Saturday, September 2, 2017

Ancient of Days

Evolution is bunkum. It makes me blush to think I ever believed such tripe.

I cleaned all this stuff out of my head the way you clean out your attic. All the things told me since I was a boy and hammered into me is nothing but the drivel of morons and confused, scared old people. I have found something better.

I don't have all the answers. I actually barely have any. I can see clearly all the things that were taught to me were self-serving lies designed to protect the elites from discovery. I can also guess that what has come before all of us is very different from the narrative we have had drilled into us.

I knew from a young age I was different from everybody else but part of a group of men who were very ancient and very well-defined in their character. I knew that society in general contained a spectrum of others like me, most of them sleeping with no knowledge of who they were ... only a vague feeling of disquiet.

Our way is the best way. We lasted a million years before we were genocided and it is fair to say that genocide proves nothing but the ill-suited character of our conquerors. It is impossible to gang-rape your way to a better gene pool. Sooner or later, a dog returns to his vomit in the street.

Here's something I know in my gut but cannot fully articulate why yet ... when the real science comes in it will show that the Neanderthals were the original children of God and that Homo Sapiens is nothing but a very crappy cloned version of their genetic code with most of the good parts deliberately shaved off.

Incidentally, this is hardly the first time they have found the footprint of a man in the wrong strata. Merely one of countless times. Mayhaps we are due for a new theory.

... if you ever feel yourself pulled into two different directions, one of them evil and the other good ... that isn't the conflict between the animal and the man in you ... or the conflict between the angel and devil perched on your shoulder ... it's the conflict between the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal. Stan Gooch was right, they were the good ones.


Sam said...

"...Neanderthals were the original children of God and that Homo Sapiens is nothing but a very crappy cloned version of their genetic code with most of the good parts deliberately shaved off..."

I don't think this is true. The facts, as nebulous as they are, don't support it. The Neanderthals were in Europe for 250,000 years and did...well not much of anything. We know with no doubts what so ever that Cro-Magnon when he moved into Europe started building stuff fairly quick. At 10,000 BC he was building stuff at Göbekli Tepe and not long after the pyramids and other great works. As shitty as Cro-Mag was and is the Neanderthals seemed to be worse. They have massive fractures in the skeletons that are found. Those are the ones where they didn't eat each other. I believe that the neanderthals had very little "empathy" towards anyone not directly related to them(very much like present Blacks). They therefore spent all their time bashing each over the head with rocks. I believe it is "empathy" that allows civilization to exist. The West is losing it's White citizens with more empathy than the mass of rabble replacing them. Ergo civilization will end. All the criticisms of Whites are valid but it's simple to note that a lot of the other races of this planet are worse, there's nothing Whites have done that everyone else has not but there's a lot of good stuff Whites have done that no one else has.

If anyone has a lot of Neanderthal in them is the Jews. There's no doubt they look more like Neanderthals than any other race on Earth. Especially the old school Jews before they mixed with Europeans. Long trunks, sloped foreheads, short legs, hell if they're not Neanderthals then they're the spitting image and we know the psychology of the Jews. I can't say every Jew is a psychopath but the end result of a lot of them moving into your territory is indistinguishable from a tribe of psychopaths moving in and destroying the place. Whether true or not it readily fits the facts at hand and that's all we have. That there's no Female Neanderthal mtDNA even amplifies the sentiment. It's not 100% but the logical result of only Neanderthal Men's genes in Cro-Mag Women is the Neanderthal's raped them. I suggest that the Cro-Mags got sick of these evil Neanderthals and drove them into the wilderness just like the Jews have been driven out of very single country they're ever been to in any numbers in all of history.

((( bob kek mando ))) - ( i'm sorry you raped Andrea Dworkin and i disavow your Patriarchal Cisheteronormative Bourgeois Consciousness in shame ) said...


mainstream archeology is starting to acknowledge publicly that Neanderthal was refining tar more than 100,000 years before Cro-Mag.

bicebicebice said...


nice crock of shit excuse to exterminate whites with "neander-kike" contamination, hope you get blacklisted

Texas Arcane said...


Hans Asperger was the first to point out that more jewish people than Europeans had the little professor qualities and general demeanour. He was also acutely observant of the differences between the two kinds of Aspergers expression.

He noticed that where European children had the "little professor" qualities they were not only stronger and more agile than their contemporaries but that they seemed innately more intuitive and better at problem solving - in jewish children he noted by contrast (phrased in very diplomatic language in German) that they were clumsier, less agile and often not as strong as other children. In both groups he noted one peculiar deficiency - no little professor was ever much good at throwing as well as children of similar age and development.

Globally speaking he said that it was almost impossible for any children to be exceptional at anything without some or all of these qualities. He basically said it was the definition of exceptional to be like the little professors.

Texas Arcane said...


As to your other conclusions, all I can say is that the science I am familiar with over the past 50 years does not support any of them given the evidence.

The Neanderthals didn't follow the Cro-Magnons anywhere. The Neanderthals retreated and withdrew to higher mountainous regions and were actually followed around Europe everywhere they went for at least 10,000 years by the Cro-Magnons. The Neanderthals never showed any sign of being attracted to the company of anyone anywhere other than each other.

Despite what Eric Trinkhaus and various other charlatans might have told you, no real evidence has ever been found implicating any Neanderthal in the murder of a woman or child or cannibalism. The woman who dug up most of the fossils that Trinkhaus uses in his studies doesn't concur at all with any of his conclusions. I think you would find that Trinkhaus is just another figurehead used to push political disinfo on all scientific subjects. His own peers think him to be a bit of a poseur. I know because at one time I was on their mailing lists.

I would encourage you to assume anything you read in the popular media is always 180 degrees opposite of the truth and you will never find yourself far of the mark. I think in the most recent insanity they are claiming the Neanderthals went extinct because they couldn't catch rabbits. Right, I am sure people shaped like chimneys with superhuman speed and strength could not catch rabbits with their hands (as I did myself once.)

Texas Arcane said...


I knew a guy who died recently from diabetes who was once a professor. He made the mistake of contradicting the orthodoxy and lost everything like Stan Gooch. They stripped him of tenure, he lost his home, lost his livelihood and had to go on welfare to survive until he finally died from health problems. He had simply picked an opinion opposite of the one broadcast as the only conclusion permitted on some prehistoric science.

Texas Arcane said...


Stan Gooch, for publishing those books on his own time and with his own money, died in ignominy in a trailer park hated by everyone. He was hated by Jewish people for connecting them as some kind of legacy Neanderthals and hated by gentiles for saying all their brains came from some Neanderthals they genocided and gang raped. He was stripped of everything and died alone in a trailer park of health problems, a broken old man.

If he had toed the line I can assure you he'd probably still be alive.