Sunday, August 27, 2017

More Forbidden History

Ainu - Kennewick Man Link - Oceanic Seafaring Races That Populated The World

The article does not make it clear but the adoption of advanced high yield agriculture in Japan and Mainland China coincides perfectly with the projected arrival of the Ainu from the sea.

Thousands of years of persecution, as every other place. Same pattern ... they appear as friends, share everything, transform the landscape into a better place to live ... are immediately genocided. Men do not forgive you for doing them any good.

The Ainu are renowned for their ingenuity and problem solving capacities. The locals have been holding string in their hands for ten thousand years. The children of the Tuatha De Danann reach out and take that string from their hands and in a few seconds show them the beginnings of the arts of the loom and weaving as their eyes widen. You see, my friend, over here and under there, now your hands come apart ... a cat's cradle. The start of stitching and weaving. That same piece of string in the hands of the locals is nothing but a piece of string for ten thousand years. The Children of Enki take that string and show you the whole universe in ten seconds with a few motions of their hands. The cat's cradle resembles the symbol for infinity. Child's play for the rodeo clowns, like everything else they do. Everything becomes a bit of a game and a little fun as soon as they touch it. This is how they get their reputation as wizards and enchanted beings.

P.S. Kennewick Man reconstruction makes it clear that the authorities are deliberately avoiding identifying the remains simply as Clovis/Solutrean/(Neanderthal) because that would start to clarify a lot of things. Always the goal is to obfuscate and confuse. Saps science is always junk science. You have to stick to their facts and ignore their conclusions.


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There are megalithic structures in Japan. Asuka in Nara is famous for them.

Ishibutai Kofun

A pyramid:

Masuda no Iwafune:

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By the way, Tex, have you ever heard of TRON?

It's one of the most widely used operating systems in the world. First written in 1984 by Ken Sakamura as a RTOS with a GUI and squashed by the Japanese government by order of the US (Microsoft), who they wanted the yet-unreleased Windows 95 to have a monopoly in Japan.

TRON never got to be a PC OS. But they didn't give up. And one day Toyota asked Sakamura to help them to make microcontrollers for engines.

Now TRON is everywhere. It’s in cars, cameras, phones, industrial systems, rice cookers … all over the world. And still nobody has heard of it. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t break.

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Gobekli tepe and it doesn't stop there Tex

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The men have kind and intelligent eyes.
Even the warriors look like good men.