Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Best Bread Baking Article Ever Published On Vault-Co

Honest, it's a must have. I recommend printing it off or getting it hardcopy.

Years ago, I was investigating shelf lives on yeast trying to find a stable brand I could pack in storage. I discovered that the best bread doesn't even begin with that cheap crap they sell as yeast as all. Bread starters can be created almost anywhere from anything with a little bit of fermentation and the result will be delicious.


styrac1 said...

Trust the cops.

Midnight Avenue J said...

Sourdough, Tex. You can ferment dough with just the bacteria on your skin and the wild yeast living on the grains themselves. I limit bread personally but I make sourdough often for the family. Have a hand mill to grind the grain. Sometimes I sprout it first if time allows. It's easy to do once you let patience with the process take over, and have a willing yet flexible spirit.

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You should re-launch your blog as a money and time saver.

bicebicebice said...

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Sam said...

Nice baking article. Thanks.

Gary said...

@Tex, this is an interesting article on the 500-year cycle about to roll over:

@Bice, how much aspirin do you take a day please. I have considered taking half a day due to a family history of heart disease.

Texas Arcane said...


I take 500mgx2 a day dissolved in tea but not everybody can tolerate that much. Please check with your doctor in case you might have a clotting issue or kidney problems. In other words, do not regard me as a person qualified to give medical advice.

Don't want to tempt fate but will point out I have been taking that much daily for 27 years now and feel pretty good.

Gary said...

Thanks Tex.