicebicebice said...

-What do you think of the gayface A.i?
Reminded me of this gem

With brain scans, dna testing, phrenology and Gay.I-mathematical sciences confirming good ol intuition that we are indeed run by the genetic runts of the litter, expect nothing to change because of what the average voter is made up of, the stuff of nightmares.

The swamp gas is thus a mix of vaseline and money, the lifeblood of a nation. Almost made myself gag by just typing that, #prayforallthals.

nfoe said...

@Midnight Avenue J

FWIW, I agree with Tex, and I'm sorry for you, too.

My theory is that excessive mental activity results in oxidized chemicals being be produced in the brain faster than they can be eliminated. This might, in turn, lead to inflammation, which the rest of body can only deal with as fast as it can.

I can suggest looking at the Journal of Orthomolecular Medicine. There might be information there that can help you.

As for the reason for the excessive mental activity … I *believe* it has something to do with histamine and thyroxin. It could be that these cause nerve cells to fire more easily.

Texas Arcane said...


I have heard a theory that heightened production of ATP (similar to caffeine) burns quicker than the by-products can be eliminated, which leaves people really aggressive and focused all the time with freeform hostility. This explains a lot about some of the races of people we know of. Their minds are very active and they are always seeking something to vent their aggression on.

There is evidence that this is one type of Neanderthal gene expression but because of differences in volumes and circulation, the hybrid brain does not carry away the waste products correctly but leaves the sharp mind and focus of the Neanderthal with this semi-perfect genetic graft running. The side effect is enormous aggression which is common in ethnic groups of people who have very high ATP produced prodigiously in the brain.

I would suggest that I would be an example of these kinds of genes when they are running correctly or at least better. It produces focus but the waste products are carried off. Everything is relative and I notice such people often have minds almost as active as mine but their aggression and emotional stimulation clouds their judgement frequently where mine seems to be a bit more even. Again, I may have some similar problems but everything is relative and it makes an interesting comparison that I suffer far less from general hostility but have many of the same traits. Comparing my wife's side of the family, you can see where their minds are very active but too clouded by emotional rollercoasters to do much serious problem solving. I notice these kinds of things.

nfoe said...


That’s interesting. I'll think about that. But at the moment, I’m not convinced that aggression and emotional stimulation are caused by the accumulation of waste products, or are the result of inflammation. Perhaps there are certain types of waste products that have different effects, but I’m not sure. I think that the muscles produce waste products and get fatigued the same process.

I’ve been aware for a while that thyroid hormones interact with mitochondria somehow. Here are some abstracts about it:

I don’t think that ATP production will cause aggression on its own. I think that aggression is related to strong adrenal glands rather than thyroid glands. Or, the susceptibility of neural tissue to adrenal hormones. I think we can we can extrapolate this from the effects we see in other species. For example, in the Siberian Fox taming experiment, the tame foxes have significantly lower levels of adrenal hormones.

Abram Hoffer’s early research indicated that the symptoms of schizophrenia (disperceptions etc.) could be reproduced by administering an adrenal hormone. (I think the book that described this was called How To Live With Schizophrenia or something)

I’ve been thinking about concentration and emotional stimulation. At the moment, I am trying to find out if cesium can help with mental fatigue. Aubrey Keith Brewer claimed in Cancer - Its Nature and a Proposed Treatment that:

An advantage of high pH therapy is that the acidic lysosomal products are rapidly neutralized. The neutralization of these enzymes prevents most of the side effects from cancer, including the majority of the pain.

Brewer High pH Therapy is based on the administration of cesium salts. Keith Brewer attributed the extraordinary longevity of the Abkhazian and Hunza mountaineers to the cesium and rubidium content of their food and water. His research seems to be very rigorous. I am taking very small doses of cesium chloride to see if I can think more clearly, and although it is a bit early to say so, it does seem to be working.

nfoe said...

I think I misunderstood somewhat. The aggression and emotional stimulation are caused by ATP production? I think that they are powered by it, but I also think that they could just as easily cause intellectual stimulation or creativity, which the accumulation of wast products would have a depressing effect on, but not an effect that would lead to aggression, Perhaps the cause is genetic, but I think the mechanism is biochemical.

Texas Arcane said...


When coffee wears off, it leaves you irritable and aggressive. What would happen with ATP if the waste products can't get out of the brain for a long time?

I often think of culture and character as only a side effect of biology. A burning irritation all the time at something ... anything ... characterizes some people who clearly have Neanderthal genes. Since I doubt if actual Neanderthals went around like that all the time because their brains processed waste products from ATP far better. Grafted into modern people, it don't quite always work right. This may be a big cause for the association between intelligence and madness.

Texas Arcane said...


I've been to a lot of jewish dinners and did more listening than talking.

There's definitely something to this but I don't pretend to understand it all. I am sure there is something there connected with ATP production. I just sensed it and that was long before more evidence emerged I was onto something.

Gary said...

@Midnight Avenue

Depression can be cured via a healthier gut.
Best option is kefir, a fermented milk drink.

Give it a try. Expect a few days to a week of feeling unwell as your gut is purged of bad microbes. I had 2 days of headaches and a rash under my arm, otherwise I was OK.

Good luck, God will help you now that you've asked the Thal community.

nfoe said...


I recently came across some research. I believe it is extremely important. A huge amount of work appears to have gone into it.

The Effect of Climate on Human Behavior in History