Saturday, September 16, 2017

NWO Biological Death Bullet

A mystery mix of time-release biological agents injected all in one go into children. Sounds like nothing could go wrong there.

Do Tex a favor. Whatever you do in life ... don't ever, ever allow them to give you this "vaccine." This one sounds like it will permanently screw your whole system up for life, no saving throw.

The history of medicine shows this to be one of the worst ideas you could possibly come up with.

Parents still have the option of purchasing much higher quality vaccines through their private doctor but this one-size-fits-all cheapie mass-produced mayhem pill would almost certainly turn out to be the depopulation express train.


mobius wolf said...

I bet it will be popular.

Sam said...

If this product was really done correctly with long spaced out releases of the different vaccines it could real be excellent. I don't question the "theory" of vaccines. They do work. The problem is the maniacs that have control of these companies. Remember this guy who claimed that some of the vaccines were bioweapons who was attacked by SWAT after he made this public and deported to Israel and then disappeared.

That being said with ANY vaccine there will always be a small part of the population that it will damage in some way. In the past they would probably just die.