Sunday, September 3, 2017

College Graduate IQ In Terminal Velocity Freefall

College is a joke. The people who teach there are a joke but the people they graduate are even worse.

College nowadays is virtually a guarantee that a person will read and write at a 2nd or 3rd grade level upon graduating. They won't know anything whatsoever about history, economics, psychology or anthropology because those were the first subjects to be sanitized in the 1960's culture wars right after they shot Kennedy. College guarantees a person will be useless to society.


Midnight Avenue J said...

I've heard this story before. Hmmm...oh yes!

In Player Piano by Vonnegut, everyone had a PhD, from the line mechanics and secretaries on up to middle management and so on. No one got a job until they were in late 20s or 30s.

Degrees are a waste but about 93% of the world is convinced that no degree equals a lifetime of poverty and homelessness. Silly silly people. you can't eat vellum or parchment, nor offer it in trade for bread.

Peter Littlehorse said...

Universities are now nothing but centres for the weeding-out of independent thinkers and non-conformists. If you have obtained a university degree your employer can rest assured that you're not one who will rock the boat, think outside the box, or be intelligent enough to take over.

Twinruler334 said...

How true! I regret ever going to college!