Wednesday, August 30, 2017

New Arms Race At Fever Pitch

What is the attraction of free-fall nuclear weapons? No heat signature when dropped from orbit.

How do you detect and stop an incoming ICBM when it isn't an ICBM? You don't, nothing defends against it, period. If it has no heat signature it can neither be tracked nor detected at launch.

The instant some ABM systems were working against MIRVs and ICBMs, immediately the arms race concerned itself with nuclear weapons that could be delivered by other means altogether.

Exactly as predicted here on Vault-Co, advances in defense would lead immediately to a new race for offensive weapons.

If you can fit those gravity nukes into football sized cannisters, you drop them in clusters and they pave cities below flat as a parking lot when distributed as a fan across the target region.

This was very prophetic ...

The followup sequel is superb as well ...


nfoe said...

From boats to bunkers - laminated ferrocement technology by Martin Iorns:

Sam said...

One of the main problems with ferrocement is the steel mesh rust and it's hard to tell what the stuff is doing when it rust or how bad it is. Now there's a tremendous material to replace the steel mesh. Basalt fiber. The method of making this stuff was figured out by the Russians. Now look at the specific strength of this stuff. HOLY SMOKES it's unbelievable how strong it is.

They're trying to push it for rebar in concrete. I think the cost is slightly higher last essentially forever. There's mountains hundreds of millions of years old made of Basalt. Normal highways and bridges are made with iron rebar and the useless stupid inferior things start falling apart after 50 years or so. The concrete, like all concrete, gets micro cracks. The steel gets water and salt on it from the micro cracks. It then starts to rust which expands massively as it rust breaking up the concrete further. It should be criminal to put iron or steel into concrete for reinforcement. The Basalt is also much lighter. We should build all our bridges out of Basalt reinforcement and thousands of years form now they will still be here.

Texas Arcane said...


Very interesting! Thanks for the link!

I would be interested in an approach using ICF concrete construction with this sort of concrete for fill.

All our modern evidence shows the Romans made better concrete than modern people. It lasted longer and was far stronger. There has been very little innovation in 50 years for this stuff, people just copy like monkeys even when better tech is clearly available.