Friday, September 15, 2017

Californians Desperate For Civil Defense

Well, funny thing about that is ... the United States used to have a civil defense program and it had the beginnings of a particularly good one for the West Coast.

  1. Killed Kennedy
  2. Cut all funding to Civil Defense
  3. Channeled the taxes elsewhere
  4. Americans thrown to the dogs


Gary said...

Re Kennedy, this is a good read:

I don't agree with his 'hidden kings' theory though.

Texas Arcane said...


I read this about a month ago but thanks anyway for referring to it.

I don't know. I have read all the articles on the Mathis site and it has contributed enormously to the recent shifts in my thinking on almost all subjects.

For example, I think Mathis is right. They faked the early atomic tests, nearly all of them. I have reasons to believe they got them working later which is common with this bunch. They often pretend something until it becomes a reality. I specifically think the first real use of working atomic weapons was firing them at the sky in Operation Fishbowl.

FrankNorman said...

Tex, do you think that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were faked?
What about the nuclear weapons of other countries - the UK, France, Russia, China, India, Pakistan, Israel, South Africa, and so on?

Gary said...

I just started to read some more of his work.

His John Lennon paper is totally convincing, the Beatle is still alive and well.

It makes you wonder if anything from the teevee news in my whole lifetime is actually true, or is it all just fiction.

FrankNorman said...

Tex, I looked at some articles on that Mathis guy's site, and seriously, he's a bit nuts.
Not only does he plainly have "Jews on the brain" - seeing Jewish plots everywhere, (even CS Lewis!) he also claims that Pi is 4!

Sam said...

That nukes were faked is another disinfo campaign. It's so that no one will believe anything. They're way down this road in the broadcast and print media. It's a strategy to hide some of the really bad things they're doing. An example is the vaccines as bioweapons. People will just say that it's another flat Earth story. Same reason they push flat Earth...although I think some people's reason for pushing flat Earth is so the Jews won't kill them for other stuff they post. The publisher of Veterans Today publicly said that he post a lot of nonsense so he wouldn't be killed.

Texas Arcane said...


If anyone cares what I really think, here it is.

I think the people who killed Kennedy deliberately pulled his secret service detachment away and exposed him to the public. Then they faked all these photos of his body and most of the forensics to make sure it all supported their story of the lone gunman.

Mathis has seen the same things as me and decided the entire thing was faked with Kennedy's cooperation. I would never go that far and don't see how that idea has a lot of support for it.

Mathis then apparently seems to make an argument that Kennedy wasn't really the person we thought he was.

While I really appreciate the mind expanding and critical thinking that has gone into the Mathis site, I do not agree with many of his conclusions.

For example, I believe the CIA was supporting and infiltrating the Manson family and may have even had one of their moles suggesting the murders. I just don't agree with Mathis on many of his conclusions.

A lot of people are always asking if I believe in all of the ideas that Mathis has put forward and whereas I don't, I do respect the enormous thought that Mathis has put into these things and think he is amazing at showing how much of what we think we know is often just bullsh*t cooked up by the government.

I don't believe Mathis is a false flag. I think he is a startlingly original thinker who pursues and admirable policy of assuming whatever story we are told in public it is usually baloney.

I agree with him that the curve of actually getting things working and the curve of claiming they are working are always trailing with government, so it is common for them to for example claim they are conducting massive atomic tests and faking the footage when in fact they are yet unable to consistently produce a nuclear reaction.

My real conclusion on this is that as nuclear weapon technology has increased to match the hype we have actually heard less and less about them. You don't have to agree with me but I truly believe they have nuclear cluster bombs working the size of tennis balls. I judged this from information I got working in field artillery and from many other sources in the Army. If they were describing technical specs for backpack nuke delivery to us in 1985 then I think they have them down to tennis ball size in 2017.

Texas Arcane said...


No, I don't think they faked Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I think the nuke at that time was the size of a car and very low yield, barely better than conventional explosives.

Always the government claims everything x10 and total success at all research and vast progress when in reality it is moving quite slowly and at great expense. I agree with Mathis that it is really about justifying these colossal wasteful budgets and convincing people they are all powerful and all knowing and not a single one of the nukes they ever dropped just fizzed and did absolutely nothing. No, every single one of them came off perfectly and it it didn't, well here is this special effects shot of it coming off perfectly.

Texas Arcane said...


I also appreciate the Mathis site for demonstrating that the United States does just as much photo retouching and fakery as the Soviet Union did in their heyday. The assumption that communists are liars but government in the West is honest is just more of their bullsh*t. The government alters as many documents and photos as the communists ever did and they do it with a clean conscience because they tell themselves it is all for the greater good.

Texas Arcane said...


Looking the Kennedy shots, I think the government decided there weren't enough real photos demonstrating their Kennedy narratives so they told some of their photo people to just paste together Kennedys with the right ranks and expressions. They lie just as much as the communists do.

Gary said...


Miles W Mathis admits he's part-Jewish, admits he doesn't view Jews as necessarily evil, and even attempts to tar Christians with the same brush (not realising that God-fearing Christians are nothing like the Jews).

And yet you complain that he constantly finds Jews in history at the centre of all sorts of trouble as he seeks the truth behind events.

Can I ask, are you a Jew? Or just stupid, a descendant of Crowmwell perhaps (may he rot in hell).

Texas Arcane said...


I think the way the world really works with psychopaths in charge is ...

Something happens in the real world.

They do not tell people what actually happened.

They hatch a narrative that follows a story they want to tell to use this real world event to achieve more power and control over people.

Even though something really happened there may not be the right evidence or good enough photos or enough forensics to support their story because a large part of it is fake. I believe they then make up so much stuff to support their tall tale.

Picking something relatively harmless, I would say Barack Obama's birth certificate. A terrible forgery.

Wherever Obama was really born, their narrative has nothing to do with it. It's a big tall tale and the real world is just a place they plant these supporting documents and evidence in to foster their lies and make people believe their stories instead of the truth. It was the same for both the communists and the West. The truth is somewhere around in the vicinity but it is always behind the bleachers and covered with tarpaulins. The big story is being told to the crowd and they are also told not to look under the tarpaulin.

I think this Mathis guy is trying to look under the tarpaulin. I don't have to agree with everything he writes to know he is really spotting the fakery that is usually involved.